Best Places To Visit In Bahamas : Things To Do

In the Atlantic Ocean rests clusters of Islands and coral archipelagos known as the Bahamas. There are over 700 islands that have gardens and resorts. It is a sightseeing destination that provides various choices for everyone. 

This destination is famous for scuba diving, snorkeling, and several other aquatic activity places. There are attractive gardens, and you can go sightseeing at any of these islets and islands.

Places To Visit In Bahamas
Best Places To Visit In Bahamas

Whether it is places of history, beaches, culture, or nature for travelers, the Bahamas is forever ready to fascinate its visitors. 

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In Bahamas : Best Places and Things to do

So, if you’re planning a Bahamas journey anytime soon, here is an utmost Bahamas travel guide for best time and Places To Visit In Bahamas or Things To Do that will assist you in knowing more about the destination and enjoying a paradisaical holiday amid the most scenic vistas.

Best Time To Visit The Bahamas :

The Bahamas is typically endowed with friendly and all-sunny days all over the year. From December to April, the temperature is around 26 to 28° C, the driest period. Plan your holiday at this time as this is the best visitor period. 

Avoid the country from June to November as this is the hurricane period. If you desire excellent discounts on hotel costs, the most excellent time is from April to the start of June.

Places to visit in Bahamas :

Places To  Visit In Bahamas
Famous Places To Visit In Bahamas
  1. Blue Holes National Park

Found on Andros, this park has been guarded since 2002 and protects over 33,000 acres of land, freshwater reservoirs, and blue holes. The island’s limestone has made intricate underwater caves that you can scuba dive or snorkel to explore.

If you’re more of a land dweller, hiking is a choice too. You will witness many local Bahamian bird species throughout the course.

  1. The Cloisters, Nassau

Found on Paradise Island in Nassau, you can visit the remains of a 14-century French Monastery that was carried to the island.

The Cloisters hold an abundance of history- they were literally moved to the US in the 1920s and then resettled to a cliff on Paradise Island. The region is famous for photographs, exploring, and the hilltop scenery of Nassau.

  1. Andros Barrier Reef

This 190-mile-long reef is the third largest barrier reef worldwide and is only off the east shore of Andros. The area is nicely explored through scuba diving; specifically, the 6,000-ft deep sea trench referred to as the Tongue of the Ocean.

  1. Junkanoo & the museum

The Junkanoo World Museum is close to Nassau’s University of the Bahamas. Not to be mistaken with “junk,” this museum emphasizes the history and culture of a street parade loaded with music, dancing, and intricate, vibrant costumes called Junkanoo.

The festivity is observed all over the country on New Year’s Day, so it is even more pleasing if you visit the Bahamas then. For a delicious bite to feast, head for Oh Andros, which creates the finest Caribbean grub.

  1. Lucayan National Park

Among the country’s unique attractions is exploring the Lucayan National Park found on the Southern coast. It’s a treat for the sights and is a sprawling landscape of beaches, weaving boardwalks, mangrove swamps, and pine forests. 

Animal and bird fans cherish this site for the fascinating wildlife, so bring a pair of binoculars before you head to this area! 

Further, the cave systems here are mesmerizing, and you should certainly visit inside the cave to witness bats during their sleeping hours or other animals of the forest!

Top Things To Do In Bahamas :

  • Scuba Dive: See the aquatic magnificence at the Barrier Reef

Among the most wondrous things to do is scuba diving at a barrier reef! It is popular for the diamond waters and rich aquatic life, making scuba diving fun here! 

The Bahamas is home to the world’s 3rd largest barrier reef, which attracts many skilled scuba divers from all over the world to this location. 

  • See the swimming pigs 
Top Things To Do In Bahamas
Top Things To Do In Bahamas

It looks like everyone wants to witness the swimming pigs of the country right now. And it’s easy to notice why. Go on an expedition to the uninhabited Big Major Cay and catch the only locals that call this island home. The pigs!

  • Enjoy waterslides at Paradise Island Water Park

If you’re thinking of activities to do in the Bahamas, consider touring the massive Atlantis Bahamas Resort, which is home to the Paradise Island Water Park and is located on the Northern fringes of Nassau. 

It’s a perfect choice if you’re touring with your family, as everyone will have something to keep them excited and engaged! The most famous draws are the Leap of Faith, the splash pools, and the waterslides.

  • Sip on some rum-based drinks

The Bahamas had to offer a drink for being the most special drink; they would probably provide Rum 3 awards! Yes, that’s how well-known it is! 

Make a tour of any famous restaurant or bar in the Bahamas, varying from a 5-star to a beach shack, and you’ll be left stunned by the taste of the compelling rum cocktails offered. 

  • Bonefishing: Push your limits

The bonefish is popular for being a tough trap and can challenge even the most stoic fisher! It’s hard to notice one as they completely camouflage with the sandy bottom! 

If you desire to do anything distinct, you should go on a cruise with your fishing rod and endeavor this out, making it among the top things to do.

Top stays in the Bahamas :

Places To Visit In Bahamas

Below are a few good-rated and budget-friendly hotels that you can select for your tour to the Bahamas:

  • Royal Palm Hotel

This hotel is close to the Valentine’s Yacht Club, contains relaxing rooms, and is covered by multiple shops and restaurants less than 600m from the site. 

  • Towne Hotel

This property is found in downtown Nassau and is only a short stroll away from the beach. They have incredible views from the room windows, and you can soak in the charm of the Bahamas every morning. 

This property is pet-friendly and also contains a terrace and bar where visitors can unwind and enjoy a peaceful evening. 

  • Grand Central Hotel

The cruise harbor is just 5-min drive away from this property and you can smoothly find it as the residents are familiar with it. The beach is far near the hotel, and you can sense the breeze rushing from the sea to your bed every morning.

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