Beaches In Tobago Near Cruise Port

Tobago, a captivating Caribbean gem, boasts pristine beaches that are easily accessible from the cruise port. Pigeon Point, a short distance away, is a postcard-perfect paradise with powdery white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The Nylon Pool, a natural, shallow pool located in Buccoo Reef, offers a unique experience for cruisers seeking a refreshing swim in the midst of the ocean.

For those desiring a serene escape, Store Bay is a tranquil haven known for its calm waters and vibrant coral reefs, ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts. With its proximity to the cruise port, these Tobago beaches promise a day of sun-soaked relaxation and exploration for cruise passengers eager to bask in the beauty of the Caribbean’s coastal wonders.

Beaches In Tobago Near Cruise Port

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Back Bay : Beaches In Tobago Near Cruise Port

A secluded patch of paradise lies between Mount Irvine and Grafton, around 10 km from the Port of Scarborough. The adventure starts with access to the coast.

After passing a left estate site, prospective beachgoers start a trek over a cliffside track to trip to the shore below the cliff of rugged rocks.

At 500m in length, the beach is short but among the most stunning sites in Tobago. Enormous rocks dot the coastline while small fish swim in transparent waters near the shore. Boulders on the western end make for a thrilling scuba diving and snorkeling atmosphere.

Beaches In Tobago
Back Bay : Beaches In Tobago Near Cruise Port

There are no washroom amenities, restaurants and bars, or lifeguards on this coast, which is something to consider if you desire to spend the entire day lazing on the secluded beach.

Though it’s usually unpopulated, it’s a favored spot among surfers and bodysurfers as there are great body surfing waves.

You’ll discover nowhere more suitable to enjoy a long sunset walk than here. If you are seeking somewhere secluded and peaceful, this beach is the finest Tobago coast close to a cruise port. The beach is certainly worth the trip.

Mount Irvine bay :

Mount Irvine bay is famous for surfing, found about 10 km from Scarborough Cruise Port; you can relish excellent surf between December and March.

The location of the shoreline is always attractive, whether, at sunset, sunrise, or any period in between, the skies are delicately painted with unpaired color schemes.

Additionally, Mount Irvine is the site to do some fantastic snorkeling. The coast also houses a beautiful bar and restaurant. It’s the ideal location for a typical day at the coast or a remarkable occasion like a photoshoot or wedding ceremony.

The 800-meter span of the beachfront has two sides. The regional authorities maintain one and the other by the Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel. Both sides are available to visitors.

Picnic huts are considerably set with a scenic vista of the beach. From the comfort of a hut, you can hear the impact of the waves with light music and laughter from the on-site restaurant and bar.

A stack of rocks functions as a habitat for crabs, a natural division for the coast, and a point of adventure for any ordinary seaside expedition.

Beyond the rocks, the place is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. The coast is marked by the clear blue waves that splash at the tan sand that dissolves into the gaps of one’s toes.

Pigeon Point Beach :

Pigeon Point Beach provides the kind of incredible heaven-like landscape you witness on postcards. The beach is found only 14 km or 25 minutes drive from Port of Scarborough.

Warm turquoise waters covered by the Buccoo Reef, coconut trees dotting the sand, and lovely restaurants are just some of the things which make this beach so beautiful.

The Buccoo Reef covers the waters, forming excellent conditions for snorkeling and swimming. If you desire that perfect Instagram snap, a wooden jetty stretching from the coast is known to be the most photographed jetty worldwide.

Beaches In Tobago
Pigeon Point Beach : Beaches In Tobago Near Cruise Port

Far from simply looking fine on social media, you can also head to the glass-bottom boat trips of the glorious Buccoo Reef from this jetty. Expect to witness several rich tropical fish from inside the boat or get up close by snorkeling along them.

It’s essential to mention an entry charge of $3 to access the site. But the funds collected are utilized to sustain and ensure the coast stays look attractive for visitors and locals.

Beach chairs, surfboards, umbrellas, scuba and snorkeling gear, and kayaks are available for rentals. Washroom, safe parking and seating amenities are also offered.

Some restaurants by the beach offer regional specialties, fresh fish and, of course, colorful cocktails.

Englishman’s Bay Beach :

Englishman’s Bay Beach is the top beachfront getaway destination as it’s quiet and remote, with occasional tourists on its sands. The coast is backed by dense, green rainforest, with the sands extending along its borders in a c-shape.

The beach is found only 24 km away from Port of Scarborough. Counted as one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean by numerous travel websites and magazines, this seaside is a diamond in the rough.

Residents refer to the beach as Tobago’s gem, which definitely lives up to that expectation. Remote and peaceful, you won’t see an army of visitors struggling to discover a place for their parasols and beach towels.

This mile-long expanse of sand has a freshwater course that streams from the rainforest crafting the remote coast. Just offshore is a fabulous coral reef with various kaleidoscopic aquatic life. So, remember to carry your snorkel gear along with you.

The destination is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and camping. Chairs, umbrellas and gear can also be rented. It’s a nesting area for the leatherback turtle and is a renowned mooring place for yachts.

Despite its isolated feeling, there is an incredible restaurant in front of the bay. Eula’s restaurant can offer you a range of delicious cuisines on the beachfront. It also boasts the most attractive location for a spot of visitor-watching.

Parlatuvier Bay :

Parlatuvier Bay, found on the North Western side of Tobago, is another treasure on the isle. Its value is in the shore’s golden sand, but the all-around landscape makes the coast magnificent.

The blue-green waters of this scenic destination are inviting for snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving.

Beaches In Tobago
Parlatuvier Bay

About 26 km drive from Scarborough Cruise Port, Parlatuvier Bay is a peaceful coast almost 500 m long. It is somewhat sheltered, so the water is relatively tranquil with small lapping waves. However, the currents can be intense at times.

This coast has much more to provide than its small size indicates. Established in the quaint village, this scenic beach is filled with sports, including sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. Caution must be taken as the place is tucked away, and there are no lifeguards here.

A perfect option for families looking for a peaceful atmosphere and those who like to spend the day witnessing rays and floating along the coast!

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