Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port

St. Kitts, a captivating Caribbean destination, offers cruise passengers easy access to stunning Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port. South Friars Bay, with its golden sands and vibrant beach bars, provides a perfect blend of relaxation and local charm just a short drive away. For those seeking a more secluded escape, Cockleshell Beach offers a tranquil setting with pristine shores, ideal for a serene day in the sun within close proximity to the cruise port.

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Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port

South Frigate Bay :

South Frigate Bay is among the nearest shores from St Kitts cruise port, only 5 km away or around 10 minutes drive from the cruise port. It contains various spots to drink and eat, as well as wind-surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and water-skiing.

You can arrive at South Frigate Bay by taxis from the port for about $10. Alternatively, strolling would take 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The beach is among the finest snorkeling sites on the island, so expect to witness many underwater lives, including sea turtles!

There are various areas to savor food and beverages, from shacks to bars, restaurants, to nightclubs. There are toilet amenities in all these outlets too.

At just a quarter-mile long, South Frigate Bay is a small coast to tour but provides loads to keep you engaged.

There’s no lack of seaside bars on South Frigate Bay, and one of the most famous is “Vibes Beach Bar” in the heart of the beachfront. If you are searching for a party “vibe,” this is your most excellent bet on the island.

The site is most suitable for water adventure activities. You will discover everything from jet packs to kayaks here. Stay after the sunset for the pleasant nightlife on the island.

Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port
Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port

North Frigate Bay (Marriott Beach Resort) :

North Frigate Bay is only 6 km away, or a 10 min drive from St Kitts cruise port. It’s the lengthiest coast in St Kitts at a mile long and the area where the deluxe Marriott Resort is set.

If you are searching for the most excellent beachfront on the island, this is the one that cruise ship staff frequently suggest visiting. It is all managed by the Marriott Beach Resort, but everyone is permitted to enjoy the coast.

You can arrive at North Frigate Bay from St. Kitts cruise port by taxi. The charge is around $10. Otherwise, walking would take 1 hour and 20 min.

The beach is peaceful and does not provide many facilities, meaning it’s an excellent choice for unwinding downtime.

One of the most fantastic attractions to this seaside is the Marriott Resort. You can buy a day pass from the resort for upscale access to their beach during your stay.

It has amenities such as umbrellas, lounge chairs, beach cabanas, and the benefit of resort amenities, including wifi, swimming pools, and discounts on food, drinks, and spa therapies!

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Half Moon Bay :

Half Moon Bay is the nearest shore to St Kitts cruise port, found only 6.5 km. It offers a peaceful getaway on St Kitts’ Atlantic side, with silky sands and sights of sea scenery.

As the beach is near the island’s capital – Basseterre – it’s a great way to combine the visit with a day of shopping and dining there.

Driving to the bay from the St Kitts cruise port will take around 15-20 minutes, though walking will take about an hour. A taxi charge for 15 min would be approximately $10.

Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port
Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port

Half Moon Bay is among the most excellent beaches in St. Kitts, with lots to witness and do. If you are searching for relaxation, the beach has soft sands and spectacular vistas to savor from your lounge.

Explore the clock tower and walk Independence Square, where you can capture pictures of the scenic fountain. Marvel the National Museum of St Kitts to know about the island’s past through different mediums, including artifacts, photographs, and exhibits.

For sports, the Royal St. Kitts golf course is close by, where a few of the course’s greens lead straight down to the water’s edge. There are also water adventures such as body-boarding, swimming, and body-surfing.
South Friar’s Bay

South Friar’s Bay is another excellent option as it is a short ride from St Kitts cruise port, only around 8 km, and has loads of water sports such as snorkeling or swimming.

You can arrive at South Friar’s Bay by taxi from St Kitts cruise port in around 15 min. These can be discovered close to your ship and will cost you about $10. To walk from here would take 1 hour and 50 min.

The site is one of the smaller coasts on St Kitts and Nevis, only a quarter-mile in length. It’s a favored option with soft sands, a vast range of dining outlets, and some of the finest snorkeling on St Kitts.

The outlying west side is where you’ll discover the Carambola Beach Club, an adequate dining restaurant excellent for a memorable treat. For something more simple, the other side of the coast is home to the Shipwreck Beach Bar.

Both outlets provide lounge chairs, umbrellas, restrooms and additional choices for rent, such as water adventure gear. There is also complimentary wifi here, the only seaside that provides this on the island!

The beach surely deserves a place in one of the best St Kitts attractions to visit.

White House Bay :

White House Bay contains sunken tugboats, a rocky reef, and surplus aquatic life, making it the ideal location for activities above and below the surface.

It takes about 15 min in a car to arrive at White House Bay from the St Kitts cruise port. It costs around $20 by taxi for four individuals. Walking is not suggested as it’s nearly 12 km away so it would take about 2 hours 40 min to reach.

The coast at White House Bay has a rock surface, so you are not likely to discover sand here. However, you will discover loads of reefs that create a perfect snorkeling region.

Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port
Beaches In St Kitts Near Cruise Port

One of the most excellent things you can encounter is a newly discovered 18-century British troopship and other underwater objects. It is strongly suggested to bring your snorkel equipment or rent some from nearby – and explore these incredible oceanic lives.

The snorkeling site is also bound by the Salt Plage Restaurant and Bar – rated in the ‘8 best Seaside Cafes Worldwide’ by Conde Nast. Here, savor delicious cocktails and picturesque sunsets. The beach is indeed one of the best destinations to visit during your St Kitts tours.

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