Best Places To Visit In Vietnam : Things To Do

With its rolling green hills, lovely beaches, and cities overflowing with culture and history, Vietnam is among the most famous holiday destinations worldwide. Whether you are a nature buff, an adventure lover, or a history fan, you’re sure to locate a home in this great city.

The mysterious charm of Vietnam rests in its clear oceans, mist-covered mountains, and majestic historical monuments. Whether on a family holiday or relishing a relaxing vacation with your loved one, the beautiful sceneries in Vietnam are bound to keep you enchanted.

The best attractions ensure that your holiday in the country is memorable. From the stunning Temple of Literature to the old Thin Mu Pagoda, the architectural majesty of the buildings here vows to take one’s breath away. 

 Places To Visit In Vietnam
Vietnam : Best Time & Places to Visit

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Vietnam : Best Time & Places to Visit

Best time to visit Vietnam :

The most excellent time to head to Vietnam relies on what you’re seeking regarding scenery, weather, and budget. The peak period arises from December till February. But expect costs to double throughout this period. 

  • Low Season – September to December, April to June
  • High Season – July to August
  • Shoulder Season – December to March

Northern Vietnam The most excellent period to travel to Northern Vietnam is from September to October or April to May. There are mainly sunny daytimes, and the rain has stopped.

Central Vietnam – From January to June are the most excellent months to explore Central Vietnam. There are hefty rainfalls in October and November and the truly burning months are from May to August.

Southern Vietnam The finest period to explore Southern Vietnam is from January to April when conditions are stunning.

Best Places to visit in Vietnam :

  1. Halong Bay
Halong Bay : Best Places to visit in Vietnam
Best Places to visit in Vietnam

Halong Bay is a scenic location full of bizarre elegance and beats the list of finest spots to see in Vietnam. Its marine cliffs, turquoise blue water, limestone caves, sinkhole lakes, caverns, and islets are popular. 

Its floating villages also provide a splendid view to behold. The diamond water is ideal for satisfying different water sports like diving, cruising, kayaking, etc. Adventure fans also like to be satisfied by cave tours and find natural marvels underneath.

  1. My Son Sanctuary

The place is popular for its collection of remains of over 70 old Hindu temples. These temples were built between the fourth and fourteenth AD by Champa rulers and portrayed the powerful heritage of the Cham Clan. 

The temples were mostly devoted to Lord Shiva and were destroyed during the Indochina war.

The site was the major worshiping area for Chams and included exquisite rock-cut temples and perfectly carved shrines. The sanctuary is among the most seen Vietnam visitor spots for its unique blend of natural grace and old wonders.

  1. Cu Chi Tunnels

An underground tunnel network, Cu Chi Tunnels are artificial wonders made for hiding during the Vietnam France War. It’s a 250 km stretch containing dark & narrow branches, weapon storerooms, meandering tunnels, and hidden doors.

It also contains secret routes to rivers and canals that reach the Cambodian boundaries. It’s among the finest locations to see in Vietnam, and you must be brave to get into it.

  1. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is a biosphere reserve and a world heritage site that you must explore during your tour of Vietnam. The site is home to exotic birds, evergreen forests, diverse fauna, and wild animals.

Plan a tour of this lovely location to catch wilderness, sophisticated caves, karsts, mountains, and mystical underground rivers. Indulge in cave exploration and biking, know about biodiversity at the botanical garden, or choice for a guided tour and be fascinated.

  1. Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is an amazing area in Vietnam, featuring wildlife, historical sites, lush rice paddies, superb landscapes, and calm rivers. The site engages the tourists with its slow-paced lifestyle and special aura. 

The site is enclosed by water bodies with many farms, homes, and markets. 

Things to do in Vietnam :

  • Kayaking in the Saigon River
Things to do in Vietnam
Things to do in Vietnam

‘The Kayaking sports in Ho Chi Minh City is a fantastic enjoyment and an excellent activity to do by the visitors. Kayaking here varies from one to two hours (as per your request).

The famous Saigon River is the most pleasing location for kayaking in Ho Chi Minh City. The weather here is incredibly calm and peaceful. 

  • Trek through Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is the most extensive island in Halong Bay that vows incredible trekking and hiking trails. Trek to Ngu Lam peak is the most difficult path, and the wilderness vistas from the summit are certainly rewarding.

During the trek, you can witness many creatures like deer, Cat Ba langur, etc. Trekking through the island is among the must-do things in Vietnam if you’re an adventure fan.

  • Snorkeling on Cham Island

Snorkeling on Cham Island is also a thrilling thing to perform in Vietnam to explore the booming aquatic realm. The precise and serene blue waters of the lagoons on the island are perfect for snorkeling, and multiple travel operators arrange for safe snorkeling.

Visitors can reach Cham Island, and the trip operators’ vessels carry you to the snorkeling and diving sites to snorkel amid the tropical coral reefs.

  • Find Wildlife at Cat Tien National Park

A biosphere reserve with different species of threatened creatures like snakes, deer, mongoose, macaque, civet, guar, and other small animals. Visitors can head on guided nature walks within property early in the morning when the animals are active to see maximum wildlife.

Best Places To Stay in Vietnam :

Best Places To Stay in Vietnam
Best Places To Stay in Vietnam
  • Hostels

Vietnam is extremely famous amongst backpackers. Because the costs are typically quite low, budget visitors flock to the country. It means there are many excellent hostel choices when seeking accommodations in Vietnam.

  • Hotels

You will receive considerably more space and privacy for a few more dollars. But usually, these are quite reasonably priced. You can expect to spend around $20 to $30 for a proper hotel room in most cities, villages, and towns in Vietnam.

  • Airbnb

Another promising choice in recent years is Airbnb, and there are more and more wonderful locations popping up to spend the night in Vietnam for pretty reasonable costs every day. You will likely discover excellent value and more private space with an Airbnb stay. 

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