Best Places To Visit In China : Things to DO

China has become a famous visitor destination, with more and more individuals coming here for a holiday. The proximity of the age-old history and hi-tech lifestyle makes it an engaging location to visit. 

Traveling to China is nothing like touring India or Europe. China has rules you’ll have to endure while traveling the country. Don’t worry; it won’t destroy your enjoyment in any way. In fact, you’ll come to know more about the traditions and cultures that make this region so unique. 

Here are some exploring tips for China for first-timers to make their holiday hassle-free.

Places to visit in China
Places to visit in China

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Best Time & Places To Visit In China

The best time to visit China :

Although China has travel-friendly weather nearly all year round, early autumn and late spring would be the finest time to see the country.

The months of April, May, and September, October enjoy a moderate temperature, creating the right time to travel to the natural magnificence side of the country and the city. 

It is good to avoid touring China throughout the monsoon period as it occasionally experiences heavy rain blocking you from relishing multiple activities in the area.

However, as the country is already overpopulated and the visitors just add to the hordes, for those seeking a vacation in serenity, November to March (low season) would be the most excellent period to make your tour.

Top places to visit in China :

  1. Great Wall Of China
Great Wall Of China : Places To Visit In China
Great Wall Of China

The splendid draw is locally known as the Long Wall or the Changcheng. It is found over 6,000 km from Jiayuguan in the west and the Shanhaiguan fortress in the east. 

The wall also crosses through Beijing, where you can check out the finest maintained area of the wall – Ningxia, Gansu, and Mongolia. The wall possesses countless battlements and watchtowers tracing back to the 7th Century BC.   

  1. Forbidden City and Imperial Palace

Among the most extensive and certainly the most significant buildings in China is the Forbidden City. Found in the center of the city, it’s also named the Imperial Palace. 

The influential building is scattered over 720,000 sqm and covered by a giant 10m wall with watch towers and a wide moat. Initiated during the time dating from 1271-1368, the main piece of the complex as witnessed today was made only during the time between 1406 and 1420.     

  1. The Terracotta Army

In 1970, on the border of Xi’an, while the farmers were excavating the wells, they blundered over something that is certainly the most climactic archeological discovery of China: the Terracotta Army. 

It was constructed to protect the First Emperor’s tomb. Spread over three enormous underground pits, this is one of the country’s essential sightseeing draws.

  1. The Summer Palace

Imperial Summer Palace is located 14 km from Beijing. Established with around 700 acres of stunning parkland, it’s certainly the most beautiful visitor magnet in China. 

Built-in the year 1153, the palace’s lake was made in the 14th century to highlight the magnificence of the Imperial Gardens. A few prominent draws of the area include the stunning Great Theatre, and the Hall of Well-being and Longevity with its throne. 

  1. Li River

On the northeast side of Guangxi rests the town of Guilin. It offers a few of the most exquisite countryside and is especially popular for its diamond waters that wander over the ring of mountains and the town. 

This enchanting sight has lured various poets and artists and has been the subject of several fairy tales and legends. The lake is significantly flooded with visitors from all over the world. 

Tourists reach here to witness this natural wonder from up and close. The most excellent way to explore the river is by boat riding. So sailing the Li River is certainly among the must-do things in China.    

  1. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Your holiday to the country will not be complete without including at least one panda venture. 

Though the country’s leading zoo boasts some good specimens of enchanting animals, the finest site to witness the pandas in their natural setting is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, found in the area of Sichuan. 

Here you will have an opportunity to see as many as 80 pandas conducting their everyday routines. 

What will you like in China ?

  • The Diverse and Vast Landscape

From cities to villages, hiking mountains to cruising rivers, trekking, or just relishing the charm of the surroundings, China’s extensive and diverse landscape has something for all. 

The rural plains you witness in the Southern Province region are a pleasant contrast to the noisy cities of Beijing and Shanghai. There are several mountain ranges for adventure lovers, such as Emei Shan, Wudang Shan, Wu Tai Shan, and Mian Shan. 

You can grab a walk through the city walls in the old city walls of Pingyao and Xian. 

  • The Food

There is nothing like delectable Chinese meals. It’s way more flavorful and varied. Whether you dine at the regional restaurant or parcel the street food, all areas of China ensure a special set of dishes. 

From the spicy and hot dishes of the Hunan region, Beijing’s designated (Peking) duck dishes, to well-known Szechuan pepper dishes, the variety is huge and certainly yummilicious. 

The finest thing about Chinese food is that it’s cheap, so you will not mind dominating the delectable feasts here.

  • You’ll Become a Hardened Wanderer

Indeed, China is among the toughest areas to tour. When you enter the city, you must overlook your life’s most significant cultural wonders. It may be unsurprising to spend the first several days in total confusion here.

One, the language will be a hurdle here, and two, the tracks are challenging, so you are certain to become a hardened visitor in only a few days in the country. Remember, you will require extra patience here, so be prepared.  

  • Classic Chinese Medicine & Massage

In China, massage is not only a special treat, instead, it’s more like a form of life. There are various types of traditional massage therapies in Chinese medicine that will soothe and freshen you. The Chinese massage parlors and spas provide genuine massages at quite a fair price.

  • Shopping

Shopping in China can be double the joy. From tea to curios, traditional suits to scarves, the latest real pearls to fake branded handbags, shopping in China can be addictive.

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