Beaches In Antigua Near Cruise Port

Antigua, a Caribbean gem, boasts a multitude of pristine beaches, including Dickenson Bay, Jolly Beach, Half Moon Bay, and more, each offering a unique slice of paradise with soft sands and crystal-clear waters. Whether you seek vibrant or peaceful, historic or private, Antigua‘s beaches cater to every beach lover’s dream.

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Beaches In Antigua

1. Dickenson Bay

Come 5 km north of the Antigua cruise port to Dickenson Bay for the ultimate full-on, full-amenity island beach.

Possibly the most famous expanse of sand on the island of Antigua, the beach satisfies tourists with lots of facilities. Water activities are numerous, and the shallow, calm waters are ideal for swimming and paddleboarding.

This seaside is most suitable for social butterflies. Its delicate white sand is generally loaded with natives and visitors staying at the neighboring Halcyon Cove, Buccaneer Beach Club, and the top-class Sandals Grande Antigua.

Set out on one of the glass-bottom boats for a really exceptional boating adventure, where you won’t miss anything beneath the water below you. Keep an eye for dolphins, too; you may encounter one in these charming waters.

A mile-long coral garden, Paradise Reef, is only a 10-min boat trip from the coast. Get ready for snorkeling here, and you will encounter species like lobsters, kaleidoscopic parrotfish, and other aquatic creatures of the Caribbean.

Seaside restaurants offer fresh, local treats. A floating bar also delivers joy, where visitors can take pleasure in a drink while in the water.

Dickenson Bay is indeed among the most excellent beaches in Antigua, close to the cruise port.

Beaches In Antigua

2. Ffryes Beach

Set out on the western coastline of Antigua, Ffryes Beach is a sparkling expanse of sand with a backdrop of a verdant green hillside. Only around 12 km and half an hour drive from the Antigua cruise port, this place is among the most pleasing attractions to visit in the Caribbean.

Ffryes Beach is a perfect location for families searching for a calm getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle to soak in the sun and enjoy sand shaded by sea grapes.

This site is famous among families who tour the area, and children like to play and run in the sand here, but it does not usually seem to get too crowded, so you and your whole family can unwind here.

The seaside actually has two beaches, separated by rocks. The smaller side is Little Ffryes, and the larger is Big Ffryes. The crystal-clear waters are excellent for snorkeling, and the gentle sand is the ideal leisure setting. You will require to head a bit south for snorkeling.

Seeking to pump out your adrenaline? Explore the beautiful ocean on a jet ski for some additional enjoyment in the sun. If you are searching for delicious local cuisine, you can discover fantastic barbecue establishments and sit-down eateries.

Get a cab or taxi to Ffryes, and you will enjoy seeing two shores for the fee of one.

3. Darkwood Beach

If you are looking for a beach day off from the hotel public with a more pristine and untouched feel, Darkwood Beach on the south-west coastline of Antigua has got you covered.

Situated on the south-west shore just 12 km from Antigua cruise port, this beach is among the favorite seasides among residents in Antigua and Barbuda. Although all 366 coasts hold their own unique feature, Darkwood Beach looks to carry it all.

The ideal clean blue waters and white sand beaches offer the utmost location for anyone seeking to step back into Caribbean time.

Enjoying the day at the beach is entirely manageable, far from the resort crowds. It’s loaded with standard colorful huts offering up island cocktails and bars and restaurants serving out excellent but straightforward meals during the day.

Renting umbrellas and deck chairs from a few bars is also a possibility.

The beach is synonymous with its most significant draw for the young and the young in mind – Swash Water Park, where an inflatable barrier course is established for some friendly laughs and family enjoyment.

As Darkwood Beach is found a small drive from the ship ports, the amount of visitors attending the seaside is usually boosted when a cruise is docked in the region. The enormous, spacious coast can still effortlessly be enjoyed to its maximum appeal, though.

Beaches In Antigua

4. Pigeon Point Beach

Situated around 19 km from Antigua cruise port on Antigua’s southeast coast, Pigeon Point Beach is one of the best places to explore in the country and a kid-friendly destination with quiet, shallow water for taking a dip.

This site is famous with both locals and tourists, with a leisure Caribbean setting. If you desire to learn how to sail, this is the area to know it. You will have the chance to take a class in among the Caribbean’s most picturesque places.

Apart from the beautiful coast, there is also an outstanding selection of dining choices. Head to Catherine’s Cafe for a sunset dinner watching the water, or check out Bumpkins Bar for a Pina Colada.

Only 5-min away, visitors can also encounter marine history in Nelson’s Dockyard, where you will see a museum and patched architecture from the 1700s. Restaurants, shops, and bars presently reside in these aged structures.

Explore the place on foot through the different trekking paths surrounding the dockyard. The beach is famous with natives and tourists alike and is a certainly well-known destination for snorkeling, too.

Beaches In Antigua

5. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is world-renowned for being among the most lovely shores globally, with a 3,200ft white-sand curve of coastline.

Found around 25 km and a 30-minute drive from Antigua cruise port, the view will well deserve the ride. This popular location is perfect for visitors looking for pristine natural charm and possibilities for windsurfing and surfing.

The stunning shape of the beach is backed by the wild terrain, making for a beautiful backdrop in the southeastern part of the place.

A protective reef close to the shore’s northern end stops harsh waves of the Atlantic from smashing onshore, making waters quiet enough for snorkeling and swimming.

Additionally, this expanse of sand is excellent for beach-lovers searching for untouched beauty. Possibly most fascinating about this seaside is the pink sand made by delicate coral.

You can also rent umbrellas and chairs here to enrich your beach leisure experience. A snack area for refreshments is available at the local beach bar overseeing the sea.

For a natural spa therapy, tourists should step towards the lower cliffs and utilize the natural components of the settings to take pleasure in an Antiguan mud-bath.

Beaches In Antigua

  1. Dickenson Bay: A beautiful crescent-shaped beach with calm, clear waters, water sports, and a range of resorts and restaurants.
  2. Jolly Beach: Known for its long stretch of soft, white sand and calm waters, Jolly Beach is great for swimming and sunbathing.
  3. Half Moon Bay: A more secluded and unspoiled beach with pink-tinged sand and a dramatic backdrop of cliffs.
  4. Shirley Heights Lookout Beach: Near the historic Shirley Heights, it offers breathtaking panoramic views and a sense of history.
  5. Valley Church Beach: A serene beach with powdery sand and excellent swimming conditions, located near Jolly Harbour.
  6. Darkwood Beach: Known for its lush vegetation and pristine, calm waters, Darkwood Beach offers a tranquil escape.
  7. Ffryes Beach: A quieter beach with clear waters and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a peaceful day by the sea.
  8. Galleon Beach: Nestled within Nelson’s Dockyard, it offers a mix of history and beach relaxation.
  9. Turner’s Beach: Another beautiful and less crowded option with soft sand and inviting waters.
  10. Pigeon Point Beach: Located near English Harbour, it’s a picturesque beach with great snorkeling opportunities.

Conclusion – Beaches In Antigua Near Cruise Port

In conclusion, Antigua is a tropical paradise known for its diverse and stunning array of beaches. Whether you desire lively and bustling shores or serene and secluded getaways, this Caribbean destination offers a beach for every taste. From the calm waters of Dickenson Bay to the pink-tinged sands of Half Moon Bay and the historical charm of Shirley Heights Lookout Beach, Antigua’s beaches provide an idyllic setting for relaxation and water activities, making it a must-visit for beach lovers and travelers seeking the sun, sea, and sand.

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