Umiya Mata Mandir, Unjha (History, Timing, Location)

Umiya Mata Mandir is the Temple of Goddess Umiya, the clan deity or Kuldevi of the Kadava Patidars. It is located in the center of Unjha, Mehsana district, Gujarat, India, where thousands of visitors visit temple every day. Goddess Umiya, a representation of the divine feminine, draws pilgrims and followers from all over the world.

 Address: Umiya Mata Chowk, Unjha, Mehsana, Gujarat 384170

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Umiya Mata Temple

શ્રી મા ઉમિયા, સૃષ્ટિની સર્વશક્તિમાન માતા દેવી કડવા પાટીદાર સમાજની કુળદેવી છે. મા ઉમિયાએ આ બ્રહ્માંડને માતા તરીકે જન્મ આપ્યો છે. મા સરસ્વતી, મા લક્ષ્મી અને મા કાલી તેમના જ અવતાર છે. જ્યારે પણ શ્યામ શૈતાની તત્વોએ માથું ઊંચું કર્યું છે, ત્યારે દેવતાએ તેમને તોડી પાડવા અને સારા અને ધાર્મિક રક્ષણ માટે વિવિધ સ્વરૂપો અને સ્વરૂપો લીધા છે. વિશ્વમાં જ્યાં પણ શક્તિ છે, ત્યાં સ્ત્રોત તરીકે મા ઉમિયા છે; તે માત્ર શક્તિ અને દિવ્યતા આપનાર છે.

Umiya Mata Mandir Darshan & Aarti Timing:-

  • Temple Remains open everyday from 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM
  • In the morning after the Aarti, the Mahaprasad is offered to the deity and then the Prasad is distributed amongst the devotees.
  • Entry to the temple is free.

Umiya Mata Temple History:

બ્રહ્માંડની રચના માટે શિવ તત્વ સતીને આગળ લાવ્યા. સતીનો જન્મ દક્ષ પ્રજાપતિના ઘરે થયો હતો. તેણીએ ભગવાન શિવ સાથે લગ્ન કર્યા. દક્ષે એક વિશાળ યજ્ઞનું આયોજન કર્યું, અને શિવને નારાજ કરવા માટે, તેમને આમંત્રણ ન આપ્યું. સતી હજી પણ આમંત્રણ વિના તેના પિતાના તે યજ્ઞમાં ગઈ હતી. તેણી અને ભગવાન શિવનું ફરીથી અપમાન થયું અને તે સહન ન કરી શક્યા કે સતી યજ્ઞ ચિતામાં કૂદી પડી અને આગને ભેટી પડી. ભગવાન શિવ ખૂબ જ ક્રોધિત થયા અને સતીના શરીરને ખભા પર લઈને તેમણે તાંડવ શરૂ કર્યું. આખું વિશ્વ હચમચી ગયું અને ગભરાઈ ગયું. વિશ્વને બચાવવા માટે, ભગવાન વિષ્ણુએ તેમના સુદર્શન ચક્રથી સતીના શરીરને 51 ભાગોમાં કાપી નાખ્યા અને જ્યાં પણ આ ભાગો પડ્યા ત્યાં એક શક્તિપીઠની સ્થાપના કરવામાં આવી.

Places To Visit Near Umiya Mataji Temple, Unjha :-

  1. Umiya Mata Temple, Unjha: This is a famous temple dedicated to Umiya Mata, the family goddess of the Kadva Patels. The temple is visited by devotees throughout the year.
  2. Simandhar Swami Jain Derasar, Vadnagar: Vadnagar, located near Unjha, is an ancient town with historical significance. The Simandhar Swami Jain Derasar is a notable Jain temple in Vadnagar.
  3. Modhera Sun Temple: Although a bit farther away, the Sun Temple at Modhera is a stunning example of ancient Indian architecture. It’s known for its intricate carvings and is dedicated to the Sun God.
  4. Rani-ki-Vav, Patan: Rani-ki-Vav is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an intricately constructed stepwell located in Patan, not far from Unjha. It’s known for its incredible architecture and complex carvings.
  5. Shanku’s Water Park, Mehsana: If you’re looking for some recreational activities, Shanku’s Water Park in Mehsana is a popular spot for families and groups.
  6. Thol Bird Sanctuary: Located about 30 km from Unjha, Thol Bird Sanctuary is a peaceful place for bird watching, particularly during the migrating season.
  7. Taranga Hill: Taranga is a famous pilgrimage site with a group of beautifully carved Jain temples. The place is known for its beauty and religious importance.

