Best Places To Visit In Jamaica : Things To Do In Jamaica

Jamaica houses a few of the most stunning beaches worldwide, which is why many visitors explore the country annually to spend holidays. Apart from the beaches, this lovely country is also home to different species of lovely birds and wild animals.

The charm of Jamaica offers you an exceptional experience and makes your journey remarkable. Whether you travel alone or with your entire family, Jamaica has something for everyone. 

Places To  Visit In Jamaica

You can bring your family’s children and even the elder ones on a trip to the country and certainly everyone will be thrilled and enjoy it to the highest. Here are the best time and Places To Visit In Jamaica.

Jamaica : Land of springs

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Best Time To Visit Jamaica :

The most excellent time to see the country is from November to early December, hurricane season has ended, and the restaurants and hotels are open. You will be able to relish the island without many numbers of travelers that start to reach in mid-December. 

The warmest of the Caribbean islands, Jamaica possesses beach weather all over the year. You will mainly uncover temperatures that flow around 22°C (71°F) in the wintertime (December to March) and about 31°C (88°F) through the summer period(June to August).

The time from May to October provides an opportunity to enjoy here’s top festivals, as well as the humidity and heat of the monsoon season. 

Best Places To Visit In Jamaica :

Places To  Visit In Jamaica

Here’s a list of Jamaica’s most excellent tourist attractions on your next visit. See why you can’t afford to skip a trip here on your next journey.

Rose Hall, Montego Bay

Rose Hall is a stunning house in Jamaica and among the most prominent visitor draws in the country. It’s not an ordinary building, but a stunning Mansion constructed in 1770 at a massive price of about £30,000. 

The mansion is constructed in a Jamaican Georgian manner with a base of attractive stones. The Rose Hall has a picturesque coast vista, making it even more captivating.

The mahogany floors, doorways, interior windows, and wooden ceilings are worth seeing. There is a restaurant and bar downstairs if you want some snacks.

Dolphin Cove Jamaica

It’s an aquatic draw in the country where you can swim and interact with Dolphins, Stingrays, and Sharks. It’s a one-of-a-kind location that offers you a completely distinct feeling altogether. 

Aside from this, you can also interact with other species, like snakes, Iguanas, and a vast variety of captivating birds.

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is among the most stunning river falls in the country and is perfect for family holidays. Though you can also explore the location alone, traveling with your family will certainly enrich the venture. 

It’s a well-known waterfall located close to Ocho Rios, around 600 ft long and 180 ft high. Climbing the falls is a must activity for visitors, as thousands of travelers reach this area just to experience the adventure and thrill of climbing the falls. 

Port Antonio

This area is a place for banana export and is comparatively less commercial than the other resort towns. A few great things to do here are the tour of reach falls, hiking the jungle, rafting the Rio Grande, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many more. 

Negril Beach And The Negril Cliffs

It is also referred to as seven miles beach and is among the country’s most attractive places with aqua sea and white sand. You’ll discover schools of fish swimming and snorkeling facilities in transparent water. 

At the beach’s south, Negril Cliffs ascend over the coral-fringed coast and offer the best sunset vista and cliff jumping.

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Best Things To Do In Jamaica :

Places To  Visit In Jamaica

These ultimate ventures are a must-have on your expedition. They won’t only create more joy but will also make it quite remarkable. Learn why you choose to place them on your list.

  • Parasailing

With fantastic beaches and amazing vistas, sightseers calling Jamaica have parasailing on their wishlist. If you, too, like to return home with thrill sports, you have to take up parasailing. Many beaches offer you the chance, and it’s also reasonable here.

  • Bamboo Rafting

Another sports action you must spoil while on your expedition to this paradise is Bamboo rafting. It’s among the unique adventures that you seldom get the option to take up. 

Martha Brae River is the most renowned spot in Jamaica, where bamboo rafting is performed the best. You can easily reach the area from Montego Bay, Ochi Rios, and Falmouth. A 35-ft bamboo will be there for you, and you’ll have to raft 3 miles on the Martha Brae River.

  • Spa on the beach

Being a seaside destination, the country also arrives with perks; among many, one is partaking in a spa on the beach. You can even carry this venture over to the spa centers in decent resorts and spa parlors. Furthermore, it’ll be in your budget as well.

Best Places To Stay In Jamaica :

Places To Visit In Jamaica

A few excellent hotels and resorts you can select to stay in the country are shown below. 

  • Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa

Hilton Rose Hall is a captivating and probably the most expensive Jamaican family resort in Montego Bay. The lavish surroundings around the property will offer you the most serene moments of your life. 

The incredible amenities provided by the hotel add to your convenience. Enjoy a vast variety of water activities and a water park with multiple things perfect for individuals of all ages.

  • Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa

The stunning natural setting and the blend of luxurious and modern facilities in the Grand Palladium lady Hamilton resort create it an ideal place to stay. 

The hotel spa offers various therapies and services and is fitted with ultra-modern services to provide a soothing and relaxing time. It contains 15 villas and 540 Guest rooms.

  • Jewel Runaway Beach and & Golf Resort

It’s a complete all-inclusive property in Jamaica and worldwide. The resort is found on the massive 22 acres of seafront land on Jamaica’s North Coast. 

The golf and scuba experience on the island is exceptional and offers you total fulfillment. There are five restaurants on the site to satisfy your taste buds. 

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