Beaches On Ocho Rios, Jamaica Near Cruise Port

Ocho Rios, a picturesque coastal town in Jamaica, boasts stunning beaches known for their white sands and crystal-clear waters. Popular spots like Turtle Beach and Mahogany Beach offer a perfect blend of relaxation and water activities, making Ocho Rios a tropical paradise for beach enthusiasts. Here are few notable beaches on Ocho Rios

Beaches On Ocho Rios

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Ocho Rios Bay Beach / Turtle Beach

Bay Beach is the major coast in Ocho Rios and is found in the town’s heart and only 450m from Ocho Rios cruise terminal. Savor white sands, gorgeous calm waters, and many Ocho Rios Bay Beach activities.

There is a small entry fee to enter the site but has the amenities to house the family for a delightful day at the coast. There are various small shops and restaurants nearby to eat if you don’t carry your own. You will discover the waters off-coast to be of fine snorkeling quality, so bring your equipment if you desire to witness the aquatic world.

One best thing about the Ocho Rios Bay Beach is that if you are arriving in Jamaica on a cruise vessel, you won’t have to go distant to reach this site, and it’ll be the nearest beach to you.

The shore is secure, and contains silky smooth white sand and water so clear and precise you will witness hordes of little fish wandering around the beach.

The water remains knee height for a while, so you will need to reach out a bit if you like water up to your shoulders. But on the more optimistic side, the shallow water makes it ideal if you have children with you that are not excellent swimmers.

Dunn’s River Falls Beach

Dunn’s River Falls Beach is among the most explored landmarks in Jamaica, located 4.5 km from Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal and within Dunn’s River Falls and Park.

Experience something bizarre and special by bringing your friends and family to Dunn’s River Falls Beach. At this coast, located at the bottom of the falls, you can discover sparkling, clean water perfect for swimming and a sandy coastline where you can rest and bask under the sun.

This lifeguard-secured shoreline provides lots of enjoyable stuff for you to do like sailing catamarans, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

Take time to tour the remainder of Dunn’s River Falls and Park. Here, you can endeavor other entertaining activities like climbing slippery rocks, riding a bamboo raft down a river, and more.

In all truthfulness, the coast at Dunn’s River Falls isn’t the bestest. It’s pleasant and has a fantastic vista, but the charm and roar of the cascading falls will draw your vision and have you turning your back to the sea. Access to the seaside is included with the waterfalls’ entry fee. So head back down and grab a dip after you have conquered the ascending falls.

Expect to be wrapped by visitors, particularly if there’s a cruise ship in town.

Dunn’s River Falls Beach : Beaches On Ocho Rios

Mammee Bay Beach

Mammee Bay Beach is a well-appreciated beach due to its ample coastline, fresh sky-blue water, and entertainment opportunities. It is found only 7.5 km away from Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal. Among the most excellent things to do in Jamaica is to drive to Mammee Bay Beach with your buddies and partner for a much-needed stress-relieving holiday time.

During the day, you can lounge on the soft sand and relax under the sun. You can also have a thrill by exploring the ocean in a glass-bottom boat, heading for a leisurely swim, windsurfing, wakeboarding, etc.

And in the evening, the party will start. You and your friends can drink tropical alcoholic concoctions, dance to reggae music, and relax by the heat of a seafront bonfire while staring at the starry sky.

The Bamboo Blu Restaurant is an appealing option for you to eat in. You can savor delicious dishes, like juicy steaks, grilled lobsters, and savory chicken wings. This restaurant also has a veg menu in case you follow the diet.

Mammee Bay Beach : Beaches On Ocho Rios

James Bond Beach

The James Bond beach is about 20 km from Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal and around a 20 min drive outside Ocho Rios in Oracabessa. The James Bond Beach received its name due to its closeness to the opulence Goldeneye site where Ian Fleming composed the well-known 007 books – and the coast appeared in the Bond film Dr No.

It is said that this was his private hideaway where he wrote 14 of his notable “007” nail-biters. The turquoise blue waters settled in the hills over Ocho Rios are the coast’s main highlight. This small cove has incredibly calm water with next to no waves. It’s a fairly small beach with a rural vibe. You can expect to discover some residents playing dominoes or football (soccer) nearby, so this is your place if you are searching to have a genuine Jamaican vibe.

If you wish for touristy amenities, this coast may not suit you. But if you get pleasure from hanging with the natives and hearing a few incredible stories about the experiences of local fishers, this place is worth visiting.

A bar on the site makes an excellent cocktail, and the snacks are pretty fair. Furthermore, you can engage in the fresh fish and lobster offered every day by local fishers and prepared at the beachside.

James Bond Beach : Beaches On Ocho Rios

Bamboo Beach Club

The Bamboo Beach Club is a private, safe coast, some miles past Ocho Rios. It is found around 40 km from Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal. The water is crystal blue (as expected from Jamaica), calm and rejuvenating. It’s extremely quiet and not too wavy, but you can tell there’s no reef stopping the sea current.

When you reach, you are assigned a server who will carry your orders and provide them to your lounge chair. There is also an all-in package, so that may be a good option if you want to keep the drinks pouring while you wait for your Jerk chicken.

With All-inclusive drink and food packages, reggae drummers, Jamaican dancers, singers and acrobats outfitted in costumes, they will keep you well engaged throughout the day. There’s a small craft market, but the vendors are pretty low-key and won’t be hassling you to purchase if you are not interested.

However, the beach is a little rocky at the shoreline, but there are places that you can discover (the extreme left or right of the coast) to relish a fantastic time in the Caribbean Sea.

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