Best Places To Visit In Croatia : Things To Do

Croatia’s shoreline is Central Europe’s Riviera, with over a thousand islands and thousands of miles of seafront. Vacationers love its balmy summer weather, pebbly beaches, and scenic mountains. 

But there is also history here: from Byzantine mosaics and eradicated Roman arenas to Habsburg villas, Venetian bell towers, and even communist concrete, previous monarchs have left their influence. 

Most visitors head to the Dalmatian Coast, where picturesque ridges rise from the deep and islands are spread just offshore. Searching for the top sailing escape? A wine and food getaway? An experience in the fantastic outdoors? Croatia carries it all.

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Croatia : Best Time & Places To Visit

Places To  Visit In  Croatia
Croatia : Best Time & Places To Visit

The Best Time to visit Croatia :

Before you begin your tours, you must know the weather conditions the country has to provide. Croatia, of course, has a Mediterranean climate for visitors to enjoy. 

May to September: This is the best period when you must plan your vacation in Croatia. There is stunning warmth and apparent skies. The ocean feels prominent in these months. 

The coasts are packed, and the peak time demands more cost. After all, the stunning landscape makes the tour worth it.

October to April: October celebrates the beginning of winter, which continues till April. Winters are pretty cold. The temperature could reach as low as below 0° Celsius. 

This is, however, the period to experience some ‘skiing’ in this area, and Christmas carries a ton of activity to the lanes of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Famous Places To Visit In Croatia :

  1. Split

Installed on a peninsula off the shore of Dalmatia, Split is the 2nd biggest city in Croatia. 

Providing a small-town ambiance, this dazzling city draws visitors with its special combination of modernity and history. The charm of Split rests in its mesmerizing blend of majestic mountains, striking suburbs, dramatic ocean, and breathtaking Roman ruins.

On your tour to Split, you can employ various pleasurable activities. You can stroll along the ocean passage, enjoying delicious Dalmatian cuisine, island-hopping, hiking the scenic Marjan Hill, shopping at Green Market, and swimming at Bacvice.

  1. Dubrovnik
Famous Places To Visit In Croatia
Famous Places To Visit In Croatia

With a history that traces back to the 7-century, Dubrovnik is an age-old city on the Dalmatian coast and among the finest locations to see in Croatia.

A center of all things art, history, food, and activities. You can walk along the old city walls (they are a world heritage site by UNESCO), ride the cable car up Mount Srd, take a Lokrum Island day tour, try out a few restaurants, or beat up Uvala Lapad Beach.

  1. Mljet Island

Mljet Island is among the most pleasing locations in Croatia if you are searching for a relaxing nature getaway in Europe.

You can easily reach here by ferry from Dubrovnik. Mljet is a small island housing stunning saltwater lakes, Mljet Island National Park, quaint towns, and a craggy coastline.

While on Mljet Island, you can go hiking (and swimming) on the Odysseus Cave route, visit St. Mary’s Island in Mljet National Park, take a road trip from Pomena to Limoni Beach, and indulge in the tasty seafood.

  1. Korcula Island

Popular as Croatia’s Emerald Isle, Korcula is found between Hvar and Mljet islands and is certainly among the most attractive draws to vacation in Croatia. 

Easily reachable by ferry, the island is popular for its lush forest, miles of vineyards, the picturesque Vela Spila Cave, and is even where Marco Polo is supposed to have been born.

You’ll like to see the Town Museum, St. Mark’s Cathedral, Arneri Palace, and Bishop’s Treasury in the old town. 

  1. Hvar Island
Famous Places To Visit In Croatia
Famous Places To Visit In Croatia

Just a small ferry ride from Mljet, the Hvar island is popular for parties, architecture, lavender fields, and beaches.

An ultimate destination with something for everyone, take a Hvar Island lavender field trip, spend your days in the water, hit up a few beach clubs, and roam through the towns.

  1. Omis

Just south of Split, Omis’s major highlight is where the Adriatic Sea meets the Cetina River and is among the pleasurable Croatia places for all types of adventure sports. Think ziplining, rafting, rock climbing, canyoning, parasailing, mountain biking, and scuba diving!

Things to do in Croatia :

  • Stroll through British Square

Britanac or British Square is a fantastic spot to see on your journey. Vendors gather and show their products and treasures every Sunday beneath the red umbrellas. 

Visitors can undergo everything from cameras and old records to artworks and also ancient furniture at the market. Grab a unique souvenir, explore the stalls, or take a seat at one of the cafes surrounding the square and observe the locals and sellers barter. 

  • Explore Upper Town

Upper Town is found on the heightened hilltop. You can visit the city’s scenic vistas and explore the historical streets and paths. Here, seeing noble attractions like St. Mark’s Church and Zagreb Cathedral are a must.

Further, don’t miss out on listening to the cannon fire boom from the 13-century Lotrš?ak Tower!

  • Cycle at the lake Jarun 
Things to do in Croatia
Things to do in Croatia

Jarun Lake is an excellent site in this enormous city to cycle, run, and stop to enjoy a coffee. Near the lake is an incredible road, almost 7km, perfect for cycling. 

The lake is also a  stunning place to unwind with some cocktails and a few friends. Several activities include wakeboarding, surfing, swimming, paddling, cruising, running, bicycle, roller skating, and skateboarding near the lake. 

Swimming in the lake’s clean waters is a good idea as there’s a lifeguard available.

  • Day trip at National Park Plitvice Lake

If you’re searching for a spot to spend time in leisure, then calling Plitvice Lake should be among the must things. The national park, established in 1949, is found in the uneven karst area of central Croatia, at the edge of Herzegovina and Bosnia. 

It houses around 16 lakes, and the park provides several chances to locate the flora and fauna of the area, get a swim in the lakes or simply shower beneath the stunning falls here. 

Further, seeing its topography, the national park also draws backpackers and outdoor lovers worldwide. So if you’re a trekking lover, you will enjoy spending a day here!

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