Best Places To Visit In Colombia : Things to Do

Colombia has something that will delight most visitors, from golden beaches of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, to the Amazon rain forests and the Andes Mountains. 

Diverse in every sense of the word, individuals frequently rightly define Colombia as many nations – each with its own culture, traditions, landscapes, and cuisine – rolled into one.

Best Places To Visit In Colombia : Things to Do

Here’s what you need to know about Colombia:

Colombia : Gateway to South America

Best time to visit Colombia :

Generally, the most excellent time to visit Colombia is from December to March – the driest period in the Andes. 

Remember that these months, particularly December, January, and Easter, are pretty busy with global and local visitors; costs will increase, and you will be required to book early. 

The wettest period along the Caribbean is September to October, though it stays scorching hot. Of course, the Amazon is moist and warm all year round, and the mountains will be much calmer and fresher.

Places to visit in Colombia :

  1. San Gil

San Gil is an ancient colonial town in northeast Colombia. It was established by the Spanish in 1689 and was called the province’s tourism capital in 2004. The designation honors mostly major outdoor adventures, such as rafting, mountain biking, and kayaking.

Couch potatoes may relish a tour of the cathedral constructed in 1791, the Parque El Gallineral (a park set in a river), the Parque La Libertad, and Plaza de Mercado (a covered market), where visitors can sample various Colombian foods.

  1. Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a small town less than a 4-hour drive from Bogota. Its architecture reflects Moorish and Spanish influences; certainly, the Villa de Leyva has been compared to Andalucía due to the white buildings with balconies and wooden trim. 

Museums honor notable individuals who battled for Colombian freedom. The first distillery in the area is found here.

  1. Bogota

Once believed to be a location to avoid, Bogota has cleaned up its doing and is quickly becoming among the finest spots to explore in Colombia. 

Found at 2,640m (8,660 ft) in the Andes, Bogota has multiple draws to attract tourists, including a gold museum, cultural events, a planetarium, botanical gardens, and thriving nightlife. 

You can find the city’s historic district at La Candelaria, an excellent quarter of churches, cafés, and museums.

  1. Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park is a must-visit site for visitors who relish nature and explore ancient remains. Found on the north Colombia coast, the park provides various ecosystems, from scrublands to swamps to cloud forests.

For multiple visitors, the park’s best draw is its beaches, placed in deep bays and adorned with coconut palms. The park is also famous for bird lovers who visit to witness the Andean condor, an endangered species.

  1. Cartagena

Hopefully, visitors will get their holidays off to better beginnings. However, Cartagena is just as active as it was among the vital Caribbean ports from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries.

Battled over by different countries, Cartagena was one of South America’s most laboriously fortified cities; You can still witness these fortifications today.

Visitors should take time to walk through the multicolored old town, with its colonial design that contains palaces, museums, and churches. 

Things to Do in Colombia :

  • Visit the Tierradentro Tombs

Steering through a string of damp corridors, trapdoors, and spiraling tunnels underground are only some things to expect when you see this bizarre location in southwest Colombia.

Made within the 7th-century, these tombs are among the nation’s most cherished archaeological discoveries. Yet, they are not as famous with visitors (yet), making the area a wonderful tour for visitors who don’t care for hordes.

  • Tour a Coffee Plantation

With every hype about Colombian coffee, no visitor should miss getting a trip to a coffee plantation and savoring a sip of black gold, even if you are not genuinely into the coffee.

Hacienda Venecia is a plantation that provides trips (booking online) with hands-on exercises, a thorough past of the coffee industry, and delectable cups of freshly-grown joe. It truly is among the finest things to do in Colombia if you love coffee! 

  • Explore Santuario de Las Lajas

Santuario de Las Lajas is among South America’s most stunning works of architecture, close to Colombia’s border with Ecuador. It’s a Gothic manner cathedral constructed into and over a deep river gorge. It’s completely beautiful to witness!

A museum with a great cathedral history is within the church (made into the cliff). 

  • Witness the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

As much of the country’s fortune derives from salt mining, it only makes sense that among the most famous sights in Columbia would be salt-centric. Close to Bogota lies the salt mining capital of the country and a stunning underground church in it.

Top Hotels in Colombia :

Places To  Visit In Colombia
Best Places To Visit In Colombia : Things to Do

104 Art Suites (Bogotá)

104 Art Suites is a relaxed hotel a short ride from Bogota Botanical Garden, within strolling distance from the closest bus stop.

Visitors who would like to stay in a quiet neighborhood to get some befitting rest will discover this property is a perfect choice for excellent affordable hotels in Colombia.

Its suites are homey and big, with their own comfortable bedrooms, separate living area, full kitchen, and tubs.

Hotel Spiwak Chipichape (Cali)

Hotel Spiwak Chipichape is a luxury four-star property close to Cali Tower with excellent room views at the edge of downtown. Modern urbanites will enjoy this hotel’s ample suites and clean, trendy architecture.

You will be able to relax in its swimming pool, jacuzzi, and stunning restaurant, which offers tasty Mediterranean fusion dishes. It’s certainly among the finest stay in Colombia.

Casa Pestagua (Cartagena)

Casa Pestagua is a four-star posh boutique hotel. It is a small walk away from the Museo Historico de Cartagena Casa de la Inquisicion and other museums.

History fans can make the maximum of their tours in various museums of this fascinating neighborhood in this chief selection of 4-star hotels. Its stunning restoration and top-class luxuries make it the top vote for the finest extravagant hotels in the country.

Hacienda Bambusa (Armenia)

Hacienda Bambusa is a rustic two-story hotel in the coffee-plantation area of the country. Property rates don’t require to be high to provide you with excellent value, and this hotel confirms it by being a cool yet affordable location to stay.

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