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Top 10 Pre-Wedding Location Near Surat

These days, every other couple wants to get the pre-wedding shoot before officially their wedding festivities begin because pre-wedding shoots are fun and couples get to spend some quality time as well. But planning a pre-wedding shoot is a daunting task. Right from selecting the location to deciding on the photographer, there is a lot to do. Therefore, yourvacationtrip.com brings you a list of Pre-Wedding Location Near Surat that can help you in planning smoothly.

Pre-Wedding Location Near Surat

1. Tichakia, Songadh:-

Tichakia is a tiny village or hamlet in Songadh Taluka in Surat District. It is 80 Km east of the Surat City. Best location for pre wedding video shoot in Doswada village. It is Perfect Place for couple those who love photography with Nature.

2. Pix’O’City :-

Pix’O’City is a well-known Surat cinematography production studio. This picture and video studio is unique in that they have a variety of urban and rural settings. This place has it all, with both a charming cafe setting and a gorgeous nature backdrop. Take a look at Pix’O’City if you and your significant other wish to have multiple backdrops for your pre-wedding photos but don’t want to go to other places. Young couples looking for an enjoyable pre-wedding shoot location in Surat that doesn’t wear them out will find it rather simple thanks to their amazing sets.

3. Bilpudi Waterfall :-

Traveling to the Bilpudi Waterfall is highly recommended, particularly in the monsoon season. The scene of the pouring water against the beautiful backdrop is incredibly intriguing and mesmerizing. Families may take in the beauty of nature here in ideal harmony. It’s the perfect Pre Wedding Places and also vacation spot near Surat for people looking for action and leisure because of its accessibility and family-friendly atmosphere. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take in the tranquil beauty of Bilpudi Waterfall.

4. Surat Castle :-

Also referred to as the “Old Fort,” the Surat Castle is a relic from the 16th century. Originally constructed as a buffer against the Portuguese, it is now a popular tourist destination and famous for its old heritage vibe. Even if it’s not as opulent as some other forts you may have seen, its rustic charm never goes away. This fort is still intact after standing for centuries. Thus, you ought to visit Surat Castle if you’re looking for pre-wedding photo venues in Surat with a vintage feel.

5. Dumas Beach :-

Less than an hour’s journey separates Surat and Dumas Beach. The beach here contains black sand, which is an interesting fact. There is a soothing atmosphere here. Its tranquility makes it ideal for a pre-wedding photo session as well. This is a great location for pre-wedding photos for beach enthusiasts. For the greatest views, visit Dumas Beach just before or right after sunset. Here, you and your partner will be able to enjoy some quiet time together.

6. Verona Film City :-

Located in Surat, Verona Film City is a prestigious film city. There are tons of gorgeous sets in this incredible photo studio that would be ideal for your pre-wedding photo session. Verona Film City can accommodate all of your pre-wedding shoot needs with over 35 distinct sets and over 45 backdrops. Verona Film City has everything, whether your preference is for an Amsterdam Road or a Raj Gharana. We adore picture studios since they provide you with a very pleasant pre-wedding shoot. If you wish to have a variety of pre-wedding photography locations without making a lot of travel arrangements, you should definitely take it into consideration.

7. Mayadevi Temple :-

South Gujarat’s best natural area is Mayadevi Dang. In the Dang district’s Bhenskatri village stands the Mayadevi temple. The Purna River and a forested environment border this Hindu temple. The primary temple is located in a secret cave; to get there, we must cross a river and enter a cave beneath it. The secondary temple is by a river. This area is home to a verdant forest, a picturesque river, grasslands, black rocks, and magnificent mountains during the monsoon season. Nature enthusiasts and photographers will appreciate this location. A small check dam on the river adds to its attractiveness when it overflows. This check dam is also suitable for bathing.

8. Dutch Garden  :-

The Dutch Garden is located in Surat’s Nanpura neighborhood. It has a formal garden and a cemetery honoring Dutch and English explorers who came to Surat. People who enjoy taking walks and finding some quiet time often visit this garden, which is among the best-kept in all of Surat. With its European architecture, the Dutch Garden is lush and verdant. Here are a lot of mausoleums as well. The park is much more beautiful because of the joyful flow of the Tapi river on one side of it. The Dutch Garden is a vibrant location now, rather than a place of grief. If you want a crisp green backdrop for your pre-wedding photos, you have to come here.

9. Suvali Beach :-

Just30 Min Away from Surat city, beach called Suvali Beach is perfect wedding destination near surat. This gorgeous beach is special because of its black sand. It is well known and cherished that the modern Indian Navy was born at Suvali Beach. This Peaceful beach is ideal for your pre-wedding photo session because it is not overly packed. It will provide your pre-wedding photo shoot a serene atmosphere. Suvali Beach has some of the most captivating vistas at sunset or sunrise, as with other beaches. also there are many pre wedding set also available at beach side for that you have pay minimal Fees.

10. Nargol Beach :-

Nargol is a charming coastal village in Valsad District, Located near the Maharashtra border, Gujarat. A Famous Aviary, often visited by the Parsi which is the oldest and most famous of the Parsi fire temples, is also present near the beach.
It’s the perfect place for people in search of a Beach with silence & looking for some Gothic/Heritage touch in place. It is 62 km away from Valsad city and the distance between Taluka HQ umber gaon and Nargol beach covers 16 km or 9.9 miles or 8.6 nautical miles. Also a favorite place for photographers for pre-wedding shooting.

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