Best Places To Visit In Italy : Things to do in Italy

Adore some lovely memories at the popular sites to travel in Italy on your upcoming holiday. Renowned for several things, these spots provide an entertaining escape for everyone. 

From its excellent art galleries to its age-old ruins and tasty pizzas to the delectable wines of Tuscany, Italy never fails to leave travelers spoil for options.

The visitor areas in Italy are recognized for pulling in travelers from all over the world. Whether it’s the fashion capital of Milan, the historic center of Rome, the architectural heritage of Florence, or the canals of Venice, Italy attracts all types of sightseers.

Places To Visit In Italy

Whether you’re a history lover, gastronome, or nature buff, Italy has everything for every type of visitor. Here’s what you need to know about Italy, Best Places To Visit In Italy or Things to do in Italy :

Italy : Best Place to visit in Europe

Best Places to visit in Italy

  1. Rome

Popularized as “The City of Love, ” Rome is a well-known expedition destination for couples in love. This jaw-dropping city is loaded with excellent theaters, stunning art galleries, and exquisite museums, which give visitors a peek of the area’s rich culture, history, and art. 

A few essential draws in Rome include Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Colosseum.

Things to do in Italy
  1. Naples

Naples is recognized famously for its glorious history and culture, established in the volcanic region of Mt. Vesuvius and enveloped by the Phlegraean Fields. This breathtaking city is also presented with endless, incredibly renovated palaces and churches.

In Naples, visitors like to see Castel Sant’Elmo, the Capodimonte Museum, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, National Archeological Museum, Palazzo Reale, and Naples Cathedral- II Duomo.

  1. Sicily

Possessing its ancient Greek ruins, Sicily is believed to be the most treasured historical destination in the country. 

Earlier led by many influential empires, including the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and Ostrogoths, this old city presents a sneak peek into the braveries and victories of the ancient periods.

The famous draws of Sicily, including the Erice, Aeolian Islands, Cefalu, Nebrodi Mountains, and the Valley of Temples, are Italy’s most special places.

Harbour of Sciacca, Sicily
  1. Milan

Famed as the ultimate cosmopolitan city of the country, Milan has earned a lot of reputation for football, fashion, and artistic draws. The city is endowed with plenty of fame thanks to its mind-blowing fashion displays, which are organized here twice yearly.

In these shows, the site gets a heavy inflow of designers, supermodels, and buyers worldwide. Milan’s most significant contributions to visitors include the Pinacoteca di Brera, Basilica Sant’Ambrogio, and Navigli Lombardi canal.

  1. Venice

Famous as ‘The Floating City’, Venice has achieved much fame worldwide for its fun-loaded gondola rides and exceptional charm. With a lot of incredible art galleries, peaceful canals, and majestic churches, this fantastic city is heaven for honeymooners.

A few of the destinations of the city that have gained much prominence in Italy tourism include the Grand Canal, St Mark’s Basilica, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Piazza San Marco, and Doge’s Palace.

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The Best Things to do in Italy

  1. Go Truffle Hunting:

Truffle hunting is an ancient tradition and among the most delicate things to experience in the country. Truffles, edible mushroom-like fungi that develop under the tree’s bottom ear roots, are such an inherent element of Italian cuisine that the country also marks International Truffle Festivals!

What makes truffle hunting thrilling is that they’re pretty tough to discover. They are seen only inside lush woods, and a truffle hunting tour will carry you on elusive tracks. 

  1. Try The Great Street Foods: 

Italian food is not only about good dining, gelatos, pasta, and pizza. Italy’s street food is quite varied, engaging, and entirely impressive. The most delicate things to try are Arancini, Panzerotti, Crema Fritta, Polenta, and Olive All’Ascolana.

  1. Hike to an Active Volcano: 

Go past mountain trekking on your upcoming tour to Italy! Try trekking up to the hole of Mount Vesuvius, among the active volcanoes in Europe, and among the most adrenaline-pumping things to do in the country.

This peak is still active and challenging and has attracted climbers since the sixteenth century.

It’s a thrilling adventure to witness the mountain responsible for smashing Pompeii city in ash in 79 AD.

  1. Get a road tour on Amalfi Coast: 

Among the most exciting things to do in the country is to witness this area of incredible charm, which has been added as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This road tour will allow you to pass via scenic medieval villages like Praiano, Ravello, and Positano.

The coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea is renowned for its spectacular charm, dramatic cliffs, stretches of stark blue-green waters, and pristine white sandy beaches. 

Don’t forget to take a break in the dense vineyards, old churches, olive groves, and coves on your route.

  1. Enjoy a Sailing Tour: 

Italy’s lengthy coastline is bordered with fantastic beaches and islands that provide an excellent reason and chance to sail. It’s a most preferred way to step away from the typically packed sites and dive into the breathtaking seaside charm of the country.

You can rent skippered, catamaran, powerboats, or a bare boat that will allow you to explore old villages, churches, colorful harbors, and remote sea coves.

Hotels in Italy for a luxurious stay

1.The Gritti Palace Venice

With 13 modern and ultra-lavish canal view suites and rooms, The Gritti Palace is among Italy’s most spoken-about luxury hotels. 

Found in the center of Venice, the property provides Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterranean Spa and a private water taxi. You can satisfy yourself in Gritti Terrace or Club Del Doge to taste genuine Venetian gastronomic cuisine.

2.Four Seasons Hotel, Florence – Premium living at its best

Among the most excellent hotels in Italy, Four Seasons is a substantial historical property showcasing a private park, a great variety of restaurants, beautifully adorned suites and rooms, a whirlpool, and a relaxation lounge. In a nutshell, it offers an entirely joy-filled vacation package.

3.Portrait Roma Rome

Highlighting 14 extravagant suites, Portrait from the renowned Lugarno Group is among Rome’s most excellent 5-star hotels. This hotel is a popular name for family holidays and luxury honeymoon vacations, found at a prime point of Rome, just beside the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti. 

It allows you to enjoy private dining on the terrace, a city trip in a personal vintage Vespa scooter, and world-class professional hospitality.

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