Best Places To Visit In Norway

From varied landscapes that reflect jaw-dropping pictures to natural marvels of the northern lights and polar sun to modern architecture, the areas to explore in Norway are excellent and admirable. 

A Scandinavian country, Norway houses vast beaches, deep blue fjords, magnificent mountains, and dense valleys that make it among the most exquisite destinations to vacation or live.

Places To Visit In Norway
Places To Visit In Norway

But, the country is not only about natural charm and marvels but provides plenty of areas to unwind or satisfy hair-raising thrills. Plan a vacation to this happiest country and engage yourself in remarkably excellent natural or artificial wonders.

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Norway : The Land of Midnight Sun

Best time to visit Norway

Fall (from September to October) and spring (from May to June) are the most suitable times to holiday in Norway as the weather is stunning and there are not as many tourists. Mid-June through August is also a good time to visit.

Best Places to visit in Norway

Places To Visit In Norway
Places To Visit In Norway

The Atlanterhavsveien

The Atlanterhavsveien, generally regarded as the Atlantic Road in English, is a beautiful and unique drive through the finest places in Norway.

Linking the appealing island of Averøya with the mainland of Norway, it’s a superb location to drive for the day. Don’t forget to see Kvernes Stave Church. It’s about 600 years old and among the oldest in the area.

The Hamnøy

Hamnøy in Lofoten has become popular worldwide for its unspoiled allure and unique landscape, and it’s easy to witness why. Possibly among the most promising spots in Norway – it’s a site you should definitely go to without delay.

Furthermore, it seems just as amazing in the day as at night, particularly if you witness the northern lights.

The Reine

Places To Visit In Norway
Places To Visit In Norway

Reine is picturesque, found on the island of Moskenesøya. It is part of the Lofoten group of archipelagos and islands that make this province so beautiful.

For a breathtaking experience, dress up warm (with lots of layers) and travel to Bunes Beach, particularly at night. Discover a pleasant area, lay back on the sandy coast, and observe the Northern dancing Lights over you. It truly is a memorable experience.

The Bergen

Bergen is a significant city to trip to and one that is soaked in history. Don’t forget to roam through the wooden buildings and twisted wharf that is Bryggen (a UNESCO secure area).

Ride the Fløibanen to witness the most promising sunset across the city and roam near the paths and walkways that criss-cross the mountain tips. If it’s a bright day, bring picnic items with you. 


Oslo is a stunning city loaded with a complete heap of beautiful art, unique shops, and iconic buildings you should not skip.

Explore The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, which seems amazing during sunsets. Some more attractions are the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and the Oslo Fjord.

The Most Excellent things to do in Norway

Things to do in Norway
Things to do in Norway

Road trip through the Lofoten Archipelagos

These islands are located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, slightly off the coast of Norway. As you move on the roads of Lofoten, you’ll pass sandy beaches, breathtaking mountains, quaint, and several small fishing hamlets. 

Some hiking paths on this route, and visitors frequently take detours to travel the area.

Hike up hanging cliffs in Vesteralen

There is an easy 3-4 hour course to Matinden where the vistas of turquoise-blue waters and pristine seashores will literally inspire your awe! 

The path is a little bit slippery if it has rained, but all over, even first-timers will enjoy a wonderful time without any difficulties. Vesteralen has fewer tourists than the rest of the Lofoten Islands, so you can relish the serenity as you trek up different cliffs.

Explore the stunning island of Svalbard

Svalbard contains a white landscape nearly completely wrapped in snow and ice, enabling an exhilarating adventure. Dog sledding is among the unique sports in Norway, and Svalbard is the ideal location.

Go on a cruise trip to visit the fjords

The country has many glacial fjords throughout its landmass and seaside area that cut through mountains and extend into the ocean. Finding awe-inspiring sights of rivers, glaciers, and falls is one of the finest things to accomplish in Norway!

Hike up to Kjeragboolten

It’s the popular ‘hanging rock’ that you may have noticed photos of on the internet. This six to eight-hour round tour to Kjeragbolten is a rugged, thrilling, and rewarding adventure. As you gradually climb the cliff, you start seeing a stunning Lysefjord.

See The Incredible Northern Lights

If you’re searching for some extraordinary things to perform in Norway, then seeing Aurora has to be on the lid of your wishlist. 

Renowned for its incredible Northern Lights, Norway is toured by many visitors during November to March, which provides you with maximum opportunities to see the Northern Lights. 

Top Hotels to stay in Norway

Places To Visit In Norway
Top Hotels to stay in Norway

Searching for some of the luxury choices or a few budget ones? We have choices for all types of visitors listed right here:

The Union Geiranger

Like most country hotels, the Union Geiranger is a family business located right amidst the mountain cliffs carved by glaciers. The hotel is among the most amazing hotels in the country.

Though it may be 100 years old, it contains all the modern amenities on-site. The Union Bath and Spa are the odd ones out for their attention to the use of the unique geography of Geiranger in treatments and personal care. 

Store Reinghein Hotel

Among the best-rated Norway properties, you can obtain a feel of the Norwegian rustic life here while retaining the finest modern amenities. 

The ensuite rooms are accommodated in buildings that once were a farmhouse and an age-old house tracing back over 300 years.

Hotel Ullensvang

Ullensvang is an excellent location to spend the weekend among the most promising Norway hotels. It contains rooms with breathtaking vistas of fjords that spot the Hordaland county. 

The property contains every amenities you could ask for – an outdoor spa, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor heated pools, and canoes you can rent for the lake.

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