Best Places To Visit In Zanzibar : Things to DO

Zanzibar is a getaway from your regular life, with top-class beaches and deep history, geography, and culture, like no other worldwide. It’s a real tropical heaven, but with a lot to provide than just surface charm.

Zanzibar is an archipelago, including a series of islands in the Indian Ocean, only about 15 miles off the shore of Tanzania in East Africa. Unguja, generally known as Zanzibar, is the most extensive island where most tourists spend their time. 

Zanzibar, also called the Spice Islands, has been a significant source of the earth’s supply of black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg for centuries.

There is proof of the Zanzibar civilization, tracing back 20,000 years. It has witnessed waves of colonization and settlement from old Persian traders to the British and Portuguese. 

Places To Visit In Zanzibar
Places to Visit in Zanzibar

The outcome is a mesmerizing modern island with a diverse population and a welcoming heart for tourists to their lovely tropical home.

Zanzibar(Spice Islands) : Things to Do

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Places to Visit in Zanzibar :

  1. Nakupenda Beach: Pristine Expenses

Nakupenda Beach may be the most natural heaven you’ll ever witness in your life. Nakupenda Beach, off the coast of Zanzibar Town, is a remote island of pristine sand covered by transparent waters. Simple as can be, the beach plants serenity and peace in each traveler.

Spend the day snorkeling the clear sea, resting in the sun, and admiring the disconnection from the bustling routine. 

  1. Stone Town: Historical Center
Things to do in Zanzibar

Island’s capital city is popular as Stone Town, which has plenty of ancient sights fused with modern experiences. Don’t forget the 17-century Old Fort or the House of Wonders, the island’s architecturally breathtaking Culture Museum. 

To taste local culture, go to Forodhani Gardens for the iconic seafood night market on the water or explore Darajani Market.

  1. Changuu Island: Prison to Heaven
Changuu Island: Prison to Heaven

Also popular as Prison Island, this offshore aquatic wonder had a gray history through the slave trade. It is a favored day journey for tourists to Zanzibar. 

Giant turtles that wander the island are the ultimate lure, along with various other creatures – from butterflyfish to dolphins. There is also a commemorative and enlightening Slave Trade Museum with moving exhibits about historical events.

  1. Nungwi Beach: Treat Yourself

Zanzibar Island’s northern tip is loaded with each of your beach holiday essentials and wishes. Nungwi Beach has been ranked among the finest worldwide and is enclosed by resorts of the greatest quality. 

Even if you’re only touring for the day, their water activities rentals, seaside bars, massage booths, and scuba diving courses are open to one and all. Don’t forget to stay around for the iconic sunset too. 

  1. Cheetah’s Rock: Create New Friends

Among the island’s prime attractions, visitors are eye to eye with magnificent African creatures, and it is a jaw-dropping venture for all. 

Rescued lions, cheetahs, zebras, and more are shown to every visitor in a safe and intimate location. This mesmerizing day of wildlife awe will attach with you forever, and you will have incredible pictures to show.

Things to do in Zanzibar :

  • The Ideal Tropical Beach Experience

You have your preference for several beautiful coasts with brilliant blue waters and white coral sand on Zanzibar Island alone. The region near Kendwa and Nungwi at the northernmost end of the island contains a perfect, wide beach. 

There are also excellent beaches at Bwejuu and Dongwe in the southeastern part of the island, Kizimkazi on the eastern side, and Matemwe.

  • Explore a Unique History

In ancient Stone Town, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, you can witness the blend of East African Swahili and Islamic cultures in the architecture, with intricately carved doorways and graceful minarets. 

You can stroll through a street that meanders further to ancient landmarks such as the House of Wonders, an 18-century palace of the sultan.

  • Top-Class Water Sports

Whether you desire to enjoy in, on, or beneath the water, you will discover the adventure you wish in Zanzibar, including windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, and jet-skiing. You can take a cruise on a traditional dhow, go fishing, parasailing, kayaking, or kiteboarding. 

Whether a complete novice or an expert, you will discover multiple possibilities to learn new skills, have fun, and relish Zanzibar’s glowing blue waters.

  • Unique Nature and Wildlife Encounters

Zanzibar houses unique animals like the Zanzibar leopard and the Zanzibar red colobus monkey. You can explore the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park to see one and mark out the colobus and other kinds of monkeys from a path through a mangrove jungle. 

  • Compelling Cuisine in the Spice Islands

Feasting in the Spice Islands is all you’d wish for – a scented blend of Indian, Arabian, East African, and Chinese influences. 

You will also discover dishes from the Seychelles Islands, along with seasonings, fresh seafood, modern fusion cuisine, and other ingredients to provide you with the most excellent of sea and land.

Best time to visit Zanzibar :

Whether you wish to partake in things to do or head on a rustic holiday, the most excellent time for both is from June to October. 

Africa has spring throughout this period when the weather is cool and nice. Another good time to explore this tropical heaven is from December to February. It is wintertime, and Zanzibar experiences dry and hot weather.

Where to stay in Zanzibar :

Inherently, there are countless hotels and resorts along the beachfront, including the adorable Mizingani Seafront Hotel with its regional flavor or the incredible trendy luxury of the Essque Zalu Zanzibar resort in Nungwi. 

The Emerson Spice boutique hotel in Stone Town offers the essence of current cosmopolitan Africa, with great furnishings and stunning vistas from the terrace.

How to Get Around Zanzibar :

  • Public Transportation

There is no public transportation on the island. Private companies employ dala-dalas, the open-sided minibus that work on a shared ride basis. Famous with residents, it’s a real experience in Zanzibar culture for travelers.

  • Taxi

Taxi service is abundant in Stone Town and multiple regions of Zanzibar, where luxury hotels and resorts are present. 

  • Car

Car rentals are open from regional companies like First Car Rental and Zanzibar Express Car Hire. 

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