Dandi Beach-Surat (Fees, Timing & Location)

Dandi Beach is one of the main beaches situated in Dandi village, Navsari, Gujarat. Dandi Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the Arabian Sea. Dandi Beach is historically prominent as Mahatma Gandhi conducted the salt satyagraha from Sabarmati Ashram (Ahmedabad) to Dandi. This is the beach where Mahatma Gandhi split the salt tax law of the British after the Dandi March 1930.

Dandi Beach, Surat

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Dandi Beach, Surat
Dandi Beach, Navsari

Dandi Beach Timings :

The beach timings are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Dandi Beach Entry Fee :

There is no entry fee to visit Dandi Beach and you can enjoy the peaceful beauty of the beach without any charge. But you have to pay minimal charges to the local Gram Panchayat for the cost of cleaning the beach.

Best Time to Visit Dandi Beach :

The best time to visit Dandi Beach is between October and February when the weather is pleasant. However, if you want to enjoy the monsoon season, you can visit between June and September when the beach looks lush green with heavy rainfall.

Dandi Beach History :

Here’s a brief overview of the historical events associated with Dandi Beach:

Dandi Beach History
Dandi Beach History

Salt March (Dandi March):

  • In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi launched the Salt Satyagraha as a nonviolent protest against the British salt monopoly, which imposed a heavy salt tax on the Indian population.
  • On March 12, 1930, Gandhi, along with a group of 78 followers, embarked on a 240-mile (386 km) march from Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad to the Arabian Sea coast at Dandi.
  • The march took 24 days, and it covered villages and towns, drawing attention to the unjust salt laws and British colonial rule.
  • On April 6, 1930, Gandhi and his followers reached Dandi Beach. Gandhi symbolically broke the salt laws by picking up a handful of salt from the beach, signaling the beginning of the civil disobedience movement against British salt taxes.


  • The Salt March marked a turning point in India’s struggle for independence, as it inspired millions of Indians to join the nonviolent movement against British rule.
  • The march attracted international attention and increased support for India’s independence movement.

Dandi Kutir (Salt Mount) Museum:

  • To commemorate the historic Salt March, the Dandi Kutir museum was inaugurated on the Dandi Beach in 2015. The museum showcases various exhibits, multimedia presentations, and installations related to the life of Mahatma Gandhi and the Salt March.
  • One of the prominent features of the museum is the Salt Mount, a giant dome-shaped structure made of salt, symbolizing the salt satyagraha led by Gandhi.
Dandi Beach

Dandi Beach, with its historical significance tied to the Salt March, continues to attract visitors interested in India’s freedom struggle and the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Hotels Near Dandi Beach :

Here are list of top 5 Hotels near the Dandi beach.

1. Jeel Elite Inn : B 1106 Rajhans Belliza | Near DPS School, Dumas, Surat

2. Hotel Fun City : NH 8, Grid Road, beside Peedee Electronics, Kabilpore, Navsari

3. Hotel Royal Regency : Juna Thana, Navsari

4. GD Hotel : N. H. No. 8, Nani Chovisi, Navsari

5. Orange Megastructure LLP : Dumas Road | Magdalla Circle, Surat


Which is the nearest station to Dandi Beach?

The nearest Railway station is Navsari Junction, which is around (16.9 km) from Dandi beach

Surat to Dandi beach Distance

1 hr 27 min (50.2 km) via Surat – Navsari Rd

Why Dandi Beach famous for?

Mahatma Gandhijis historical Salt Satyagraha

Is Food Available at Dandi Beach ?

Yes Local Street food Stall is available at Dandi Beach.

Can we swim at Dandi Beach ?

Yes you can swim at beach site with certain Rules.

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