Beaches In St Croix Near Cruise Port

A gem of the Caribbean, boasts pristine Beaches In St Croix Near Cruise Port, offering a tropical haven for cruise-goers. One such enchanting destination is the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, just a short drive from the port. This stretch of golden sand is renowned for its tranquility and diverse marine life, making it ideal for both relaxation and snorkeling adventures. Gently lapped by the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea, Sandy Point invites visitors to bask in the sun’s warmth while enjoying panoramic ocean views.

Another must-visit is Rainbow Beach, easily accessible from the cruise port. This lively beach is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with colorful beach bars and water sports facilities. Travelers can indulge in a day of sun-soaked bliss, sipping tropical cocktails and immersing themselves in the lively local culture. St. Croix’s proximity to these coastal treasures ensures that cruise passengers can effortlessly embrace the island’s natural beauty and vibrant seaside ambiance.

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Beaches In St Croix : Twin City

Frederiksted Beach :

Frederiksted Beach is next to the old fort (so much so it’s occasionally called Fort Frederik Beach) and the town’s pier. The surroundings make it a wonderful place to swim near the urban region.

Resting on the coast, under a shady tree, you can listen to Caribbean music from regional restaurants and bars. You are never far from a tasty local meal or a chilling drink.

Like multiple seasides here, the beach is steeply shelving, with a rocky base in some areas. Beach shoes are a great idea to support you in stepping in or out of the water.

Under the tranquil water, swimmers or snorkelers will see plenty of life, including beautiful seahorses, angelfish, or possibly an octopus. You may also be fortunate to discover some sea glass or “Chaney”.

Visiting the beach is certainly among the most lovely things to do in St. Croix. You will also see artists selling jewelry created from up cycled elements in the garden opposite the coast.

Rainbow Beach : Best Beaches In St Croix

It’s a traditional Caribbean beach found nearly 2 km away from the Frederiksted Pier on St. Croix’s West End. This end of the island is more relaxed and picturesque, making for excellent conditions to relish any beach.

Rainbow Beach is all about unwinding around in a sun lounger, maybe satisfying in a snorkeling spot. If you desire to burn a few calories, there’s also volleyball and paddle boarding.

The focus of the coast is Rhythms beach restaurant/bar, where you can relish a tropical beverage and hear music—sometimes live. You will encounter other tourists and a few locals over a pina colada, a fish taco, or a grouper sandwich.

You can lease everything you may require here, from snorkels to loungers. Bring water shoes, as a few sharp rocks are on the seafloor, particularly toward both ends.

Beaches In St Croix
Rainbow Beach : Beaches In St Croix Near Cruise Port

Those rocks offer the fish lots of hiding places, but it’s delightful to find them. The seaside is narrow but has deep sand and a beautiful vista out over the blue Caribbean water, setting it as one of the finest St. Croix beaches for photographers.

Being just about a mile from Frederiksted beach, arriving on foot or by taxi is quick. That makes it extremely famous and more pleasurable on Sundays when shops are shut, but it’s much more peaceful during the week.

Sandy Point Beach

Another coast in a covered location, this West End spectacle is a portion of Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. The beach is located 7 km away from the cruise port.

With no facilities and shade, it’s an unspoiled natural treasure that draws fewer tourists than other shores nearby.

Adding to its upscale feel, the coast shuts entirely from April through August, the prime nesting period for the threatened leatherback turtle. A saltwater lagoon dotted with mangrove trees is also a portion of the refuge as a shelter for over a hundred bird species.

As well as watching for birds or potentially swimming with rays and turtles, you can enjoy the most extended coast in the US Virgin Islands, over 2 miles from end to end.

Sandy Point, which may appear familiar from appearances in movies, and advertising, is a photographer’s desire. Walkers will also enjoy strolling among its white sands, green mangroves, blue ocean, and bird-packed lagoon.

If you desire to sunbathe, carry some shade, such as a parasol or a large hat. Wearing reef-safe sunscreen will also aid you in doing your part in nature protection.

Cane Bay Beach

Cane Bay, found just 11 km from the Frederiksted pier, has wide appeal among the most famous beachfront along the north coast of St. Croix. It’s home to excellent snorkeling and diving, with a wide option of amenities that contains multiple fine bars or restaurants.

The first stop for any traveler must be the Cane Bay Dive Shop to get a copy of their amazing snorkel map of the island. If you are a skilled diver, you will also need to explore the renowned 13,000-ft “wall” just offshore.

Novices should try a lesson; snorkelers can lease sticks and gear to the shallower water.

Either way, you should witness abundant ocean life, including moray eels, squid, turtles, wrasses, and even seahorses. There are also multiple picture options among the soft and hard corals offshore.

Beaches In St Croix

The sand here is ideal for a little deep sunbathing. You can rent umbrellas or sun loungers, join a game of beach volleyball, sit under a shady palm, or dance to the melody in one of the bars.

The seaside is the endpoint for the yearly Mardi Croix parade, the regional variation of Mardi Gras. It’s two fun days, and Crucian food highlights the island calendar.

Turtle Beach

Frequently making lists of the earth’s greatest beaches, Turtle Beach on Buck Island, found over 50 km away from the cruise port, is easily one of the finest beachfront in St. Croix. To get to the island, you must join a trip boat or rent a kayak, both beautiful experiences.

Around one-and-a-half miles off the northeast shore of St. Croix, Buck Island is among the only three US Underwater National Monuments.

President Kennedy first documented it in 1961 as “among the best aquatic gardens in the Caribbean Sea”, later highly developed by President Clinton.

This remote site is now a haven for snorkelers, who paddle in turquoise waters over coral and white sand. Home to a few of the most excellent snorkeling in the Caribbean, you will witness lots of colorful fish, lazily swimming turtles, and gliding rays.

An aquatic trail signposts a few of the natural marvels you witness nearby. It’s within a clear, fish-packed lagoon covered by a coral barrier reef.

True to its name, Turtle Beach is a nesting spot for hawksbill, leatherback, and green sea turtles. Rest on its white sands, searching for the terns and pelicans that also nest nearby.

The coast is part of the covered region, so be cautious not to disturb shells, rocks, and coral. The same applies to the nature track on the island, which is well-known to hikers.

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