Top 5 Places Everybody Should Visit In Monaco

Enormously rich and gilded by history, the city-state of Monaco lies on the French Riviera in Western Europe. Smaller than New York’s central park, this beautiful attraction is enclosed by France and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It attracts the rich, the popular, and those looking for the kind of lifestyle frequently seen on the silver screen.

So, if you’re in Monaco, where should you visit? Well, keep scrolling and find out some pleasant places everybody should visit in Monaco.

Top 5 Places Everybody Should Visit In Monaco

Top 5 Places Everybody Should Visit In Monaco
Top 5 Places Everybody Should Visit In Monaco

Casino De Monte-Carlo

The Monte-Carlo Casino is an essential element of Monaco and a must-experience when you hit this small but beautiful country.

Although it is open for trips during the day, the main James bond magic starts here as the moon comes up and the roulette wheels begin to spin.

The best part about the casino is that it accepts currencies from every corner of the world so that anyone can be part of the fun!

Times have changed, but the nature of Monte Carlo remains the same.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Another place on our list is the luxurious Prince’s Palace of Monaco, built-in 1191 and currently crowned by Prince Albert II, son of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

The Palace welcomes visitors annually from June to October. Once inside, you’ll notice a beautiful courtyard formed of 3million white pebbles and the throne room where all official ceremonies are organized.

Every day at 11:55 AM, on the Palace’s square, tourists can catch a guard-changing ceremony conducted by the “Carabiniers.”

Monaco Harbor

Monaco Harbor houses the most impressive and luxurious yachts that you might not find anywhere else in the world. This harbour is enclosed by lovely mountains and cliffs, which makes the site amazingly elegant and glamorous.

Here, you can ride in some of the most expensive yachts owned by the millionaires living in this enchanted country.

The port is a perfect area to stroll with your partner or stop for a snack. There are various eateries and cafés with outdoor comfort to enjoy the seaside scenery.

Musée Océanographique

Inaugurated in 1910, the Océanographique Museum is praised for being one of the oldest aquariums worldwide.

The whole place glows with its vast, beautiful collections and exhibits of different species of crabs, starfish, sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, and more. The museum contains over 6000 species of marine life and other artefacts dedicated to the ocean.

In the gallery, you will be able to witness multiple scientific pieces that belonged to the Prince, who obtained most of these things during his exploration journeys.

Larvotto Beach

larvotto-beach : Top 5 Places Everybody Should Visit In Monaco
Top 5 Places Everybody Should Visit In Monaco

Nearly received the tagline of being Monte Carlo’s brother, Larvotto is the easternmost ward you will discover in the principality of Monaco. The area houses the world’s most expensive street, Avenue Princesse Grace, in which you’ll also witness the Japanese Garden.

Also, one of Monaco attractions, Larvotto, is furthermore admired for its beaches. Visitors can experience riding jets, kayak and jet-ski here.

Thanks to ski Vol, a centre of watersports, where you can encounter various kinds of sea activities, including water-skis, wakeboards, riding motorboats, and even beach volleyball.


In conclusion, Monaco’s charm goes beyond its small size. It’s a place where you can explore the opulent world of Monte Carlo, delve into the history of the Prince’s Palace, and relax on picturesque beaches like Larvotto. The principality’s attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, making it an ideal destination for those seeking luxury, culture, and natural beauty all in one place. So, whether you’re interested in high-stakes gambling, cultural exploration, or simply enjoying the stunning Mediterranean views, Monaco has something special to offer everyone.

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