Best Time & Places To Visit In Greece

With a myriad of old structures, architectural marvels, and beautiful beaches, tourist places in Greece are full of natural beauty and heritage.

The blue charm of the Grecian Peninsula provides a mind-boggling vista of scattered islands. Whereas, the world-renowned ancient ruins, food & wine scene, diverse landscapes, and party culture attract visitors from every corner of the world.

Here’s what you need to know about tourism in Greece.

Places To Visit In Greece

Best time to explore Greece

The most excellent time to explore Greece is between late May and early October when the weather is bright and friendly with little or no rain.

The period between June and September makes for a fantastic beach vacation as the temperature is just warm enough for taking a stroll around, going swimming, and suntanning at the stunning beaches.

April, May, October, and November are excellent times for traveling with the weather being pleasant and warm with occasional falls. If you’re in the country for the nightlife then July to August is the best period.

The time from late June to early September is perfect with numerous ferries operating between routes, seawater at its warmest, and suitable for swimming and nightlife at its finest.

Top Places to visit in Greece

Places To Visit In  Greece
Top Places to visit in Greece


Likely among the most popular areas to explore in Greece, the city is the diamond of the Aegean. Thousands are attracted to the charm of this island annually and go knowing that there’s nowhere else like it. This breathtaking location is among the most scenic in all the Greek Islands. Scenic and world-famous, Santorini must be witnessed to be believed.

Walk around the beautiful villages, take a dip in the turquoise waters, and dine in the fine restaurants, Santorini will steal your heart. From its whitewashed houses and volcanic beaches to its stunning sunsets and scenery, Santorini is definitely best for couples. 


Shaped over the centuries by multiple diverse cultures, currently, Nafplio is the Athens elite’s playground and among the areas to go in Greece for the well-known and rich.

The Ottomans, Venetians, Byzantines, and many more have all left their influence on this small coastal metropolis. Fortresses and citadels dot the hillsides offering Nafplio an enticing delight.

Tour the winding and narrow streets of the town and wonder at the architecture. Dine on some of the finest seafood, and walk along the esplanade, while million-dollar yachts bob in the harbor next to you.


Corfu is an island found off the northwest coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea. Along with its prosperous cultural legacy, the island also owns some of the finest beaches in Greece and rugged mountains.

However, if the crowds of visitors are not your thing, don’t worry — isolated shores extend along the winding beach of Corfu. With multiple beaches on offer, it’s extremely easy to discover your own ideal piece of heaven.


This relic of the bronze era was earlier home to the potent Minoan civilization which dominated the province about 5000 years ago. The ruins of Knossos are the finest-preserved bronze age antiques in the entirety of Greece and are an amazing vista to witness. A visit here is among the ultimate things to do in Crete.

Things to Do in Greece

  • Visit the Acropolis

One can’t be unaware of the prosperous culture that Greek manifests, and the Acropolis can rightly be considered the center of interest of every tour to Greece. It’s among the most popular places worldwide, and a tour of the magnificent wonder is definitely one of the best things to do.

With its architecture possessing iconic draws such as the temple of Goddess Nike, the ruin of the Parthenon, and many more, the Acropolis is the sanctum of the collection of legends and myths Greece is recognized to have developed.

  • Climb Mount Olympus

The fabled Mount Olympus, popular all over Greek legend as God’s home and over the mountain which rests the palace of Zeus, is but a fictionalized portrayal of the tallest mountain in the country, which actually exists.

Naturally because of its unrivaled stardom all over its cultures, climbing the mountain is a definite necessity for fans of mountain climbing, and trekkers, and is among the most thrilling things to do in Greece. 

  • Explore the Samaria Gorge

Travel the Samaria Gorge- For the visitor with ‘Wanderlust’ on their bios and those without alike, it’s the perfect spot to discover yourself when choosing an ideal outdoor adventure and hiking, these are among the most exhilarating things to do in the country.

Ideal even for a lazy stroll, visitors who like to venture on a decent hike might want to empty their plan for a complete outing of the whole area. The trek is not challenging but is definitely time-consuming and a test for your legs.

Best Hotels in Greece

1. Daios Luxury Living Hotel

If engaging yourself in culture is your reason to tour, Thessaloniki is the site to run to. It’s popular for its nightlife and festivals and you are assured something to do every day. Of the multiple hotels in Thessaloniki Greece, we suggest the Daios Luxury Living Hotel that’s found close to the seafront and near the finest visitor areas.

2. The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa

Set amid rejuvenating greenery with the ocean just a small drive away, it offers elegantly designed rooms with impeccable service and facilities to ensure you are treated like royalty. 

3. Volcano View Hotel

Is there any finer way to relish a Greek vacation than on a caldera? This five-star property in Santorini Greece sets you as near to the volcano as possible. With adequate minimal décor, Cycladic architecture, and ultimate comfort, you will feel on top of the earth – quite literally!

4. Amalia Hotel Delphi

Magnificent Mount Parnassus eyes over the Amalia Hotel Delphi, among the greatest sites in Delphi Greece with majestic vistas of the valley and the towns of Galaxidi and Itea. It’s the perfect family property with its comfy living quarters and closeness to the two bustling port towns and the archeological area of Delphi.

5. Spetses Hotel

If you’re searching to spend your summer on this exclusive island, you’ll discover no dearth of excellent Spetses Greece hotels. The famed Spetses Hotel is our choice, however, as it’s only a small walk away from the beach and the town center. The four-star property provides rooms and villas that overlook the Saronic sea and a remote beach.

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