Beaches In Curacao Near Cruise Port

Curacao, a Caribbean island, is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture. If you’re arriving at the cruise port and looking for beaches nearby, there are several options for you to explore. Keep in mind that distances on the island are relatively short, so even if a beach is not directly next to the cruise port, it can still be easily accessible. Here are a few Beaches In Curacao Near Cruise Port:

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Beaches In Curacao Near Cruise Port

Sea Aquarium Beach (Mambo Beach) :

Part boulevard, part beach, think of Mambo as an urban oasis placed against a seaside setting. It is found only 7 km away from the Curacao cruise terminal and is more developed than Curaçao’s other coasts.

Mambo Beach does a good job of exuding well-known charm while keeping a local feel. Whether you are in the mood to snorkel or bar dance, there’s something for all tastes and characters. It’s a “pick your own adventure” kind of site.

Families will relish visiting the Sea Aquarium—among the most excellent aquariums worldwide—where adventurous travelers can snorkel in the untouched lagoon alongside sharks, stingrays, and tarpon.

In another region of the park, tourists witness lemon and nurse sharks up close while feeding them through fixed windows.

Beaches In Curacao
Beaches In Curacao Near Cruise Port

When you have to satisfy your appetite, choose Mambo Beach’s multiple restaurants. Bliss the Berry is a recent acquisition of the boulevard and specializes in all-day lunch and breakfast —think pancakes, refreshed smoothies, açaí bowls, and freshly roasted coffee.

During sunset, go to Chill beach bar for a front-row seat to witness the beautiful sun. The bar is right on the coast and has many wooden tables and comfortable hammocks.

Like multiple of southern Curacao’s coasts, Mambo beach is artificial and covered by a rocky wall to offer a private swimming zone – you wouldn’t necessarily know it, though, and the coast is still beautiful.

Blue Bay Beach :

When searching for the most excellent beachfront in Curacao, Blue Bay will frequently pop up top – much valued for its vast arc of lovely sand and transparent water and a fantastic selection of amenities. This is among the most well-known Curacao shores.

Blue Bay beach is found along Curacao’s central west coast and is only 15-min drive or 10 km from the Curacao Cruise Terminal. A secluded coast operated by Blue Bay beach resort, there is an $8 USD Blue Bay beach entry fee, including restrooms and sunbeds.

There is a selection of bars and restaurants on-site and a diving school – although if you are reaching for snorkeling, there are more suitable locations in Curacao.

The bay is private and peaceful thanks to the rocky outcrops made to guard it, and there’s a shallow drop to the water’s edge, making it among the most excellent beachfront in Curacao for children.

It’s also a fantastic place to do nothing—after all, what are holidays for? Get a chair at the Blue Bay Beach resort and carry up a fine book or drink under the shadow of the palm trees.

If you desire to stay near the coast, consider staying at the resort, which is one of the finest Curacao choices.

Beaches In Curacao
Beaches In Curacao Near Cruise Port

Blue Bay Beach :

This broad sweeping coast, found only 25 km from the cruise terminal, has gorgeous white sand and transparent waters and is an ideal choice for snorkeling and swimming.

As the slope down to the water’s edge is soft and private, this beach makes for a fantastic option if you search for the finest coasts in Curacao for families.

Another unique highlight of this place is its swimming pigs! You may have witnessed the well-known pigs in the Bahamas, but Curacao has its own version. Pigs swim and stroll along the coast, although they do so on their plan, so they might not always be seen here.

The beach has essential amenities, including a restaurant / snack bar, restrooms and showers, beach massage, and a diving school. You can rent convenient lockers if you desire to head for a more prolonged snorkel.

The Seru Mateo hiking course is just behind the coast if you like a few more thrilling activities. If you are searching for the finest snorkeling shores in Curacao, Playa Porto Marie is popular for its double reef.

Playa Santa Cruz :

Playa Santa Cruz is well worth seeing if you are searching for a seaside in Curacao with more things to do and amenities but without being fully built up with bars and resorts. The beach is found nearly 35 km from the Curacao cruise port.

It is one of the most suitable shores in Curacao for snorkeling too, as you can carry a boat tour from here to the Blue Room, which is a stunning aquatic cave – but you will require to carry your own snorkel equipment as it’s not available for rent here.

Another choice is to trek to the Blue Room cave along the summit of the ridges, where a quick 10 to 15-minute trekking course will bring you along the headland to the Blue Room and Santu Pretu (black beach).

This way, you can witness the cave without carrying the boat trip, but you will be required to jump from the rocks into the water at the Blue Room.

Getting back, you can either ascend out of the water and back up the rocks (needs some muscular strength) and trek back or snorkel your course to Santu Pretu beach and accomplish the quick trek back to the beach from there.

Playa Kenepa Grandi / Grote Knip :

Possibly the most excellent seaside in Curacao island, Grote Knip is certainly among the prettiest, with stunning turquoise waters and picturesque natural white sand.

Almost a 45-minute to 1-hour drive or 42 km north from the Curacao Cruise Terminal, the beach is a fantastic spot to spend some hours resting and swimming in the stunning water and is home to a few of the finest snorkeling in Curacao under the ridges at both ends of the beach.

Beaches In Curacao
Beaches In Curacao Near Cruise Port

The beach is among the most famous public beachfront in Curacao among residents so it can get crowded on public holidays and weekends – if you like to avoid the public, arrive on a weekday for a more peaceful experience.

There is not much in the way of luxuries here, so carry lots of water and sunscreen. There is a small snack bar that provides refreshments at more reasonable costs than many of the other shores.

However, it’s not always open, so it’s good to come equipped with some snacks just in case.

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