Best Places To Visit In Greenland : Things to Do

Greenland, a massive island country located in the northernmost end of 

The Arctic Ocean is most famous for the naturally emerging wonder, the Northern Lights. 

Defiant to its name, the Danish nation is surrounded by ice for most of its mainland. Greenland is an adventurous option for most world travelers with a small population, mostly living in its capital city. 

You shouldn’t be mortified by its far-off place on the world map or the climate pattern, as Greenland holds much to provide visitors. All one requires to do is grab onto this Greenland tour guide and relish the most mystical land in the world.

Greenland : Best Time and Places to Visit

Best Time To Visit Greenland :

It is difficult to determine the most pleasing time to vacation in Greenland as it is available for different activities in diverse climatic conditions and seasons. As the land is mostly hidden in ice all year round, the temperature always remains on the lower side of the thermometer. 

However, the summer between May and August is loaded with daylight, and you can even encounter the Midnight Sun throughout this period. It’s the most suitable time to be satisfied with some hiking sports.

The winters are crushingly frigid with little to no sun for many days. The days are dark and short but serve the sky with the majestic Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). 

The finest time to see the Northern Lights is during the short autumn between September and October, when the temperature is mainly 1℃, and there’s still some sunlight to rely on. 

The spring period is also short, but it’s the perfect time to do dog sledding and see wildlife.

Places To Visit In Greenland :

  1. Ilulissat Icefjord
Places To Visit In Greenland
Places To Visit In Greenland

Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004, the Ilulissat Icefjord extends 40 km from the Greenland ice sheet to Disko Bay. Jakobshavn Isbræ, the most effective glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, is found on the fjord’s eastern side. 

Nearly 20 billion tonnes of icebergs get washed out of the fjord every year after they have melted.

See the beautiful views this ever-changing and ephemeral area has to provide. You can hire a boat, go for a hike, or can take a helicopter trip to obtain an aerial picture.

  1. Knud Rasmussens Museum

Found in Ilulissat, this museum is devoted to the remembrance and contributions of Danish adventurer Knud Rasmussen and is among the prominent areas to see in Greenland. 

  1. The Majestic Ice Cap

Estimating more than 2,000,000 cubic km, the Greenland Ice Sheet is a behemoth-like space dropping below Antarctica as the 2nd biggest ice sheet worldwide. If the whole of this extensive stretch were to melt, sea levels would increase by a terrifying 7m!

This one is certainly going to offer you goosebumps. To marvel at its beguiling charm, you can also enjoy a birds-eye sight of the sheet from a helicopter. You must add this to your wishlist as this is among the fascinating sites to explore in Greenland.

  1. Katuaq

Among the ultimate locations to explore in the country is Katuaq, which Schmidt Hammer Lassen created. This modern design is L-shaped. It includes 2 auditoriums. 

The larger auditorium can accommodate over a thousand guests and is, thus, utilized for displaying movies or plays and hosting conferences or concerts. The smaller auditorium can house 508 individuals.

  1. Disko Bay
Places To Visit In Greenland

Inhabiting Greenland’s western coast, this bay has historical importance, as it was at this location Erik the Red, a Norse adventurer who first began a settlement in 985 AD. 

The nutritional waters make it a habitat facilitative to the survival of many aquatic lives, like benthic and pelagic fishes. During spring, you can also see a sight of the humpback, bowhead, killer, and narwhal whales.

Gulls, eider ducks, cormorants, kittiwakes, and migratory birds such as ringed, bearded, harp, and hooded seals can also be seen. 

Things To Do In Greenland :

Apart from the clear option of seeing the amazing spectacle of the Northern Lights emerging in the shady skies of Greenland, here are a few of the activities you can entertain when touring the country.

  • Kayaking over the Blue River

A famous action in Greenland is to travel the nostalgic ice-blue waters of the Blue River. Certainly, among the finest locations to explore in Greenland, which comprises a valley in the Northern Hemisphere. 

A special highlight of the river is that it’s susceptible to changing the flow of its course annually. Multiple kayaking excursions from August to September in the Blue River facilitate you to travel the icebergs and enjoy the tranquility of the pristine surroundings.

  • Hiking

The most favored sport in the summertime is hiking the Arctic Circle. Greenland comprises numerous rocky valleys and mountains that delight to ascend when not wrapped in snow. 

The mountainside is loaded with various flora, glaciers, and rocky surfaces, which every daredevil dreams of capturing. With a little population nearby, medicine and food need special attention when preparing to head on a hike in the country.

  • Enjoy the hot springs

Thinking about what to do in Greenland for a restful day? You may be surprised that the country has some hot springs for visitors to dip in. 

One such famous hot spring is the Uunartoq. The most comfortable way to get to the hot spring is through a boat ride from Ilulissat. The water temperature is about 37℃, making it an ideal date to have with your partner on a beautiful summer day.

  • Explore Qaqortoq

The country has another retro town known as Qaqortoq in its lap that is worth touring. It is an excellent town to walk in, carrying in the magnificence of the museums, architectural marvels, and the only current fountain in Greenland. 

The town is quite colorful and is renowned for its regional cuisine. It’s among the most excellent locations to explore Greenland to test the local dish Suaasat, loaded with seafood or a steaming mug of Greenlandic coffee.

Where To Stay In Greenland :

Where To Stay In Greenland
  • Hotel Arctic Ilulissat

Located in an excellent setting, Hotel Arctic is indeed pleasing accommodation you can consider. It provides delicious food and a relaxing stay. 

  • Hotel Nuuk Seamen’s Home

Hotel Seamen’s Home is a bed and breakfast establishment that provides cozy rooms and excellent food. It is nearer to many sightseeing spots in the city and is beneficial when organizing transport to witness the Northern Lights.

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