Top 9 Must Visit Places in Surat ( Fees, Timing, Location )

Surat, one of “The Cleanest Cities of India,” is also referred to as “The Silk City,” “The Diamond City,” “The Green City,” and other names. It has the most dynamic present and an equally varied heritage of the past. It is the city where the British first ground in India.

Must Visit Places in Surat

Surat, a prosperous port city in Gujarat, is the city in the nation with the fastest growth. It is the second-largest city in the state in terms of both population and size. The city appeals to tourists, business people, nature lovers, and history buffs alike. There are many different things to do in Surat that will keep you occupied and entertained. here is some best places to visit in Surat

1. Mughal Sarai, Surat :

Mughal Sarai is one of the best place to visit in surat. The building that Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) today utilises as an office complex was originally built as a “Sarai” or Musafarkhana (traveler’s inn), making it one of Surat’s historic buildings.

Mughal Sarai is a neighbourhood of Surat, Gujarat, India’s Surat District. The regions close to Mughal Sarai are Adajan Patiya (2.92 km), Adajan (3.44 km), Adajan Gam (3.98 km), Katargam (4.23 km), and Athwa (4.45 km).

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Mughal Sarai : Must Visit Places in Surat
Mughal Sarai, Surat

History Of Mughal Sarai

It was constructed in 1644 AD, during the reign of Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan, and was commonly referred to as “Mugal Sarai.” The same structure served as a jail throughout the 18th century. The current corporation has occupied the building since 1867.

This structure has impressive architectural features, which are arranged through the skillful composition of its parts and harmonious blending of arches, cornices, decorated parapets, sculptured patterns on the exterior facade, etc., each of which is positioned artistically and effectively upon a solid foundation.

However, recent alterations to the original building have been undertaken with caution so as not to compromise the general harmony of the design. The center courtyard still has large trees in it that are home to a variety of birds, giving it the same touch of nature that it would have formerly enjoyed. The courtyard is currently utilised for parking vehicles of the corporation’s employees.

2. Iskcon Temple, Surat :

Iskcon Temple is one of the best place to visit in surat. It is one of Surat’s larger temples, measuring roughly 13600 square feet. On Sundays and during the festivals, there is the highest concentration of followers. In addition to the daily temple activities, Surat offers opportunities for satsang every day of the week in various locations.

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Address: ISKCON TEMPLE, Sri Sri Radha Damodar Temple Ashram Road, Jahangirpura, Surat, Gujarat, 395005, India

Iskcon Temple : Famous places to visit in surat
Iskcon Temple, Surat

On the banks of the River Tapi, some 15 km from the railway and bus stations, lies the exquisite home abode of Lord Sri Sri Radha Damodar. Shrila Prabhupada established ISKCON to give everyone who enters our community what they need to achieve total perfection in Krishna Consciousness. Anyone who fully embraces ISKCON, founded by Shrila Prabhupada, as their shelter will receive all the guidance needed to fully realise Krishna consciousness.

ISKCON Temple Surat Timings

ISKCON Temple Open everyday from 7:30 am – 1:00 pm & 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

History Of ISKCON Temple

The temple’s straightforward yet striking architectural design, the exquisite idols of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, the aarti, the bhajans, and the peaceful and orderly surroundings have the capacity to enchant and renew a person’s soul. The temple compound also has a guest home and stores where visitors can buy literature and trinkets.

Shri Shri Radha Damodar Mandir, one of Surat’s largest temples, is very well-liked by followers. Festivals and holidays are when the most people visit to see the god and enjoy the unique devotional music and melodies of the temple.

3. Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden Surat :

if you want some best place to visit in surat here is place. An official collection of living plants is kept in a botanical garden or botanic garden for the purposes of scientific study, preservation, display, and education.

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Address : Ugat – Bhesan Road, Ugat, Dahin Nagar, Surat, Gujarat, 395005, India

Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden : Best Places in Surat
Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden, Surat

On labels, botanical names are frequently used to identify plants. It contain herb parks, plants indigenous to particular parts of the world, specialized plant collections of cacti and other succulents, and so on. it can comprise greenhouses and shade homes with more specialized collections of exotic plants from the tropics, the mountains, or elsewhere. The majority are at least partially open to the people and offer guided tours, educational exhibits, art exhibitions, book rooms, outdoor theatrical and musical performances, and other amusement.

