Best Places To Visit In Japan : Things to Do

Japan is an extremely well-known island country found in the Pacific Ocean. It has stunning scenery, renowned national parks, incandescent mountains, populated cities, and an abundance of temples and shrines. 

Tokyo, the capital and among the most well-known cities in Japan, is famous for its incredible culture, enormous skyscrapers, and shopping areas. A few of the most famous destinations in Japan would include Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone, and Osaka.

Tokyo has much to provide regarding natural draws, containing stunning cherry blossoms, lush green mountains, and much more. Apart from this, there’s also tasty food, an abundance of old temples, gardens, festivals, hot springs, castles, snow destinations, and more. 

Japan : Land of the rising sun

Look no further if you’re searching for the ideal Japan travel guide. Scroll on to discover more before you trip to Japan:

Best Time To Visit Japan :

Although there’s no wrong time to see Japan, any Japan trip guide itinerary will advise you that the most excellent time to explore would be through Autumn, which would be between September and November. 

During this period, there are clear skies, less rainfall, and mild temperature. You’ll also notice the Autumn leaves and the cherry blossom trees. 

However, the winter months, such as December to February, are often more enchanting to visitors as it’s much more affordable at that time.

Top Places To Visit In Japan :

Look where all you could drive and which Places To Visit In Japan once you are vacationing in this incredible country with your close and loved ones:

  1. Mount Fuji

This famous mountain is among the biggest mountains that you can find in Japan. It provides an amazing experience and spectacular vistas if you choose to trek on it. If you plan to get a hike, you’ll need to take a trip during July and September. 

Top Places To Visit In Japan

However, if you don’t desire to head for a hike, you can relish the magnificence from a distance. You can visit the Arakurayama Sengen park or go skiing. Nearly every travel guide will add Mount Fuji because it certainly deserves a stop.

  1. Hokkaido

This island is famous for its natural hot springs. Apart from this, it contains a plethora of volcanoes and sites open for skiing. You can uncover a zoo, a blue pond, and a farm here. It’s a fantastic way to spend the day if you desire a site to rest and unwind. 

You can perform many things here: observe and purchase glasswork, participate in festivals, and explore the nearby farm.

  1. Ishigaki

It’s an incredibly famous visitor destination for many reasons. If you notice any Japanese tourism guide, it would probably include this island. This island contains a few of Japan’s finest beaches and is quite well-known with families. 

You can also tour other islands from here. Most beaches here are covered with nets and even offer vibrant nightlife and abundant water activities to pick from. You can even ascend Mount Nosoko from here.

  1. Kanazawa

This famous city provides stunning landscapes. It escaped the bombing during World War II and includes lots of samurai houses in Namagashi and tea districts that still remain untouched. 

There are multiple Edo-era districts and art museums that you can find here. The well-known Kenroku-en(Japanese-style garden) and Kanazawa Castle can be seen here. If you see it during the in-season, you’ll be able to witness plenty of cherry blossoms.

  1. Osaka

If you like to experience the finest of Japan’s nightlife, you must tour Osaka. It has the most excellent arcades, clubs, and shopping malls. 

The restaurants here also provide delectable food. This place is not only excellent for food lovers or party buffs, but it also has amazing sites that visitors can explore.

Top Things to Do In Japan :

Places To Visit In Japan
Things to Do In Japan

If you’re marveling at what you should do in the country, here are a few of the most incredible things that must be on your Japan trip guide itinerary.

  • Visit Kiyomizudera Temple

This stunning temple is among the most famous temples in the country. It’s found on the Otowa falls in the hills. The most promising part about this site is the wooden terrace. It provides visitors with a lovely vista of the trees below, including maple and cherry blossoms. 

The water from the fall is believed sacred, and visitors arrive here with poles tied to cups to drink this water.

  • Spend the day at Yakushima

This island, found in Kagoshima, is a land of dazzling falls. If you want an adventure, this is definitely the site to be. The island provides exceptional wildlife, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and dense cedar forests. 

You can try canoeing, kayaking, or just marvel at the falls and the loggerhead turtles as they lay eggs. The ultimate draw would contain Mount Miyanoura.

Finest Places To Stay In Japan :

If you plan a tour to Japan, you also want to seek the perfect accommodation choices to suit your budget and travel style. 

  • Beniya Mukayu

This hotel is flocked away in the mountains and creates an excellent spot to stay if you desire a sense of peace and natural charm. The whole hotel’s theme has an impressive stretch of dark and light colors, and each room contains its own private outdoor hot spring bath. 

The room offers you an excellent garden vista, and you can even take cooking classes.

  • Palace Hotel

This hotel is situated in a region that oversees the delicate pine trees and even offers a vista of the Imperial Palace. It’s among the most popular hotels having over seven restaurants and rooms that are elegant yet relaxed. 

It is close to a few visitor spots, including the Wadakura Fountain, The Museum of Imperial Collections, and The Ninomaru Garden.

  • The Tokyo Station Hotel

It is a perfect location because it’s strategically situated near Japan’s most pleasing sights. It provides a few excellent sights of the city and is discovered close to the Imperial Palace Garden. 

The rooms provide both luxury and comfort to their visitors. It contains six restaurants and gives spa services to its visitors as well. Tourists seem to have appreciated how centrally found it is.

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