Flying Panda Them Park, Pune

Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune (Ticket Price, Booking)

Flying Panda Theme Park


Best Time to Visit Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune:

Flying Panda Theme Park Timings, Pune :

Flying Panda Theme Park Timings

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Flying Panda Theme Park Ticket Price

Trampoline Park Ticket Price
Fun Zone Recharge at fyling panda them park
Bowling Alley at fyling panda them park
Weekdays (Mon – Fri) – Package Type
Weekend (Sat – Sun) & National Holidays – Package Type

Activities/Things to do at Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune

  • Trampoline Park: Bounce and jump to your heart’s content on a variety of trampolines.
  • Ball pit Bounce: Dive into a pool filled with soft balls for a fun bouncing experience.
  • Bowling Alley: Enjoy a game of bowling with friends or family in a dedicated alley.
  • Game Zone: Engage in various arcade games and challenges in the gaming zone.
  • Badminton Court: Play a friendly game of badminton with your companions.
  • Fish Spa: Relax and rejuvenate as small fish gently nibble away dead skin from your feet.
  • Cricket Nets: Practice your cricket skills or engage in a friendly match in the cricket nets area.
  • Football Turf: Kick around a football on a dedicated turf field with friends or other visitors.
  • Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge in an exciting game of dodgeball.
  • Basketball Slam Dunk: Show off your basketball skills by shooting hoops and attempting slam dunks.
  • Ninja Warrior Course: Test your agility, strength, and balance as you navigate through an obstacle course inspired by the Ninja Warrior TV show.
  • Food Courts: Refuel and recharge with a variety of food options available at the park.

Is Photography allow in Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune :

Flying Panda Theme Park Facilities:

  • Special socks for trampoline
  • Cafeteria and Refreshment options
  • Indoor Games and activities
  • Provides parking facilities

Safety Rules for Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune :

  • Don’t go to Flying Panda Park if you’re pregnant.
  • If you’re feeling really tired, take a break before going in.
  • Learn the rules of the trampoline park before jumping and follow them for a fun time.
  • Always watch out for other jumpers and avoid crashing into them.
  • Be cautious about small things while jumping on the trampoline.
  • Avoid double bouncing as it can make you lose control and increase the chances of getting hurt.
  • Some people do flips and tricks on trampolines, but they’re risky, so it’s best to avoid them.

How to Reach Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune:

Contact Number of Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune :

phone_call icon +917770006526 phone_call icon +917770006527

Review of Flying Panda Theme Park:

Kamalnayan WankhedeKamalnayan Wankhede
13:13 31 Mar 24
It was a fun experience, there was no wait time for any activityThey have good management and they helped us out.
Vishal VaghelaVishal Vaghela
09:52 31 Mar 24
No AC ...high price.....
Meenakshi TiwariMeenakshi Tiwari
14:28 30 Mar 24
We had a lot of fun. People were really supportive. Overall it was a great experience.
Sunita ChavanSunita Chavan
14:25 30 Mar 24
Flying panda is full of experience kids are very enjoyed
Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav
14:14 30 Mar 24
I am visiting this place one year back but experience was best as always
Shekhar DholeShekhar Dhole
08:29 28 Feb 24
Very good Thme park for adults and kids also...!! Prefer to go on weekdays coz prices are lesser than weekend.....👍
Ravi PhadkeRavi Phadke
02:50 06 Dec 23
This is one place which is located at Ambegaon Katraj. It is one of the best places for children to play. Little higher on cost side but overall very good. Children play and enjoy a lot.It also has a Cafe inside.Ample parking space for 4 wheelers also.
Archana SontakkeArchana Sontakke
17:17 21 Nov 23
Great place we enjoyed so much! Great place to come with kids, family and friends have them entertained. Jumping on Trampoline requires practice. Staff will be there to help with how to use the trampolines safety. The bowling arena is also decent. One of the best play zones area in Pune city it also has lot of other options such as a gaming zone, bowling alley.Ambience was too good. I had so much fun here.
Nihal TiwariNihal Tiwari
10:35 20 Oct 23
The rides/trampolines were nice, they need to work on 1 when you directly fall on a cushion, if not then carefully it can dislocate the joints.Kudos to their team, the trainers were so nice, I loved them, everyone wanted me to experience maximum fun I can.I will visit this place everytime I visit Pune, just for the trainers.Do not hesitate to ask them anything, they maybe introvert but they will help you alot.They trained me well and helped me have fun.The experience was awesome.I will highly recommend this place for adrenaline and adventure.
Onkar JadhavOnkar Jadhav
15:24 24 Aug 23
I had a blast with my kids at Flying Panda Theme Park! It's a cool indoor place with lots of games and stuff to do. My kids loved it, and so did I. The colors everywhere made it look really nice, and it was super clean too. The people working there were really nice and helped us out. We played arcade games and other fun challenges. The best part is that it's inside, so it doesn't matter if it's rainy or sunny. We're already excited about going back – it's like a dream place for kids!

Video of Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune:

Nearby attractions of Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune:

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  • Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj garden
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FAQs of Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune:

phone_call icon +917770006526 phone_call icon +917770006527

What is Flying Panda Theme Park, Pune timings ?

Flying Panda Theme Park Timings

Where is Flying Panda Theme Park ?

  • Trampoline Park
  • Ball pit Bounce
  • Bowling Alley
  • Game Zone
  • Badminton Court
  • Fish Spa
  • Cricket Nets
  • Football Turf
  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball Slam Dunk
  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • Food Courts

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