Entry Fees For Botanical Garden Surat :

10 Rs. for People between 12 and 64 years age
5 Rs. for Children between 5-12 years age
0 Rs. Free entry for Children below 5 years age
5 Rs. for Senior Citizens above 64 year age
2 Rs. for Primary & Secondary students
0 Rs. Free entry for Handicapped people

Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden Surat Timings :

Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Closed On Monday

4. Surat castle :

Must visit place in surat. This historical castle which was planned and built between 1540 and 1546 by Khudawand Khan, is one of the chief ancient monuments of Surat. Built on the bank of river Tapi on a land plot of about one acre.

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Address: near, dakka ovara, makkai pull, Chowk Bazar, Surat, Gujarat 395003

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Surat Castle : Tourist places in surat
Surat Castle, Surat

Surat Castle Timings

Surat Castle Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm . Monday Is Holiday. and Ticket Selling Time is 10:00 am to 04:10 pm :

Entry Fees For Surat Castle :

  • 3 Years to 16 Years Rs.50/-
  • 17 Years to 60 Years Rs.100/-
  • Above 60 Years Rs.50/-
  • Foreigner Visitors (All age group) Rs.500/-
  • Photography / Videography by DSLR camera or mirror-less camera Rs.500/-

More About Surat Castle :

Best Time To VisitThroughout the year
Location LocationMakkai pull, Chowk Bazar, Surat
Tue To Sun 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
Closed On Monday

Surat reportedly burned by the Portuguese in 1512, just before Barbosa arrived in Gujarat. According to reports, the Portuguese under Antonio da Silvaria conducted a completely unwarranted and piratical invasion on Surat in 1530. Even though the attackers were met by a garrison of 300 horses and 10,000 foot soldiers, the defenders retreated at the first charge, and the town was captured and set ablaze. The Portuguese again set Surat on fire in 1531 because they were still at war with the Gujarati King. Sultan Mahmud Shah III of Ahmedabad (1538–1554), who was extremely irritated by the periodic devastation of Surat, ordered the construction of a very powerful fortress and gave Safi Agha, a Turkish soldier who had been elevated to the rank of noble, with

On a site that was almost 1  in size, this medieval fortress was constructed beside the Tapi River. Large spherical towers of 12.2 m in height are located at each corner of the building, and the walls’ curtains are the same height as the towers and have a 4.1 m thickness. The tops of the bastions are constructed in a Portuguese-inspired manner. All of the masonry component pieces were joined or connected together with iron strips because the monarch wanted the castle to be extremely sturdy, and the joints were filled in by pouring molten lead.

On the eastern wing of the castle, there is a large gate with sturdy door shutters and protruding spikes on the exterior and ornate architectural detailing on the interior.

5. Dumas Beach :

best place for couple to visit in surat. Dumas Beach is a beautiful black sand beach located in the city of Surat, Gujarat, India. It is situated at a distance of around 21 kilometers southwest of Surat city center, and can be easily reached by road or rail.and it is also known as on of the Most haunted beach,Dumas.

here we will discuss place to visit in surat near to surat airport.

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Dumas Beach : Tourist attraction in surat
Dumas Beach: Best Place to visit in Surat

About Most haunted beach Dumas Beach :

Best Time To VisitThroughout the year
Location LocationNear to Surat airport
Open 24 Hours Everyday

While this apparently mysterious beach in the South Gujarat is infamous for its ghostly activity, another thing it’s famous for is its black sand. As per folklore, the coast was utilized as a burial land for Hindus and because of the remains of the individuals allegedly buried here, it is said to result in black sand. Also, some say that the departed souls of the bad ghosts roam the beach at midnight, which attributed to the building of black sand and made it a haunted spot.

The beach is easily accessible by road, with regular bus and taxi services available from Surat city center. The nearest railway station is the Surat railway station, which is well-connected to major cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

In last enjoy best place for couple surat’s famous haunted beach with friend and family on sunday

6. Sarthana Nature Park :

best place for children to visit in surat. Sarthana Nature Park is a popular nature park located in the city of Surat, Gujarat, India. Spread over an area of around 81 hectares, the park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

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Click here for location of sarthana nature park ,surat

Address : Surat – Kamrej Hwy, Sarthana Jakat Naka, Surat, Gujarat 395006

Sarthana Zoo : Best place in surat for children and couple.
Sarthana Zoo : Best place in surat for children and couple.

