Best Places To Visit In Pondicherry (Timing, Fees, Location)

The South Indian coastal town of Pondicherry, often called Puducherry, is attractive and has a distinctive fusion of French and Indian cultures. Because of the relaxed environment, stunning beaches, and old colonial buildings, it is a well-liked vacation spot. Here is a recommended schedule for your trip to Pondicherry:

Places To Visit In Pondicherry

1. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Paradise Beach, one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Pondicherry, is situated near Chunnambar along the Cuddalore road. You can reach this unspoiled beach via ferry from Chunnambar. Its clear waters, silky white and golden sand, and serene surroundings captivate tourists. The lovely beach has built-in shacks to lay beneath, good changing areas, showers, and spotless restrooms.
The beach is heavily populated on the weekends with both locals and visitors. Swimming at Paradise Beach is not recommended, and visitors are not permitted to consume alcohol there. To try your hand at fishing, you can, however, hire a fishing rod from the store nearby.

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About Paradise Beach :

Best Time To VisitOctober and March
Location LocationManaveli Rd, Chinna Veerampattinam, Pondicherry
TimingEveryday Open From 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Paradise Beach Entry Fees :-

  • Rs 150 per person.
  • Rs 150 per person
  • Rs 20 for Camera
  • Rs 40 for Video Camera
  • Rs 30 for 2 Seater Pedal
  • Rs 60 for 4 Seater Pedal
  • Rs 20 for 1 Seater Kayak
  • Rs 30 for Avarage Boat Ride
  • Rs 120 – 300 An auto would cost around for rides

2. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicheery :-

Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, which was established in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo, is one of the most serene and spiritual tourist destinations in Pondicherry. There are libraries throughout the large ashram. Numerous physical education events are held there, including sports, asanas, strength training, and swimming.
Under a frangipani tree, Sri Aurobindo’s Samadhi, or mausoleum, is located in the middle of the ashram. This ashram is among the top destinations in Pondicherry to visit if you have a penchant for spirituality, yoga, and meditation.

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About Sri Aurobindo Ashram :

Best Time To VisitAnytime in Year
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
TimingEveryday Open From
8:00 am – 12:00 pm
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Location :-

Near Junction of Manakula Vinayagar No. 9 Marine Street, Manakula Vinayagar Koil St, Near Junction of, White Tow, Pondicherry.

3. Auroville, Pondicherry :-

The Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s companion in spirit, created the sought-after “City of Dawn,” the futuristic township known as Auroville Ashram. One of the top attractions in Pondicherry is Auroville, which attempts to bring people from all backgrounds and regions of the world together by removing obstacles like caste, creed, position, and religion and enabling them to coexist in peace.
The Matrimandir, a gigantic meditation center where one might just sit and meditate on one’s inner self, is the enormous golden globe-like edifice that stands in the center of Auroville. When constructing this township, earth from 124 different nations was transported to the ashram and combined with other soils in an urn.

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About Auroville :

Best Time To VisitNovember-March
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationAuroville Rd, Auroville, Bommayapalayam, Pondicherry
TimingEveryday Open From 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

4. Promenade Beach, Pondicherry :-

A naturally occurring rocky promenade in Pondicherry has grown in popularity among photographers as a destination. This naturally beautiful area has a pleasant sea air that is great for long strolls and fun-filled gala times with your loved ones. Around this upscale region, many restaurants serving delectable cuisine are located. Near the promenade, there are hawkers selling cotton candy and peanuts. A photo taken at the Promenade Pondicherry does a fantastic job of serving as a visual record of your visit if only one is required.

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About Promenade Beach :

Best Time To VisitOctober until May
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationBeach Road, Pondicherry

5. Serenity Beach, Pondicherry :-

Serenity beach is a captivating stop for travelers in Pondicherry sightseeing if they’re looking for a peaceful day. With its golden dunes and azure waters, which welcome guests with a panoramic perspective, it boasts the exquisite beauty of nature.
The stunning beach is a perfect place to relax with a book in the shade or spend a cool day in Pondicherry with your loved ones. It also offers surfing.

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About Serenity Beach :

Best Time To VisitNovember to February.
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationVilla La Serenity Connecting Rd, Pondicherry
TimingEveryday Open From 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

6. Chunnambar Boat House, Pondicherry :-

Chunnambar Boathouse, also known as “Plage Paradiso,” is a magnificent boating and picnic area situated on the backwaters where the Chunnambar River meets the Bay of Bengal. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Pondicherry is Chunnambar, where you may sunbathe, get sunburned, and even participate in beach sports with your family and friends.
Additionally, you can enjoy boating in motorboats, speed boats, sailboats, rowed boats, water scooters, paddle boats, and pedal boats as you cruise through the serene backwaters surrounded by dense mangrove trees. There are lots of eateries in this area that serve tantalizing, sizzling Chinese and Tandoori food. Adventurers who adore jet skiing can experience unending thrills.

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About Chunnambar Boat House :

Best Time To VisitSeptember to March
Entry Fees Entry FeesRs 15 per person for Adult
Ra 5 per person for Children (4 – 8 years)
TimingEveryday Open From 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Chunnambar Boat House Location :-

National Highway 45A | Near Water Sports Complex, Nonankuppam, Pondicherry

7. The Pondicherry Botanical Garden, Pondicherry :-

The Pondicherry Botanical Garden, which spans 22 acres of land, is a must-see Pondicherry tourist attraction. The French colonists who established this lush green garden collected exotic plant species from all over the world and raised them here.
The garden now boasts 1500 different plant species, and placards label each one with its scientific name and colloquial name. This outperforms other tourist attractions in Pondicherry thanks to additional information on the tree’s usage, the amount of oxygen it produces, and its medical properties. The garden’s main entrance exemplifies French architectural style.

