Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan Tour : 10 Useful Things To Know Before Visiting

Rajasthan is among the best places to visit during your India tours, and the area abounds with many sightseeing places. The most promising part is that one can travel to Rajasthan throughout any period of the year, and you can appreciate the site to the fullest.

Rajasthan Tour
Rajasthan Tour

During Rajasthan tours, you need to follow a few travel tips. Once you learn the proper strategy by getting some help from the information offered below, the journey to Rajasthan will eventually be the most unforgettable one with these Rajasthan travel tips.

10 Most useful Rajasthan Travel Tips

Stay Duration

There are four major cities in Rajasthan namely, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s four main cities are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer. Each city is worth staying for at least two nights. If you desire to travel to some of the sightseeing spots more considerably, then you can arrange your schedule accordingly with our tour packages from Delhi.

Of all the four cities shown above, Jaisalmer is situated the farthest from the capital city, Jaipur, and other cities as well. You need to reserve hotel rooms well in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment and to avail discounts.

You can also plan a road tour between these towns, and there are many lovely places one can stop by and appreciate the locations. It is among the most essential Rajasthan travel tips.

Rajasthan Tour
Rajasthan Tour

Choose The Right Place To Stay

If you’re going to tour the whole day and you will arrive at the room by night only to rest, it’s indeed not wise to reserve expensive rooms for your stay. There are multiple hotels offering bunk beds, and you can share your space with others. Also, It is pretty hygienic and economical as well.

If you plan your Rajasthan tours for your honeymoon, you can reserve luxury rooms at some of the most beautiful popular hotels in the state.

If you desire to acquire the vibes of Rajasthani, then you must stay at the Havelis in the state. Many palaces were transformed into areas of stay in Rajasthan, and there are several hotels whose balcony vista provides you a view of the palaces and fort.

Take A Note Of Travel Options

The whole state of Rajasthan is well-linked by railways. You can quickly travel from one area to another by getting the train. But, if you desire to explore Rajasthan to the highest, you must favor taking the road. The finest course to follow is Jaipur-Jodhpur-Udaipur-Jaisalmer-Jaipur.

The hotels have bonds with the cab operators, and multiple operators rent cabs for ₹12/km, and you can tour up to 250km per day.

While traveling on the state’s roads, you should remember that there are not too many double-lane roads, and it is suggested to tour in broad daylight to avoid mishaps. You can also hang around the state by hiring a vehicle or book our tours packages from Delhi.

Local Transportation

To explore the local area, there are various options available. There are battery-operated rickshaws, cabs, traveler buses, and tuk-tuks. You can hire the rickshaws for one entire day as well.

If you desire to know the current rates, then it is good to ask the hotel where you’re staying. You can also hire a bicycle to travel around the area. For more convenient travel, book our tours packages from Delhi.

Not Just About Monuments

When you think of Rajasthan, the initial picture that hits your brain is of the old monuments, forts, and palaces. Not just Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur, each small town inside the state has something or the other type of fort.

There are multiple other sites like Ranthambore where one can witness various animals. Numerous resorts are located inside the parks to help find the creatures in their natural environment. These resorts can organize vehicles to get you around the jungle to show the animals closely.

Carry Right Clothes

If you are on India tours in summer, you must carry cotton clothes. It’s good to wear relaxed clothes when traveling around Rajasthan or India during summer. You can also wear a hat to save yourself from the intense sun.

If you are touring Rajasthan during winter, it is recommended to carry some winter outfits. It is recommended not to wear white outfits as the dust might accumulate on the clothes’ surface.

Shop At Rajasthan

The state is famous for its handicrafts and other items. If you love colorful clothes, don’t forget to shop for these outfits from the street vendors in the state.

There are many government-approved shops where you can buy the Geographical Indication things like Pashmina Shawls. All the goods which are sold in these types of stores are genuine.

Visiting The Forts And Museum

Rajasthan is recognized for its historical glory, and each site is known for its massive architecture and reflects in the palaces and forts. All the castles and forts are well-maintained, and there are many sign boards and other audio notes which guide the visitors throughout.

It is captivating to hear the place’s past by hiring a guide. Hiring licensed guides to take you around the site is always preferred. You must look for the state government symbol in the guide’s uniform.

Try Out Rajasthani Food

It is highly appetizing to even gaze at a dish full of cuisines. The state is popular to cater to tasty vegetarian meals. You need not worry about the food factor when touring this destination.

You can also test out other Indian dishes like South Indian and Gujarati. In the state’s major cities, you can get to taste all the continental plates at cheaper rates.

Cultural Hotspots in Rajasthan Tours

Rajasthan is an epicenter of tradition and culture, and multiple such hotspots provide an authentic peek of art and culture. The most famous cultural places in the royal state are Choki Dhani, Udaipur’s Bagore ki Haweli, Safari Camps in Jaisalmer, etc.

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