Beaches In Nassau, Bahamas Near Cruise Port

Nassau, Bahamas offers several beautiful beaches near the cruise port for travelers to enjoy, including Junkanoo Beach, Cable Beach, and Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island. These beaches provide options for swimming, water sports, and relaxation, making them suitable and appealing destinations for cruise passengers looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the clean waters of the Bahamas.

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Beaches In Nassau Near Cruise Port

1. Junkanoo Beach

First, stop at Junkanoo Beach!! It is definitely the first shore you might put a paw upon as it’s found only 1.5 km away from the Nassau cruise port. Junkanoo Beach is a famous party coast located a strolling distance from Prince George Wharf.

The beach is named after the most famous festival on the island and indeed represents the positive culture of the residents. Though it’s loaded during the prime period, Junkanoo is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a suitable place for a fantastic time.

Beaches In Nassau
Beaches In Nassau, Bahamas Near Cruise Port

As such, it constantly has a lively atmosphere. This stunning expanse of pure white sandy coast with friendly shallow crystal clear waters is the primary reason why it is so special.

However, being near the cruise dock and downtown Nassau suggests that this is an active visitor beach. If you desire to avoid the hordes, you are adequate off driving further west to less crowded shores or to the soft conjoining space that is West Esplanade Beach.

In terms of comforts, Junkanoo has several seaside restaurants and bars servicing beachgoers, and there are also colorful shacks selling food and beverages on the shore and public restrooms.

You will discover the outstanding Straw Market within strolling distance, with vendors offering everything from hand-crafted Bahamian hats and rugs to shell jewelry and wood carvings.

2. Saunders Beach

Around 3.5 km from Cruise port, Saunders Beach is a lovely family beach located between cable beach on West Bay Street and downtown Nassau.

The beachfront, which features silky white sands, is famous for its serene, transparent waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, or playing.

The beach possesses neat bathrooms and a closeby gas station where you can acquire food. One excellent thing about this coast is that it’s not loaded at all despite its closeness to the town. You might discover a handful of visitors at the beach.

Beaches In Nassau , Bahamas Near Cruise Port
Beaches In Nassau, Bahamas Near Cruise Port

Finest of all, there is always a safety guard safeguarding the coast, so your security is assured. For families, this beach is an excellent option as it has an artificial cove for swimming, a playground, and restrooms on site. The waters are shallow and soft enough for the kids to swim, and there is a small park for them when they desire to get a break.

You can reach the beach by heading to the number 10 or 12 Jitney buses for a fixed ride of $1.25. To descend, just inform the driver where you’re going or shout ‘bus stop’.

3. Cabbage Beach

Cabbage beach has been often named among the most stunning shores in the Bahamas and globally as well. It is located in Paradise Island Nassau around 5 km from Nassau Cruise Terminal , between the Paradise Island Resort and the Atlantis hotel.

The 2-mile expanse of coast features crystal clear turquoise water with a pristinely soft white sandy shore bordered by swaying palm trees and striped by celeb homes and a few of the most beautiful resorts in the Bahamas.

The beachfront is public and has vendors leasing umbrellas and chairs, but if you desire to access showers and bathrooms, you should purchase beverages or snacks from one of the several restaurants at the resorts.

This site owns everything for everyone, including various water activities accommodations on its western edge. Here is where you can rent paddle boards, jet skis, go kayaking or even parasailing. This side of the seaside is definitely more crowded and busy. So, to access a less active beach place, head further to the north.

Be aware of swimming within the designated zones under the sharp eyes of lifeguards. The water here is lovely but pretty risky. You can stroll to this seaside from downtown Nassau or grab a taxi.

4. Cable Beach

You won’t be able to explore enough of Cable Beach once you place your shoe on its untouched coasts. There’s an abundance of space to stroll around and visit, and you will be fascinated by the impressive white sands and sky-blue waters.

These attractive features are apparent even as you make your way to the beachfront. This shore, found only 9 km from the Nassau Cruise Terminal, is among the most famous sites in the Bahamas.

Beaches In Nassau , Bahamas Near Cruise Port
Cable Beach.

If you like the sand, sun, and sea, this pure white sandy coast will make for an ideal beach escape. Cable Beach possesses every essential amenities and provides a range of famous water adventure rentals such as jet skis, banana boats, kayaks, and SUPs.

The coast is easily reachable. Take a taxi or the Jitney bus over to the shore from town. The bus costs $1.25 per individual and takes around 20 minutes to reach the seaside from downtown Nassau.

Note that due to the beach’s allure, ease of convenience and accessibility, it does get quite jammed. Thus, many vendors on the site sell nearly everything, including chair and umbrella rentals. You can buy them or just give a gentle but firm no, and they’ll go off.

5. Love Beach

Love beach is an excellent snorkeling coast found around 18 km from Nassau Cruise Terminal. This beach is located in an exclusive residential vicinity on the northeastern side of the island and contains a lovely 40 acres of coral reef around a mile offshore.

The coral reef and rocks located offshore work as a wall protecting the shore from powerful waves. This, in turn, makes crystal clear, peaceful shallow waters ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

The beach’s reef is abundant with colorful fish and aquatic life and provides an excellent snorkeling experience for every kind of snorkeler. When starvation pains walk out, head on over to Nirvana, a restaurant on the coast which offers up famous Caribbean snacks and beverages, it also leases chairs at $5.

You can reach here by number 10 jitney bus from downtown Nassau and leave you at the coast’s entry point. You will get the same bus or a cab at the site’s entry when returning. Please note the buses stop operating at about 5 pm, so plan your tour accordingly.

Carry your snorkel gears and other seaside paraphernalia and savor an excellent day on Love beach. This beachfront seldom gets crowded, so you’re guaranteed a peaceful coastal experience.

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Conclusion – Beaches In Nassau Near Cruise Port

In conclusion, Nassau, Bahamas boasts a selection of captivating beaches in close proximity to the cruise port, offering cruise passengers an array of options to unwind, swim, and partake in water activities. The likes of Junkanoo Beach, Cable Beach, and Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island provide fortunate and enticing opportunities to experience the natural beauty and crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas during a cruise stop in Nassau.

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