Beaches In Guadeloupe Near Cruise Port

Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean archipelago, offers stunning beaches within reach of the cruise port, ensuring a delightful tropical experience for cruise-goers. One notable destination is the Plage de la Datcha, located in the lively town of Gosier. This beach boasts golden sands, swaying palm trees, and a lively atmosphere with beachside cafes and water sports options.

For those seeking a more secluded setting, Grande-Anse Beach in Deshaies is a pristine stretch of shoreline surrounded by lush greenery. The volcanic black sand adds a unique touch to this picturesque spot, making it a serene escape for cruisers looking to unwind.

Additionally, the Plage de Malendure near Bouillante offers a blend of dark sand and volcanic formations, making it a haven for snorkelers and scuba divers eager to explore the vibrant marine life in the nearby Cousteau Reserve.

Guadeloupe‘s diverse range of beaches near the cruise port ensures that visitors can tailor their experience, whether it’s a lively day by the sea or a tranquil retreat into nature’s beauty. here is the list of most beautiful Beaches In Guadeloupe Near Cruise Port.

Beaches In Guadeloupe Near Cruise Port

La Caravelle Beach :

On the Grande-Terre island, there is a small tranquil hamlet that bears the name of Sainte-Anne, located 20 km from Pointe-a-Pitre. Here the landscape provides a secret vista of what Antille’s life would’ve been like before mass tourism overran them and changed them forever.

Here you can breathe a friendly and simple environment, made of bucolic life, good food, and, of course, beautiful postcard shores as usual of Guadeloupe.

Just stroll a short way from the amenities to see a few of the perfect and deserted beaches that will stay imprinted in your senses forever.

Turquoise waters smooched by an ideal sun just expecting to be dug with snorkeling equipment in most of the coves. The most daring can rather set out in search of the excellent wave by trying their hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Bathers sunbathe on their bistro chairs and, occasionally, look for some shelter in the shade of the coconut palms. Here the waters are shallow and perfect for the entire family, also the younger kids.

If you desire, you can remain in the resort overseeing La Caravelle, but just push the towel some hundred meters to feel like the head of the whole island, in an extremely peaceful environment.

Visitors, in fact, typically stop at Plage de Sainte-Anne, so captivating that it appears to have reached out among the numerous dreams we had before choosing to book a journey to the Antilles.

Here the area is crowded and, between dips, you can shop in the visitor center, where restaurants and bars offer some simply scrumptious dishes.

Parking can be a bit challenging, but don’t be set off: the Plage is also ideal for kids, who can swim merrily in the turquoise waters without having to stress about the currents.

Beaches In Guadeloupe
Beaches In Guadeloupe

Souffleur de Port-Louis Beach :

Before heading to the stunning Souffleur beach, remember to take a small break at the neighboring village of Port-Louis for a sightseeing trip and a pit visit at the market, where you can fill up on food and water for spending a day on an unequipped seaside.

Found in the northwest region of the village and 32 km from cruise port, the beach is on Grande-Terre. It is the refuge of multiple visitors looking for tranquility and shelter after spending a few days in the most active regions of Guadeloupe.

Here, you’ll witness fewer people, and the lack of amenities makes the seaside strip even more appealing for lovers of serenity and peacefulness in search of their private corner of the Antilles.

Covered by the forest’s stunning green and dense trees, the beach provides itself at its best during the day. Only some street vendors provide supplies, and individuals spread out at significant distances, offering great privacy.

If you are passionate, take your gear with you to enjoy snorkeling: This is where you can witness crossbow fish, butterfly fish, starfish, and, with a bit of rare luck, even several Manta rays that run about by dancing on the seabed.

Beaches In Guadeloupe
Beaches In Guadeloupe

Raisins Clairs Beach :

The Raisins Clairs beach in Saint-Francois is unlike any other because it’s not dotted with the usual coconut palms of Guadeloupe.

Raisins Clairs is well-known for being among the most stunning and mystical places of the Antilles, found 35 km from Pointe-a-Pitre. Dip your feet into its gentle sands, and you will realize you are ultimately among the most evocative places worldwide.

The beach can be uncovered to the southwest of Saint-Francois and is worth visiting, even if you are far away. The waters are tranquil, and you can swim without worrying about the destructive currents you may experience elsewhere.

The absence of palm trees makes the beach a breathtaking site for unique pictures, but it also means the lack of natural shade. Remember to use sunscreen more often and carry a hat.

The coast is stunning just for its pristine nature, but be cautious: there are no general bathrooms nearby. If you are searching for a fine place to go snorkeling, you’ve arrived at the correct place. Do bring your gear with you.

After a pleasant day at the beach, you must head back to the nightlife. You can try the Casino de la Marina, among the nearest draws to Raisins Clairs.

Beaches In Guadeloupe
Beaches In Guadeloupe

Anse Laborde Beach :

Anse Bertrand is a small village, 35 km from Pointe-a-Pitre, in Guadeloupe that must be added to the list of every visitor who has decided to holiday here for some days.

If you arrive here, you must spend some time in Anse Laborde, a stunning coast with turquoise water covered by the currents by a stunning coral reef.

This site is mystical, like many other places in Guadeloupe. If you come early in the morning, you are fortunate enough to marvel at pelicans fishing on the water’s border.

The beach includes all the facilities you require for your vacation without stressing too much about a filling lunch.

Here you will discover plenty of parking, bathrooms, restaurants, changing rooms, and a stunning strip of clean sand that falls into the transparent water, protected as a treasured secret by the reef.

If you go further south, the beachfront gets rockier and the waves more powerful: here, we suggest you avoid bathing, particularly if you’re with kids. Ahh, and of course, remember to carry your camera with you: such a site needs to be memorialized in your vacation photo album!

Anse à la Gourde Beach :

A famous beach found in the southeast region of Guadeloupe and 43 km from Pointe-a-Pitre. Regardless of being a little far from the towns around it, the coast of Anse à la Gourde is worth every second of the trip to be reached.

This extremely lengthy coastal region is splashed by extremely soft waves, so it’s perfect for a day of body boarding or a dive in the water. Surfers, on the other side, must head further south, where the waves will surely be nicely suitable to their requirements.

Anse à la Gourde is not only a coast but among the most peaceful and stunning places in all of Guadeloupe. This nearly obscure treasure is a little more challenging to arrive at than the other seasides, but it’s worth the trip.

In addition to being provided with a small snack bar offering refreshments to bathers, the seaside here is so gorgeous that you’ll fall in love at first sight.

It is also an ideal place for people who like to do a little snorkeling and relish the biodiversity of the seabed in positively idyllic surroundings.

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