Beaches In La Romana , Dominican Republic Near Cruise Port

La Romana in the Dominican Republic is renowned for its stunning beaches, offering pristine white sands and crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Playa Bayahibe is a popular choice, known for its relaxed atmosphere and water sports. Dominicus Beach, with its palm-fringed shores, is ideal for leisurely strolls and enjoying picturesque sunsets. Additionally, Saona Island, accessible by boat, boasts secluded beaches surrounded by tropical beauty, providing a perfect escape for visitors seeking tranquility.

Beaches In La Romana Near Cruise Port

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Minitas Beach : Beaches In La Romana

To continue the trip to the finest beachfront of La Romana and its surroundings, it’s essential to travel to the west of La Romana, reaching the upscale Casa de Campo visitor complex, where the beautiful Minitas beach is found. It is just 6km from La Romana cruise terminal.

This place is backed by The Casa De Campo Resort and is among the most stunning. It’s a private shore occupied by the resort, so you need to register as a day visitor at reception before accessing. The site is ultra-luxurious, with rooms for around thousands of dollars per night, but you can obtain a flavor of the luxury life by paying only $25 to trip the grounds.

Yes, it’s the resort for the prominent and wealthy, and the coast here is impressive. You can choose from plenty of water activities available to keep you occupied for the day: think kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling offshore, and paddleboards.

It’s a $25 cost to enter the beach, and also offers you access to the facilities of the resort (they’ve lounge chairs and a couple of pools, plus you will get to use the towels). It is worth mentioning, though, because it’s truly one of the most beautiful places in the region.

This coast, no more than 300m long, has turquoise waters, white sands, and usual Caribbean postcard settings, with substantial coconut trees and dense vegetation on the sands’ edge. Given its exclusivity and remote essence, it’s a more peaceful beach.

Beaches In La Romana
Minitas Beach : Beaches In La Romana

Caleta Beach :

About 8 km from La Romana cruise terminal, is Caleta Beach, renowned for its genuine Caribbean ambiance, being the preferred coast of the residents, with many bars where you can relish a drink and famous food stalls fronting the sea.

Among the most effortlessly accessible beachfront, this sandy area is within strolling distance of downtown La Romana. That key makes it a famous stop, but there are also more stunning beaches in the region.

It has an extension of about 300m, with transparent waters, rocky sands, and coconut palms.

The beach is an extensive expanse of sand that curves in a concave, half-moon shape, with some areas to dine and catch something to drink. Discover these eateries tucked back from the shore and against the palm trees. There are some umbrellas and chairs to rent for the daytime, but only a few. On one end, a handful of artistic boats make for a lovely snap.

Caleta is a low-key shore with peaceful waves and golden sand and is suitable for swimming in one part of the coast (some sections are rockier than others). Trip here if you are in La Romana and can not taxi down to the shores close to the Bayahibe.

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Catalina Island :

In front of Caleta beach, you’ll discover this paradisiacal Caribbean island about 10 km from La Romana cruise terminal, among the most suitable sites for diving in the Dominican Republic.

It includes a stunning geological formation called El Muro, with over 100m deep and terraces at different levels, making it home to enormous aquatic biodiversity.

Also, a little walk away from Catalina Island, you’ll discover the remnants of one of Captain Pirad’s pirate ships, among the most well-known pirates in history.

Catalina Island contains three main beaches, the North, West, and East, which are only available to the visitor, with white sands and transparent waters, where you can snorkel just meters from the beach.

As a secure site, Catalina Island doesn’t possess human settlements, being only possible to explore during the day through tours that depart from La Romana.

On the island’s east part is a reef named “the wall,” while the western part possesses a snorkel area called “the aquarium.” Both help you envision what’s waiting for you when you get below the waves — schools of vibrant fish rushing near bunches of coral.

Beaches In La Romana
Catalina Island

Bayahibe Beach :

The most excellent coast of La Romana, Bayahibe beach, with almost 600m of white sands, soaked by the Caribbean Sea’s warm waters, without shallow waves, covered by dense nature, stunning scenery, and coral reefs perfect for snorkeling.

The site is found around 21 km or 20-25 minutes drive from La Romana Cruise Terminal. A hands-down choice, Bayahibe beach has clear, transparent waters that are precisely what you desire for a day at the shore. It’s complete with white sand (no rocky areas here) and a few restaurants where you can catch lunch.

You can enjoy grilled fish, freshly caught lobster, shrimp skewers, and other cuisines. A striped lighthouse on one side makes for a few lovely images.

With lots of area for laying out, the beach is placed up for some water sports. It’s the central jumping-off point for an excursion to Starfish Island and some souvenir shops along the palm-tree-dotted lanes. Although it’s the same coast, it’s split into two zones; the first portion is part of a resort complex, while the second, nearer to the townlet of Bayahibe, is a public coast.

Another part of the landscape is the numerous boats docked in the sands, generally ready to go on an expedition to the bordering islands.

Dominicus Beach :

Dominicus Beach is found only 24 km from La Romana Cruise Terminal and is frequently known as the area’s real visitor hub. It has about 1.5 km of beach length, marked by its crystal clear waters, white sands, and colossal coconut trees.

Along the coastal border of Dominicus, there are some hotel and resort complexes with private beachfront, a public beach location of around 100m in length, and a few beach bars and bright craft shops. The Bayahibe Lighthouse, found at the end of the public beach, is the specific postcard of the region.

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It’s certainly among the finest Dominican Republic shores, so be sure to explore! Because it’s a scenic beach with clear water for swimming and is placed up with some other sports, this is the number one beach most people suggest in the region.

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