Entry Ticket for Sarthana Zoo

Sr. NoParticularsCharges
1Person above 12 year of ageRs. 30/-
2Children (3 -12 years) and person of 65 and above years of age.Rs. 20/-
3Students from educational institute (Primary to Secondary)visiting the Zoo in groupRs. 10/-
4Persons from women protection center, orphanage, handicapped and mentally challenged institutes, juvenile homes,persons from Arm forces (irrespective Of age)Free
5Kids from SMC Managed Primary / Secondary SchoolsFree
6Adult Foreigner above 12 year of age with a guide mapRs. 200/-
7Foreigner Children (3-12 years)Rs. 100/-
8Still camera (per day)Rs. 50/-
9Domestic video camera (per day)Rs. 150/-
10Filming charges professional camera / video (per day) (prior approval of competent authority is required, for shooting the wildlife and Natural seen in the Nature Park).Rs. 5000/-
Children (3-12 years) during Wildlife Week & 5 th June World Environment Day celebrationFree

Timing of Sarthana Nature Park :

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Monday Closed

More About Sarthana Park :

The park is situated in the Sarthana area of Surat and is easily accessible by road. It is a perfect destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park has a beautiful lake, a children’s park, and several walking trails, making it an ideal spot for picnics and family outings.

Sarthana Nature Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including deer, monkeys, peacocks, and a variety of birds. The park also has a crocodile park, where visitors can observe and learn about these reptiles up close.

In addition to its natural beauty and wildlife, Sarthana Nature Park also has several facilities for visitors, such as a canteen, restrooms, and parking. The park also hosts various events and activities throughout the year, such as bird-watching sessions, nature walks, and photography contests.

Overall, Sarthana Nature Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts visiting Surat. With its beautiful scenery, diverse range of wildlife, and numerous recreational facilities, the park offers something for everyone.

7. Jagdishchandra Bose Municipal Aquarium :

Perfact place in surat for those interested in marine life. Surat Aquarium is a popular tourist destination located in the city of Surat, Gujarat, India. The aquarium is situated near the Pal area of the city, which is well-connected by road and is easily accessible from the city center.

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Address: Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar Flyover, opp. STAR BAZAR, Jalaram Society, Adajan Gam, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat 395009

Jagdishchandra Bose Municipal Aquarium

Timings of Surat Aquarium :

March to Oct. : 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Nove. to Feb. : 10:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

TICKETS of Surat Aquarium :

  1. Person (18-65 years) Rs.100/-
  2. Children (3-17 years) Rs.40/-
  3. Senior Citizen (above 65 years) Rs.60/-
  4. Students from educational institute (3-17 years) Rs.40/-
  5. Persons from women protection centre, orphanage, handicapped and mentally challenged institutes, juvenile homes,persons from Arm forces (irrespective Of age) Rs.20/-
  6. Kids from SMC Managed primary Schools Rs.20/-
  7. Person from WWF / person involved with the activities of environment protection Rs.60/-
  8. Foreigner Children (3-17 years) Rs.200/-
  9. Foreigner (18-65 years) Rs.400/-
  10. Foreign Senior Citizen (65- years & above) Rs.200/-
  11. Clock Room /Locker Rs.20/-
  12. Wheel Chair for handicapped – free

More About Surat Aquarium :

The aquarium is a excellent destination for those interested in marine life and offers a wide variety of aquatic animals on display. It has several sections dedicated to different types of marine animals, including sharks, rays, octopuses, and many colorful fish species. Visitors can observe these creatures up close through big glass walls and get a glimpse of their natural habitat.

Apart from the marine life exhibits, the Surat Aquarium also has several instructive and interactive displays that educate visitors about the importance of marine conservation and the impact of human activities on marine ecosystems.

8. Science Center, Surat :

Best Place to visit for students in surat. Surat Science Center is a popular science museum located in the city of Surat, Gujarat, India. It is situated in the city’s City Light area and is easily accessible by road and public transport.

Click here to get location of Surat Science Center

Address :City Light Road, Maheshwari Cir, beside Shree Maheshwari Bhawan, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Science Center Surat : Best place in surat
Science Center Surat : Best place in surat

Ticket Price for Science Center, Surat :

Science Center + Planetarium + Diamond Gallery
Above 18 YearsRs. 100/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 65/-
Science Center + Diamond Gallery
Above 18 YearsRs. 60/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 40/-
Science Centre + Planetarium + Diamond Gallery + 3D Show
Above 18 YearsRs. 120/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 80/-
Above 18 YearsRs. 50/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 40/-
3D Show
Above 18 YearsRs. 60/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 40/-
Science Galleries (Fun Science Gallery & Diamond Gallery) + Planetarium + 3D Show + Entering Space Gallery + Astronomy, Through Ages Gallery + Power of Play Gallery (for 3 to 12 Years)
Above 18 YearsRs. 160/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 120/-
Entering Space Gallery
Above 18 YearsRs. 60/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 40/-
Astronomy, Through Ages Gallery
Above 18 YearsRs. 60/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 40/-
Planetarium + Entering Space Gallery + Astronomy, Through Ages Gallery
Above 18 YearsRs. 100/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 80/-
Astronomy, Through Ages Gallery + Diamond Gallery
Above 18 YearsRs. 100/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 80/-
Planetarium + Fun Science Gallery + Entering Space Gallery +  Power of Play Gallery (for 3 to 12 Years)
Above 18 YearsRs. 100/-
5 Years to 18 YearsRs. 80/-
Power of Play Gallery (for 3 to 12 Years)
3 Years to 12 YearsRs. 40/-
Ticket Price for Science Center, Surat :

