Bahuchar Mata Temple Becharaji (History, Timing, Location)

Bahuchar Mata temple is located in Becharaji. It is also famous for its city name i.e. Becharaji Temple. The temple deity of Becharaji is Shri Bahuchar Mataji. This temple is one of the Shakti Peethas where it is said that Devi Sati’s Bahu fell. Let’s get into details with Bahuchraji temple timing, history, darshan, and aarti timings, nearby places, how to reach Bahucharaji, and stays available in Becharaji.

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Bahuchar Mata Temple

Bahuchar Mata Temple History:

The fort and gate of the main temple were built by Manajirao Gakewad in Samvat in 1839 or 1783 AD when he was the Suba of Kadi. He gave the duty to the people of 3 villages for the maintenance of the temple. The center temple was built by the Maratha Fadanvesh. It has been renovated. The scholar saint Kapildev built the Varkahadi temple and then Kalari king Tejpal renovated it.

Bahucharaji Mandir Mehsana has also been renovated again. Bahuchar Mata is a Hindu goddess. The temple of Shri Bahucharaji Mataji is one of those Shaktipeeths where the daughter of Daksha fell at the hands of Maa Bhagwati Sati. This place is Shaktipeeth. There are three main temples in this complex of religious importance.

Best Time To Visit Bahuchar Mata Mandir :-

The main festivals celebrated here are Purnima (Full Moon Day), Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali. you can visit on this festival for best experience.

Bahuchara Mata Temple Darshan Timings :

  • Opening Timing – 5:30 AM
  • Closing Timing – 10:00 PM
  • The aarti timing is around 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Bahuchara Mataji Mandir Nearby Places to Visit :

  • Modhera Sun temple is just 15 km from Becharaji
  • Taranga Hills Jain Temple is 118 km from Becharaji
  • Shankeshwar is 30 km from Becharaji
  • Rani ki Vav in Patan is 50 km from Becharaji
  • Kirti Toran in Vadnagar is 72 km from Becharaji

Best Hotel near Bahucharaji Temple :

  • Hotel Krishna Palace Becharaji
  • Becharaji Shree Khatri Samaj Dharamshala
  • Becharaji Popat Vasa Yatrik Bhavan
  • Becharaji Samarpan Atithi Gruh
  • Hotel The Grand Radhey Becharaji

Bahuchar Mata Photo’s :


Which part of Sati fell in bahucharaji?

It is believed that left hand, body part of ” SATI ” has fallen at this place and here Shakti is Bahuchara Mata and Bhairav is Kal Bhairav.

What are the Shakti peethas in Gujarat?

The three main Shakti Peethas of Gujarat are Ambaji at Arasur, Bala at Chunval and Kali at Pavagadh near Champaner.

How many Shakti Peethas are there in Gujarat?

The three main Shakti Peethas of Gujarat

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