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About The Pondicherry Botanical Garden :

Best Time To Visitwinter months.
Entry Fees Entry FeesRs 10 per person for Adult
Rs 5 per person for Children
TimingEveryday Open From 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Pondicherry Botanical Garden Location :-

Marimalai, Maraimalai Adigal Salai, Near Anna Statue, Orleanpet, Pondicherry

8. French war Memorial, Pondicherry :-

One of the most important historical sites in Pondicherry is The French War Memorial, which is situated on Goubert Avenue. The memorial was erected in honor of the brave warriors who lost their lives in World War I.
Every year on July 14th, Bastille Day (French National Day), locals and visitors come together to pay their respects at the memorial, which is illuminated. The memorial is a masterpiece of architecture that rises tall while retelling untold wartime tales.

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About French war Memorial :

Best Time To VisitOctober to March,
Entry Fees Entry FeesRs 10 per person
Location LocationGoubert Avenue, Pondicherry
TimingEveryday Open From
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

9. The Pondicherry Museum, Pondicherry :-

The collection of 81 elaborately carved bronze sculptures from the Chola dynasty is a prized possession at this art and history museum in Pondicherry. In addition to the bronze statues gathered from the Chola and Pallava dynasties, the museum also has artifacts from the Arikamedu archaeological digs, which transport visitors back in time hundreds of years. Viewing all of the collections on display takes two full hours. The museum is closed every Monday, unlike other of Pondicherry’s well-known attractions, which are open every day of the week.

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About The Pondicherry Museum :

Best Time To VisitMarch to June
Entry Fees Entry FeesRs 10 per person for Adults
Rs 5 per person for Children
Rs 50 per person for Foreigners
Location LocationEaswaran Kovil Street, Canteen St, Pondicherry
TimingEveryday Open From
9:00 am – 6:30 pm
Monday Closed / Holiday

10. Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Pondicherry :-

One of India’s oldest Hindu temples, Manakula Vinayagar Temple is thought to have been constructed before the 15th century. The Tamil name for this temple, Manakulam, means “sand pond” and it is dedicated to Bhavaneshar Ganapathy (Ganesha). A large mandapam, raja gopuram, and praharam are features of the temple’s construction in the royal Tamilian style, and stunning murals depicting scenes from Hindu mythology can be found on its walls. The main draw at this temple is the chariot, which was constructed using teak wood and 7.5 kg of gold. Visit this temple on the Vijayadasami day of Dussehra to see the Lord being driven out of it in this lavishly decorated chariot.

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About Manakula Vinayagar Temple :

Best Time To VisitOctober to March
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationManakula Vinayagar Koil St, White Town, Pondicherry.
TimingEveryday Open From
5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Best Street Foods & Places in Pondicherry:

  • 1) Samosas near South Boulevard
  • 2) Pani Puri on Lal Bahadur Shastri Street
  • 3) Bondas on Mission Street
  • 4) Masala Puri on Lenin Street
  • 5) Sandwiches at Dhool
  • 6) Mutton Rolls on Mission Street
  • 7) Crab Masala Fry on Rangapillai Road
  • 8) Khowsuey on Mission Street
  • 9) Parotas at Hotel Rolex
  • 10) Dosa at Annapoorna

Tour Plan For Pondicherry :

The following itinerary is a suggestion for visiting Pondicherry:

Day 1: Arrival in Pondicherry

  1. Arrival: Arrive in Pondicherry, either by road from nearby cities like Chennai or by air to Chennai Airport followed by a drive.
  2. Check-in: Check in to your chosen accommodation. Pondicherry offers a range of hotels, guesthouses, and boutique lodgings to suit various budgets.
  3. Promenade Beach: Begin your exploration by visiting Promenade Beach, a popular spot for a leisurely walk by the sea. Enjoy the sunset and the cool breeze.
  4. French Quarter: Explore the charming French Quarter with its colonial architecture, vibrant streets, and colorful buildings. Take a stroll along Rue Saint Gilles and Rue Romain Rolland.

Day 2: Exploring Pondicherry

  1. Aurobindo Ashram: Start your day with a visit to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a spiritual center founded by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Spend time in meditation and peaceful contemplation.
  2. Auroville: Visit Auroville, an experimental township dedicated to human unity and spiritual growth. Explore the Matrimandir, a meditation center with stunning architecture.
  3. Pondicherry Museum: Discover the history and culture of the region at the Pondicherry Museum. It houses a collection of artifacts, sculptures, and archaeological findings.
  4. Bharathi Park: Relax at Bharathi Park, a peaceful green space in the heart of the town. Enjoy a leisurely walk or a picnic here.

Day 3: Cultural and Spiritual Exploration

  1. Manakula Vinayagar Temple: Visit this popular temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It’s known for its vibrant architecture and the friendly temple elephant.
  2. Botanical Garden: Explore the Botanical Garden, featuring a wide variety of plant species, a toy train, and a musical fountain.
  3. Puducherry Market: Shop for local handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs at the Puducherry Market. Don’t forget to try some local snacks.
  4. Gingee Fort: Take a day trip to Gingee Fort, an impressive hilltop fortress with a rich history and breathtaking panoramic views.

Day 4: Relaxation and Departure

  1. Serene Beaches: Spend your morning relaxing on one of the other beautiful beaches in Pondicherry, such as Paradise Beach or Auroville Beach.
  2. Cafes and Cuisine: Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a cafe in the French Quarter. Pondicherry is known for its delectable French and South Indian fusion cuisine.
  3. Last-minute Shopping: Use your last afternoon to pick up any last-minute souvenirs or gifts.
  4. Departure: Check out from your accommodation and depart from Pondicherry, taking back wonderful memories.

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