Timing of Science Centre, Surat:

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Monday Closed

More About Science Center, Must Visit Places in Surat :

Science Center of surat is a must visit place for anyone curious in science and technology. With its interactive exhibits, informative displays, and engaging activities, it provides a unique and exciting learning adventure for visitors of all generations.

9. Gopi Talav :

Built by Malik Gopi, the then Governor and wealthy businessman, around 1510 CE, Surat Municipal Corporation presently oversees the lake. The urban lake features a stunning fountain in the middle and boasts a beautiful green setting. The location offers a variety of games and activities in addition to its aesthetic attractiveness. Here are some things you should know about Gopi Talav:

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Address : Rustampura, Surat, Gujarat

Gopi-Talav Surat

Gopi Talav Timing :

  • Opens Everyday From 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Closed on Mondays.
  • Time required to visit Gopi Talav around 02:00 Hrs

Gopi talav Entry Fee :

  • Regular Days :
    • Adults ( Above 10 years ) : 20 ₹
    • Kids ( Above 3 Years ) : 10 ₹
  • Weekends / Public Holidays :
    • Adults ( Above 10 years ) : 100 ₹
    • Kids ( Above 3 Years ) : 50 ₹

Trip Plan For Surat :

Here’s a suggested your Surat trip plan :

Day 1:

  • Morning: Arrive in Surat and check into your hotel.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Sardar Patel Museum to explore its collection of historical artifacts, including ancient manuscripts, sculptures, and paintings.
  • Evening: Take a stroll along the Tapi Riverfront and enjoy the scenic views. You can also visit the Dutch Garden, a well-maintained park with beautiful flowers and a musical fountain.

Day 2:

  • Morning: Start your day by visiting the iconic Surat Castle (Old Fort), which dates back to the 16th century. Explore the fort’s architecture and learn about its history.
  • Afternoon: Head to the Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo, located on the outskirts of Surat. It houses a variety of animals, birds, and reptiles, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers.
  • Evening: Indulge in some retail therapy at the numerous textile markets in Surat, known for their exquisite fabrics and traditional clothing. Visit places like the Millennium Market, Ring Road, and the famous textile markets in the old city area.

Day 3:

  • Morning: Take a day trip to the nearby Dumas Beach, located about 21 kilometers from Surat. Enjoy the serene beach, take a walk, and savor some local snacks.
  • Afternoon: Visit the ISKCON Temple, a beautiful spiritual center dedicated to Lord Krishna. Take part in the temple’s devotional activities and enjoy a vegetarian meal at the temple’s restaurant.
  • Evening: Explore Surat’s street food scene. Try local delicacies like locho, ghari, undhiyu, and the famous Surati ice cream. You can also visit the night market near Athwalines to shop for souvenirs.

Day 4:

  • Morning: Visit the Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in Gujarat, featuring a wide range of marine life.
  • Afternoon: Explore the Dandi Memorial, located around 30 kilometers from Surat. It is a significant historical site associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi March.
  • Evening: Enjoy a boat ride on the Tapi River and witness the mesmerizing sunset. You can also opt for a dinner cruise for a unique experience.

Day 5:

  • Morning: Take a trip to the Gopi Talav, a historic reservoir with beautiful architecture. Spend some time exploring the area and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Surat Science Centre, an interactive museum that offers educational and entertaining exhibits related to science and technology.
  • Evening: Wrap up your trip with a visit to the Surat Municipal Aquarium, home to various aquatic species. It’s a great place for kids and adults alike.

Places to visit in Surat for one day picnic / Places to visit in Surat for couples :

Best Street Foods In Surat / Popular Street Food of Surat :

Let’s talk about the foods you must try, when you are in Surat.

Locho , Patra , Sev Khamni , Khaman Dhokla , Khandvi ,Ponk Vada , Aloo Puri ,Fafda , Surati Undhiyu

Places to visit in Surat Photo’s

You can find more places to visit in Gujarat here..


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