Room Booking at Umiya Mata Mandir:

Uma Bhavan and Mansarovar building are the best stay options during the Umiya mandir visit.

You can book your room online at official website of umiya mata mandir unjha :

Public Reviews :

Kirti PatelKirti Patel
08:59 23 Jan 24
Vaghela Uday sinhVaghela Uday sinh
18:07 21 Jan 24
Dharmendra PatelDharmendra Patel
17:51 21 Jan 24
Holy place 🙏
Sudhir PatelSudhir Patel
02:30 21 Jan 24
Milan PatelMilan Patel
06:13 20 Jan 24
Amie patelAmie patel
06:01 19 Jan 24
Jay ma umiyaGood food here. And nice place for peaceIt's interior and design it's just wow.
Nutan PatelNutan Patel
09:57 15 Jan 24
Jay Umiya maa.The Kadwa Patidar clan is very well developed around the temple of Sri Umiya Mata. Well connected by roads and amenities. There is ample parking space near the temple. Now the trust provides prasad (food) to the devotees for a nominal charge.The temple trust offers rooms for the bride and groom's family to stay, a wedding hall with limited guest facilities.A famous spice shop of North Gujarat is located near the temple
Prince PatelPrince Patel
15:17 16 Dec 23
"Shree Umiya Mataji Temple is a sanctuary of serenity and spiritual beauty. The temple's architecture is awe-inspiring, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and divine aesthetics. From the moment you enter, a sense of tranquility envelops you. The spiritual ambiance is enhanced by the devoted staff, who offer warm hospitality and guidance. The rituals and ceremonies are conducted with utmost reverence, creating a profound and sacred atmosphere. Shree Umiya Mataji Temple is not just a place of worship; it's a haven where one can connect with divinity and find solace amidst the sublime surroundings. A visit to this temple is truly a soul-enriching experience."
kashyap patelkashyap patel
06:18 13 Nov 23
Umiya Mata Dham in Unjha is a revered temple serving as the kuldevi for the Kadva Patidar community.The temple holds significant cultural and religious importance, drawing pilgrims seeking blessings from Shree Umiya Mataji. The sacred site is known for its serene ambiance, intricate architecture, and vibrant religious festivities. Devotees praise the temple for its spiritual aura and the divine presence felt within its walls.The temple's historical roots, emphasizing its role in preserving the cultural heritage of the Kadva Patidar community.Pilgrims appreciate the well-maintained premises and the sense of unity fostered during religious gatherings.Umiya Mata Dham stands as a symbol of faith, bringing together devotees to celebrate their shared heritage and spirituality.Overall, the temple receives positive recognition for its cultural significance and the sense of devotion it instills in its visitors.
07:31 04 Nov 23
I have always felt blessed by the divine presence of Umiya Mata. My visits during Navratri have been truly special, with well-organized arrangements and a strong sense of devotion among fellow residents. It's a place where spirituality and community come together in a harmonious way.


Who is Umiya Mataji also known as?

She is also known as Shakti, Durga and Kaali.

When is the best time to visit the temple?

The temple is visited by devotees throughout the year. However, special festivals and Navratri are particularly auspicious times when the temple attracts a large number of devotees.

Is there an entry fee to visit Umiya Mata Temple?

Temples often do not have entry fees, but it’s advisable to check whether there are any specific charges for certain services or events.

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