Top 10 Resort In Saputara (With Price, Location)

Saputara, a charming hill town in Gujarat, India’s Western Ghats, is well-known for its lush vegetation, attractive vistas, and comfortable weather. With attractions including Saputara Lake, Gira Waterfall, and Sunset Point, this picturesque location provides travelers with a relaxing respite amidst nature’s richness, making it the ideal location for a peaceful getaway.

Resort In Saputara

Best Resort In Saputara

Here Best Top 10 Resorts in Saputara.

1. Shilpi Hill Resort, Saputara

The Shilpi Hill Resort is situated right in the middle of Saputara, a stunning hill town. An excellent weekend getaway spot for friends and family looking to get away from the grind of city life. This is one of the Saputara Resorts that promises you an experience that will be out of this world. It is surrounded by beautiful surroundings and is not far from the region’s pride, the magnificent lake.

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Address : Surat-Saputara-Nasik Highway, Saputara, Gujarat 394720

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2. Chitrakoot Hill Resort, Saputara

This magnificent resort, which is crowned at a height of 3500 feet, is encircled by the breathtaking Sahyadri Ranges environment. The steep mountains surround the entire property with thick flora, giving it a stunning backdrop. This resort, which offers its guests the best amenities as well as a healthy dose of nature, is unquestionably one of the most attractive in Saputara.

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Address : Sunset Road, Saputara, Gujarat 394720

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3. Aakar Lords Inn Resort, Saputara

Aakar Lords Inn is one of the resorts in Saputara that guarantees you a pleasant stay. It is crowned in the beautiful Sahyadri Ranges. Due to its picturesque setting, all guests can take in the breathtaking view of this untamed region with rich foliage around the hills around the property.

Enjoy a beautiful setting, the ideal weekend vacation location. This location aims to be the ideal vacation destination by providing all necessary amenities. Enjoy some quality time with friends and family while relaxing in this serene setting.

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Address : Nasik Road Toll Booth, Saputara – Nashik Rd, opposite lake view garden circle, Saputara, Gujarat 394720

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4. Toran Hill Resort, Saputara

Get yourself from the shackles of city life and explore Saputara’s lovely surroundings. Relax in the stunning resort, which spans a big region. Once you arrive, you’ll get the sensation of being in your own town. Enjoy the breathtaking hilly beauty of this entire region, which makes it one of Saputara’s top resorts.

Rivet in the calm, cool weather that promises you a wealth of natural beauty. Enjoy the sound of lovely birds chirping everywhere and be mesmerized by the lovely gifts of nature. Relax in this haven of nature by taking an adventure to one of the Saputara hill resorts, which guarantees you a fulfilling experience.

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Address : Table Land Road, near Saputara Circle, Saputara, Gujarat 394720

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5. Anando Resort, Saputara

Saputara Resorts are definitely a breath of fresh air! Anando Resort is one such resort that is encompassed by the majestic Sahyadri Ranges. Encapsulated in the natural splendor of this piece of heaven, this lovely resort guarantees you an experience that feels like home away from home.Anando, a haven of limitless natural beauty and tranquility, aims to provide a delightful experience. This lovely resort in Saputara offers you breathtaking views of Saputara together with all the top-notch amenities and gracious Indian hospitality. The property’s secluded location gives you unhindered views of the surrounding lush countryside that is unspoiled by crowds of tourists. Spend time here with friends and family and create some of your favorite memories.

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Address : Gat No. 140,141, Saputara-Nashik Road, Hatgad, Maharashtra 422211

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6. Mount View Saputara Tent City Resort, Saputara

the Mount Saputara Tent City is situated away from the hectic city life in the midst of enticing natural beauty. With its calm atmosphere and serene surroundings, this farm stay will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on you. You will surely fall for the farm house’s illusion that it is a haveli due to its architectural style.

The resort’s accommodations are luxuriously furnished and exquisitely decorated to make your stay one to remember.

