Top 5 Paddle Boarding Destination In The World

Over time, SUP has become an ideal favorite sport for many adventurers around the world. Regarded as a blend of kayaking and surfing, paddle boarding is an excellent way to unwind and take pleasure in nature.

Whether it is in the river, lake, or ocean, nothing surpasses this mode of exercise. The great news is that all you require is just a paddling board and be ready to face the waters. Below are the top 10 paddle boarding destinations in the World you should know.

Top 5 Paddle Boarding Destination In The World

Scotland :

Scotland should be at the top of the list when getting a few of the most scenic SUP locations in the UK. From stunning islands and covered bays to lochs enclosed by magnificent highlands, there are several jaw-dropping places to get an inflatable paddle board experience.

There are centers throughout Scotland that permit you to rent the gear required. Few of the most desirable places to experience paddling or try it out for the first time are the Moray coast, Nairn, Perthshire, and the Tay.

The Moray coast houses some of the country’s most desirable beaches and peaceful harbors, perfect for beginners and skillful paddling buffs alike.

Hawaii is a surfing mecca, so it’s no wonder that it’s also one of the most reliable spots for paddle boarding.

There are several prominent places on Oahu, especially Sunset Beach on the north shore, prized for its big wave surfing in the winter.

It also hosts some of the most famous surfing contests on the earth. But throughout the summer, the water here is much tranquil, ideal for paddle boarding.

You can even paddle to Waimea Bay, a 4-mile drive from Sunset Beach. If you’re a novice, Puaena Point on the Waimea Bay is also an excellent stable water area with some waves as well as comfortable access.

Bali : Island of the Gods (Indonesia)

Recognized as the gods’ island, Bali is an all-year-round welcoming spot for paddling. The weather is beautiful, and the diverse strength of waves creates it a lovely destination for all levels of SUP skills.

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To avoid the hordes and one-of-a-kind experience, head to the less-toured beaches to the north, like Balian and Medewi. While you’re here, you can also experience thrilling hiking and climbing in the hills with many tracks available.

Paddle Boarding Destination
Top 5 Paddle Boarding Destination In The World

Despite your Paddling abilities, Bali will undoubtedly offer you a thrilling adventure that’s also pretty friendly on your bank balance.
Banff Alberta
Alberta houses some of the most magnificent national parks in the entire world, including Banff National Park.

Banff is a paddler’s dream destination. It houses a plethora of awe-inspiring lakes that vary in color from light blue to dark turquoise.

If you wish a pleasant paddle on the eminent teal lakes you’ve ever put sights on, then trip to Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, or Peyto Lake. When you cruise out, check the shores for animals such as grizzly bears and elk herds.
The Bahamas highlights almost 120 mi of coastline and around 700 islands, enclosed by serene, crystal-clear, tropical waters boasting beautiful reefs and marine life vistas.

A perfect Paddle Boarding point is Aba­cos, for the full-on marine and beach adventure.

If you’re heading to Nassau, you can enjoy excellent SUP, too, with regional suppliers providing all the gear you require for it alongside sea turtles and schools of brightly colored fish under the crystal-blue waters. Great Exhume is also another notable place for paddling.

Thailand : Best Paddle Boarding Destination

Thailand’s southern islands are a rich playground for paddlers. Witness lush lagoons, amazing caves, and an island loaded with friendly — seldom overly friendly — monkeys.

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While few islands are visitor hot spots, you can book an SUV trip to explore remote beaches completely to yourself. Wherever you prefer to travel, your SUP trip is destined to be loaded with fluent waters, considerable rock formations, and romantic sunsets.

Paddle Boarding Destination
Top 5 Paddle Boarding Destination In The World

Bear in mind to bring snorkeling gears on your paddle board as there are heaps of lovely fish breathing among the rich coral reefs.
Norwegian fjords
The Fjords of Norway provide a mighty paddle boarding destination that’s right out of a paddler’s dream. Found on the western coast of Norway, the fjords enable adventurers to cruise along natural waters while being enclosed by alpine mountains.

If you desire to undergo the fjords to their fullest, we suggest mapping a week-long SUP tour to Norway’s most well-known fjord, Nærøyfjord.

While you can experience stunning landscapes in just one day, a week-long paddle board traveling expedition will let you witness some of the more remote sceneries.

During your journey, expect to cruise through tremendous waterfalls, humbling mountains and hidden villages.

The Florida Keys :

With nearly the entire state enclosed by water, it is no surprise that the SUP buffs in Florida are flourishing. The coral cay archipelago of Florida Keys away from the state’s southern coast provides hundreds of points to install your paddle board.

Paddle Boarding Destination
Top 5 Paddle Boarding Destination In The World

With a precious aquatic life that involves manatees and stingrays, a diverse ecosystem, mangrove forests, and Caribbean-like waters, Florida Keys is an island utopia that’s best visited on a SUP or kayak.
Stand-up paddle boarding is almost new to Slovenia, but it has witnessed speedy growth these preceding years, all thanks to the country’s unspoiled nature and various flat-water alpine lakes and smoothly flowing rivers.

In Slovenia, SUP is as distinct as the nation itself. There’s also urban paddle boarding here. Eventually, what more excellent way to travel the charming Old Town of the capital city of Ljubljana than by cruising your route through it?

The exceptionally scenic Lake Bled is at the peak of everybody’s list, an alpine lake home to the country’s only island. Some other paddling spots are the emerald-green Savica River and Soča River, and Lake Cerknica.

Lake Tahoe, California :

North America’s most extensive alpine lake is probably the most snapped paddling spot around the world.

And with great reason – its enthralling cerulean water, long shoreline surrounded by coniferous trees, and the snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains make it a desirable destination for various pleasurable activities.

Conditions are outstanding from late spring to the beginning of fall, and the best time to SUP is during the morning or early evening. That’s when the winds are gentle, and the surface is more stable, ensuring a special adventure. These conditions are also perfect for beginners.

Lake Tahoe is the place for the annual Tahoe SUP Race Series, a once-a-year event worth visiting, if not even competing in.

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