Ambardi Safari Park

Ambardi Safari Park- Dhari (Fees, Location, Timing)

Situated on the mighty Shetrunji river banks, the Ambardi Safari Park is located about 7 km from Dhari taluka in Gujarat. founded in 2017 to create another unique destination for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts, it spans over 365 hectares. The beautiful undulating terrain, nearness to a large water reservoir, and the famous Khodiyar temple give visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. It offers a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna with a feel of a savannah-type landscape and can be viewed as an extension of Gir forests’ eastern part.

Address :- Near Kodiyar Dam, Dhari, District Amreli,  Gujarat, 365640.

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Ambardi Safari Park

The forethought behind the park’s conception was to increase the Asiatic lion conservation efforts further and raise awareness among the masses to connect them to the cause of conservation. Diverse plant species create an assemblage of habitats that are needed for the proliferation of wild species. It shelters a healthy population of the Asiatic lion, Indian leopard, chinkara, blue bull, spotted deer, Indian porcupine, monitor lizard, birds, and much more wild fauna.

Ticket Price of Ambardi Safari Park:

Category Fee per person  

  • Indian visitors 
    • Monday to Friday Rs.150/-  
    • Saturday to Sunday Rs.190/-  
    • Festival days Rs.190/-  
  • Foreign visitors
    • Monday to Friday $ 40
    • Saturday to Sunday $ 50 
    • Festival days $ 50 

Timings of Ambardi Safari Park:

  • Ambardi Safari Park remains closed on every tuesday.

Visitors’ timings  

  • Morning – 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Afternoon – 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Things to know before Ambardi Park Bus Safari Booking:

  • 100% of total Ambardi Park bus safari permits are available online only, on spot booking is not allowed.
  • Advance booking starts 90 days before the safari date, so kindly book your gypsy as early as possible.
  • Ambardi Park safari will be conducted on a closed bus.
  • Safari Price: Rs. 250 per person (Indian) / Rs. 4000 per person (Foreigner)
  • This cost does not include the guide charges i.e. Rs. 400
  • Camera Fee: Rs. 200 (Indians) & Rs. 1400 (Foreigners) has to be paid before the safari starts.
  • To assure the safety of visitors, seating capacity in the vehicle is reduced to half.
  • Guest Details required for booking: Full name, age, gender, ID Proof (Passport/VoterID/Driving License/Aadhar Card) number of all the visitors. (Pan Card is not allowed)
  • Visitors need to compulsorily carry the same identity proof given at the time of booking, the forest officer will check before your safari. In case of any mismatch, your safari will not be conducted and no refunds will be given.
  • Visitors are requested to reach Ambardi Safari Park Reception Center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled safari time.
  • Ambardi Safari Park remains closed every Tuesday.


Mustafa TinwalaMustafa Tinwala
03:38 08 Jan 24
12:28 07 Jan 24
Bloch Aslam amab bhaiBloch Aslam amab bhai
11:55 07 Jan 24
Clean 🧹 & clear
Karamshi bagdaKaramshi bagda
15:36 06 Jan 24
Rahul KansagaraRahul Kansagara
15:58 05 Jan 24
Sukesh JoshiSukesh Joshi
08:15 26 Dec 23
Our family's expedition to Ambardi Safari Park was an extraordinary adventure from the moment we set foot in its sprawling premises. The journey began with the sheer convenience of a spacious parking area that set the tone for an unforgettable day. The ticket booking process, marked by a courteous and efficient staff, was a breeze, offering a seated facility that added a touch of comfort to the start of our safari adventure.The excitement soared as we boarded the park's own bus, armed with proper tickets and assigned seats, promising a guided tour like no other. The ongoing construction around the parking area hinted at an array of future amenities, including a dedicated children's park, a picturesque day picnic spot, a vibrant photo zone, and a spacious food area. The anticipation of these additions added an extra layer of enthusiasm to our visit.Amidst the wild wonders, the Green Leaf Garden stood as a peaceful retreat, allowing us to connect with nature in a tranquil setting. It was a delightful surprise amidst the raw beauty of the safari, providing a perfect spot to unwind.The climax of our adventure was the awe-inspiring encounter with three lionesses and a majestic male lion, a moment that sent shivers of excitement down our backs. The park's commitment to animal safety was palpable, and witnessing these magnificent creatures at ease added a profound dimension to our safari experience.Ambardi Safari Park not only delivers an unparalleled wildlife adventure but also promises a future of exciting amenities for visitors. It's a haven where the thrill of encountering majestic lions mingles seamlessly with the comfort of thoughtful facilities, making it a must-visit destination for families, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a transformative escape into the heart of nature.
Rushikumar JoshiRushikumar Joshi
16:29 17 Dec 23
Reception staff and safari staff are behave so kindly!Reasonable safari for Sighting of Lions, Blackbuck, Spotted dear and Sometimes leapord and Python!150 is regular charge pr person for bus safari and 190 is weekend or festival charges!Yo must go that place and explore the beauty of forest and wildlife!❣️
Dhruv BilakhiaDhruv Bilakhia
21:58 24 Nov 23
Very nice place to visit. Still the entire setup is under construction yet it's a good place to visit for jungle safari...
Taha SaiyedTaha Saiyed
11:26 23 Nov 23
Embark on a mesmerizing journey to Ambardi, a hidden gem for those seeking a close encounter with lions and deer. This enchanting destination offers a unique and up-close experience with these majestic creatures, making it a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. The proximity to lions and deer in their natural habitat adds an element of thrill and awe to your visit, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Ambardi is indeed a haven for nature lovers, where the fascinating beauty of wildlife unfolds right before your eyes.
Umanng LapsiwalaUmanng Lapsiwala
08:55 16 Nov 23
A great experience of safari..30-40 min ride with rate of 190 per head..You can get a chance to see deer and lion too.


What is the entry ticket for Ambardi safari park?

entry ticket for

  • Monday to Friday Rs.150/-  
  • Saturday to Sunday Rs.190/-

What is the time for Ambardi park dhari?

Ambardi Safari Park remains closed on every tuesday. else park timing is

  • Morning – 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Afternoon – 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

is outside food allowed in Ambardi Safari Park?

No, outside food is strictly prohibited.

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