The Best Solo Travel Destinations In The World

Solo trips can be intimidating. After all, preparing for a foreign journey with another individual can be daunting enough when scheduling flights, visas, accommodations, and trip routes. Being stuck at home is challenging—let your goals for future travels keep you motivated! So part ways with your buddies for a while, leave your partner at home, and take a trip just for you. Here’s where to head.

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Best Solo Travel Destination

Best Solo Travel Destinations

Bali– Island of the Gods (Indonesia)

Bali stays a prominent option with solos. Climb Mt Batur at sunrise, soak in the hot spring, witness the monkeys at Monkey Forest in Ubud, indulge in a traditional Balinese massage, go river rafting, surf at Kuta beach, or take a bike tour, and find all the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO here.

Bali– Island of the Gods (Indonesia) : Best Solo Travel Destinations

And if you’ve time, see the Komodo Islands to witness the most prominent living lizards worldwide.

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Australia is a beautiful country for nature buffs. It contains Aboriginal culture, world-renowned places such as the Sydney Opera House, and fantastic train trips through the Red Centre. 

Then there are the islands: Rottnest Island, Tasmania, and a few more. With excellent tourism infrastructure, the country is simply ideal for solo travelers. 

Granada, Spain

Located at the base of the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range in the southern Spanish area of Andalucía, Granada is the ideal town for an individual searching for a solo vacation in Spain that brings them highly close to the original Spanish culture.

With a remarkable history and stunning architecture, exploring on your own is a treat as you walk through the narrow lanes and alleyways.

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy : Best Solo Travel Destinations

There’s something undoubtedly attractive about Lake Garda in Italy, located in the stunning location of Alpine greenery with snow-tipped peaks shining in the distance. 

For travelers who like to be truly alone when they tour, the lake can provide a getaway on kayaking trips, or you can go into the mountains for a few spectacular treks.

Lisbon, Portugal

Putting aside the fact that the Portuguese capital is among the most exciting trip destinations in the world as it is. The vibrancy and life you will see on the winding staircase, and cobbled streets make it an ideal sightseeing site if you are a solo traveler keen to mingle with the locals.

Its closeness to the beach also makes it the perfect town from which to relish a surfing vacation in the country, where you can spend your holidays learning surfing and enjoy Lisbon’s bustling nightlife with other like-minded tourists.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii : Best Solo Travel Destinations

Hawaii is another of the most excellent locations to tour alone. Maui’s tropical island is complete with such picturesque sights, strange flora and fauna, and scenic beaches that it’s difficult to believe it’s part of the USA! 

Visit national parks, go surfing, eat tropical fruits, watch the sunrise on the beach, and just soak in the peace of Hawaii.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a fantastic city to explore for solo visitors. It’s a fairly small city, so it could even be regarded as among the most excellent locations for a solo weekend tour in Europe. The capital city of Hungary is inexpensive and complete with culture and history.

Spend some time eating local food at the Central Market, soaking in the local Hungarian bathhouses, and admiring all the history and architecture on exhibition in the city.

More Solo Travel Destinations

Solo travel offers a unique and liberating experience, allowing individuals to explore the world at their own pace and on their terms.

  1. Japan: With its efficient public transportation, rich culture, and low crime rate, Japan is an ideal destination for solo travelers. Explore bustling cities like Tokyo and Kyoto or find tranquility in the serene countryside.
  2. Iceland: Known for its stunning landscapes, Iceland is perfect for those seeking solitude amidst breathtaking natural wonders. Hike to waterfalls, soak in geothermal pools, and witness the Northern Lights.
  3. New Zealand: This country’s friendly locals, diverse landscapes, and outdoor adventures make it a top choice for solo travelers. From hiking to bungee jumping, there’s an adventure for everyone.
  4. Thailand: Thailand’s affordability, warm climate, and vibrant culture make it a solo traveler’s paradise. Enjoy street food, explore ancient temples, and relax on tropical beaches.
  5. Portugal: Portugal’s welcoming atmosphere and picturesque cities like Lisbon and Porto make it an excellent destination for solo exploration. Savor delicious cuisine, wander historic streets, and enjoy the coast.
  6. Costa Rica: Known for its eco-friendly tourism, Costa Rica offers solo travelers opportunities to discover lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, and engage in adventurous activities like zip-lining and surfing.
  7. Vietnam: Affordable and culturally rich, Vietnam’s bustling cities and scenic landscapes make it a fascinating destination for solo travelers. Discover the history, cuisine, and warmth of the Vietnamese people.
  8. Spain: Spain’s lively atmosphere, historic cities, and diverse regions offer solo travelers a chance to indulge in tapas, explore museums, and immerse themselves in local traditions.
  9. Greece: With its ancient history, beautiful islands, and friendly locals, Greece provides a mix of history and natural beauty. Explore Athens, relax on the islands, and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

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