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Address : Tablet Top Point, Saputara, Ta: Ahwa, Dist:, Saputara, 394720

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7. Patang Lords Eco Inn Resort, Saputara

The perfect weekend vacation This resort in Saputara gives you the opportunity to have an environmentally friendly vacation. In this upscale hill town in Southern Gujarat, adjacent to the boat club, this refreshing residence offers you a distinctive experience. Staying comfortably here will bring you closer to the peaceful surroundings.

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Address : Saputara – Nashik Rd, opp. Boating Club, Saputara, Gujarat 394720

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8. Savshanti Lake Resort, Saputara

The best way conceivable serves as Savshanti Lake Resort’s justification for its moniker. Take in the tranquility of the entire location, which is crowned in the lovely hill town of Saputara. This resort is one of many in Saputara that guarantees you an experience you won’t soon forget, away from the dusty roads and horn-blaring cars.

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Address : Nageshwar Mahadev Road, Saputara, 394720

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9. Villas De Resort, Saputara

Villas De Resort is an exceptionally well-equipped resort with a ton of contemporary amenities. The resort’s rooms are really roomy, and you can definitely enjoy the kind hospitality. The personnel will lavishly treat you while you are there. These saputara resorts are well known for their in-house restaurant, which serves delicious cuisine to visitors.

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Address : Villas De Resort B/S Uday Hill Resort, Saputara – Nashik Rd, Hatgad, Maharashtra 423502

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10. White Feather Resort, Saputara

The White Feather Resort is tucked away in the Western Ghat’s unique evergreen forest. This lodging facility will provide you with a picture-perfect setting in which to unwind and spend time with your loved ones in peace. The resort includes 46 chic rooms with contemporary accents and technologies that are ideal for an ultimate luxury vacation experience. You will just fall in love with this location throughout your stay due to the welcoming hospitality of the personnel and the delicious cuisine served in the on-site restaurant.

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Address : Jainmandir Road, Saputara, 394720

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Tour Plan For Saputara :

Saputara is a beautiful hill station located in the Dang district of Gujarat, India. It offers stunning views of the Western Ghats and lush green landscapes. While there might be many resorts in Saputara, here’s a list of 10 highly rated ones that you can consider for your trip plan:

Day 1: Arrival in Saputara

  • Arrive in Saputara by morning/afternoon.
  • Check-in at one of the top resorts from the list below:
    1. Aakar Lords Inn
    2. Chitrakoot Hill Resort
    3. Shilpi Hill Resort
  • After settling in, take some rest and freshen up.
  • In the evening, visit the Saputara Lake and enjoy boating amidst the picturesque surroundings.
  • Explore the local market and try some local snacks.
  • Overnight stay at the resort.

Day 2: Sightseeing in Saputara

  • After breakfast, head to the Saputara Tribal Museum to learn about the region’s tribal culture and history.
  • Visit the Artist Village, showcasing the works of local artisans and craftsmen.
  • Proceed to the Sunset Point for breathtaking views of the setting sun over the Dang forest.
  • Have lunch at a local restaurant.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Saputara Adventure Park for some fun activities like zip-lining and rope courses.
  • Return to the resort for a relaxing evening and take advantage of the resort’s amenities.
  • Overnight stay at the resort.

Day 3: Nature and Departure

  • Check-out from the resort after breakfast.
  • Visit the beautiful Gira Falls, located about 52 km from Saputara. Enjoy the mesmerizing views and take photos.
  • Alternatively, you can explore the dense forests of the Dang district or go for a trek in the surrounding hills.
  • Have lunch at a local eatery.
  • After lunch, start your journey back home or to your next destination.

List of Top Resorts in Saputara:

  1. Aakar Lords Inn – Address: Near Police Station, Saputara, Dang, Gujarat.
  2. Chitrakoot Hill Resort – Address: Police Station Road, Saputara, Dang, Gujarat.
  3. Shilpi Hill Resort – Address: Nasik Road, Saputara, Dang, Gujarat.

Enjoy your stay in the beautiful hill station of Saputara!

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