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Beaches In Nassau, Bahamas Near Cruise Port

Nassau, Bahamas offers several beautiful beaches near the cruise port for travelers to enjoy, including Junkanoo Beach, Cable Beach, and Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island. These beaches provide options for swimming, water sports, and relaxation, making them suitable and appealing destinations for cruise passengers looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the clean waters of the Bahamas. Also Read Beaches In St Thomas Near Cruise Port https://www.yourvacationtrip.com/beaches-in-st-thomas-near-cruise-port/ Beaches In Nassau Near Cruise Port 1. Junkanoo Beach First, stop at Junkanoo Beach!! It is definitely the first shore you might put a paw upon as it’s found only 1.5 km away from the Nassau cruise port. Junkanoo Beach is a famous party coast located a strolling distance from Prince George Wharf. The beach is named after the most famous festival on the island and indeed represents the positive culture of the residents. Though it’s loaded during the prime period, Junkanoo is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a suitable place for a fantastic time. As such, it constantly has a lively atmosphere. This stunning expanse of pure white sandy coast with friendly shallow crystal clear waters is the primary reason why it is so special. However, being near the cruise dock and downtown Nassau suggests that this is an active visitor beach. If you desire to avoid the hordes, you are adequate off driving further west to less crowded shores or to the soft conjoining space that is West Esplanade Beach. In terms of comforts, Junkanoo has several seaside restaurants and bars servicing beachgoers, and there are also colorful shacks selling food and beverages on the shore and public restrooms. You will discover the outstanding Straw Market within strolling distance, with vendors offering everything from hand-crafted Bahamian hats and rugs to shell jewelry and wood carvings. 2. Saunders Beach […]