Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Welcoming nearly 15 million visitors every year, Egypt is among the oldest travel destinations with an impressive history and classical treasures that traces back thousands of years. It’s a land of massive wonders of nature with sand dunes, surreal waters, and tall, glistening palm trees.

Places To Visit In Egypt

If touring Egypt is on your Wishlist, then here’s what you must do before you begin planning one of the most unforgettable journeys of your life!

Places To Visit In Egypt
Places To Visit In Egypt

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Best Time to Visit Egypt

Deciding and planning when to start your trips is essential to keeping your journey quality. We believe that the most suitable time to explore Egypt is from October to April – especially because the temperatures are pretty low with stunning days and breezy nights.

We assure you that the soft breeze of the country in the deserts, over the Nile, and along the coasts will make your trip to this deep, age-old civilization much more enjoyable.

If you are on a budget, it is suggested to avoid touring Egypt from December to January, as it’s the prime period of tourism.

Therefore, this is when trips and accommodation are usually much more costly all over the country. Travelers on a budget might discover the summer period much more probable instead.

Best Attractions to Explore in Egypt

Pyramids of Giza :

Best Attractions to Explore in Egypt
Best Attractions to Explore in Egypt

‘Pyramids of Giza’ is an absolutely astonishing sight that can’t be skipped when touring Egypt. The Pyramids are the royal tombs constructed for the three famous Egyptian pharaohs. This architectural magnificence is over 4500 years old, made during the 4th Dynasty.

Their structure conveys humanity’s brilliance that led to these enormous manufactured mountains in classical times. 

What’s truly intriguing is that these pyramids were constructed with angled sides to simulate the sun’s rays. It may just end up being among your favored sites worldwide, and we think rightfully so!

Nile River :

It isn’t only a well-known draw in Egypt but also throughout the world as this is the longest river in the world, the great river of the Nile. The country has survived on the Nile since ancient times, and most people live along its banks or around to date.

The river provides an opportunity to experience various flora, fauna, and ecosystems, as well as the artifacts and monuments of the Pharaonic period.

The serenity in touring the popular monuments and temples between the route of Luxor and Aswan with stunning sunsets and sunrises amid the date palm trees along the Nile banks is certainly best.

The Valley of Kings and Queens :

Best Attractions to Explore in Egypt

This following destination is nearly among Egypt’s most significant preservation. Once known as Thebes, Luxor is Egypt’s most magnificent, Nile-facing city. It houses wonders of archeology, providing more historical places than any other area.

The grand river of the Nile separates the city into two parts. One is known as the city of the living, where the Karnak and Luxor Temples greet its travelers, while the other is the city of the dead, containing the popular Valley of Kings and Queens.

It holds jaw-dropping archeological places, which may feel like paradise to those looking for refuge in this deep, exquisite tourist destination.

The Egyptian Museum :

Also called the Museum of Cairo or Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, it’s the most influential archaeological museum in the Middle East. It houses the most incredible Pharaonic antiques and artifacts. This place is tough to skip on any trip in Cairo.

Its walls encompass over 100,000 items of Egyptian civilization. It’s what carries you closer to the history of this nation.

The Red Sea :

You are mistaken if you actually believe that architecture and deep history are only what the country has to provide. The Red Sea houses a world-renowned coral reef population, great aquatic life, and diversity in diving areas.

Although there is a choice of staying in hotels and relishing the sea through day boats, the ideal way of enjoying the Red Sea is by scuba diving.

Things to do in Egypt

  • Enjoy Scuba Diving at Hurghada

Boost up your adrenaline level by experiencing scuba diving at Hurghada, a small fishing hamlet. You will encounter plenty of colorful fish and corals while diving here. Novice divers can pick intro diving, and skilled divers can go for daily diving.

You can also capture underwater photos while diving here because of the fine visibility and the lovely wrecks.

  • Get a vista from Cairo Tower
Things to do in Egypt
Things to do in Egypt

Among the most excellent things to do in the country is having a bird’s eye view of the city from Cairo Tower, the tallest standing building in North Africa. It is popular for its observation deck and revolving restaurant, which lies on the tower’s top.

You will discover the Sky Window café, one floor down from the observation deck, that offers lip-smacking food and drinks.

  • Take a Qarun Lake Boat Ride

Among the finest family-friendly things in Egypt is obtaining a Qarun lake boat ride. While relishing this boat ride, you can soak in the stunning vistas and admire nature. During this trip, a guide will accompany you to learn more about the local draws and civilization.

  • Get a Sanur Valley Cave trip

The Cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave is famous for its breathtaking natural patterns, formations, and colors. It’s a karst cave made by the groundwater’s percolation through the Galala Plateau’s limestone.

The cave stretches over an area of 700m, with a width and depth of 15m each. 

Best Hotels To Stay In Egypt

Best Hotels To Stay In Egypt
Best Hotels To Stay In Egypt

One of the essential things a visitor should decide is where to stay. Here are some excellent hotels available in Egypt that will greet you for a holiday.

Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

Found on the Red Sea’s coast, this 16-acre site provides the finest-in-class luxury, certainly better than any other accommodation available in the Hurghada resort town. 

Having closeness to Hurghada and carrying the name of the world-renowned Oberoi hospitality group helps the cause of this stunning area.

Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza Cairo

Found inside a high rise in the downtown area of Cairo, this hotel oversees the bright Nile river and offers you a few of the finest vistas of the historic Egyptian capital. 

Set close to the well-known Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, and the Cairo Tower, this luxury hotel is a worthwhile stay if you own a premium budget.

Conclusion About Places To Visit In Egypt

In conclusion, Egypt is a country with a rich and diverse tapestry of historical, cultural, and natural wonders that offer a beautiful and unforgettable travel experience. From the iconic pyramids of Giza to the glorious temples of Luxor and the tranquil shores of the Red Sea, Egypt is a land that beckons travelers from around the world.

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