Surat Diamond Bourse

Surat Diamond Bourse : Things To Know

Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) is a diamond trade center located in DREAM City, Surat, Gujarat, India, designed by the architecture company Morphogenesis. It is the world’s largest diamond trading hub with a floor space of 660,000 square meters (7,100,000 sq ft), as well as the world’s largest office building, ahead of The Pentagon.

World’s Largest office building is presaged to be a hub for all diamond trading activity.

Surat Diamond Bourse : Things To Know

Address :-Surat Diamond Bourse. Block No.177, Village Khajod, Taluka Majura, Surat

Location :

Why is Surat called diamond city?

Surat processes 90% of all diamonds that are purchased across the world. It houses over 6,000 units that cut and polish rough diamonds sourced from around the world.

Surat Diamond Bourse
Surat Diamond Bourse

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Interesting facts about the Surat Diamond Bourse :

Here are some key facts about about the world’s largest office building.

  • Surat Diamond Bourse’s Global Standing:

The Surat Diamond Bourse is positioned to be the world’s largest and most developed hub for international diamond and jewelry trade.
It is designed to function as a global center for both rough and polished diamonds, featuring cutting-edge facilities.

Surat Diamond Bourse
Surat Diamond Bourse
  • Record-Breaking Dimensions:

With a staggering carpet area of 67,28,604 sqft, the Surat Diamond Bourse reaches the Pentagon, which held the title of the world’s largest office building for 80 years. The Pentagon’s area is 66,73,624 sqft, making the Diamond Bourse bigger by almost 55,000 sqft.

  • Facilities and Infrastructure:

The Bourse boasts necessary facilities, including a Customs Clearance House for Import-Export, a retail jewelry section in the Jewellery Mall, and provisions for International Banking and Safe Vaults.
Despite its vast size, navigating the 15-story towers is reported to be efficient, with the 131 elevators ensuring quick access to any top-floor corner in less than six minutes.

  • Campus Design and Configuration:

The Surat Diamond Bourse’s campus spans a total built-up area of 68,17,050 sqft, featuring nine interconnected towers of 81m height.

The design facilitates easy access between any floor or building without the need to return to the ground level, thanks to an interconnected atrium spine.

  • Transportation and Parking:

The site, covering 35.54 acres, includes a two-story underground parking space capable of accommodating 4,500 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers.

The extensive workforce of 65,000 employees across around 4,500 offices is served by this parking facility.

  • Office Spaces and Configurations:

The tower configuration accommodates varied office spaces, with 2,700 offices of 300 sq ft each in five towers, 900 offices of 500 sq ft in one tower, and 400 offices of 1,000 sq ft in another. Two towers offer 350 larger offices exceeding 1,000 sq ft each.

  • Location and Diamond Trading Offices:

Situated at Khajod village near Surat city, the Diamond Bourse houses nearly 4,500 diamond trading offices.

It is an integral part of the Diamond Research and Mercantile (DREAM) City, with the groundbreaking ceremony conducted by former Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel in February 2015.

What are the advantages of Diamond Bourse, Khajod ?

It will be a global center for trading both rough and polished diamonds as well as jewelry. The bourse will include a state-of-the-art ‘Customs Clearance House’ for import and export; a Jewelry mall for retail jewelry business and a facility for International Banking and Safe Vaults.


Which is the world’s largest trade Centre of diamond?

Surat Diamond Bourse, the world’s largest centre for international diamond and jewellery business, has been inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on Sunday.

Who built Diamond Bourse, Surat?

Morphogenesis, the architectural firm behind the construction of the Surat Diamond Bourse

Who is the CEO of Diamond Bourse, Surat?

CEO Surat Diamond Bourse Mahesh Gadhavi

What is the total cost of Surat Diamond Bourse?

Rs 3,200 crore

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