Places to visit in Pavagadh (Ropeway Fees, Timing & Travel Guide)

Pavagadh is a historic hill station located near vadodara Gujarat. Its scenic beauty, ancient temples, and rich cultural heritage make it a famous tourist destination. The hill is home to the well-known Kalika Mata Temple, attracting pilgrims and visitors alike. Additionally, Pavagadh is known for its historical significance, with the ancient Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing a blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles.

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Best Places to visit in Pavagadh

If you’re planning a visit to Pavagadh, here are some key points of interest and information to make your trip more enjoyable.

1. Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in Panchmahal district in Gujarat, India. It is located around the historical city of Champaner, a city which was founded by Vanraj Chavda, the most prominent king of the Chavda Dynasty, in the 8th century.

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About Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park :

Best Time To VisitNovember to February
Location LocationChampaner, Panchmahal, Gujarat

Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park Timing & Entry Fees :

  • Entry fee is Rs. 30 for Indians & Rs. 500 for Foreigners.
  • Opens Everyday from 08:30 am to 05:00 Pm

2. Kalika Mata Temple, Pavagadh

Kālikā Mata Temple is a Hindu goddess temple complex and pilgrim centre at the summit of Pavagadh Hill in Panchmahal District, India, with in the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park. It dates from the 10th or 11th centuries.

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About Kalika Mata Temple, Pavagadh :

Best Time To VisitOctober to February
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Ropeway :
Per Person Rs 120/- (Approx)
Location Location Pavagadh bava bazar Pavaghadh, Gujarat

Kalika Mata Mandir, Pavagadh Timing :

  • Darshan Timing : 6.00AM to 7.30PM

Morning Aarti : 06 :00AM

Evening Aarti: 07:00 PM

3. Navlakha Kothar, Pavagadh

The valley of the enormous expanse of Mouliatuk is known as the Navlakhi Valley, and it is located north of the tallest point of the Pavagadh mountain. Here, the historic structure bearing the Navlakha Kothar’s name offers a summary of Mughal construction. On the outskirts of the Navlakhi Valley, there is a T-shaped brick structure with seven distinct pieces and a big dome that is said to have served as a food storage facility in the past.

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About Navalakha Kothar :

Best Time To VisitMonsoon 
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationDhinkva, Gujarat

4. Sadanshah Pir Dargah, Pavagadh

The temple was reportedly saved from destruction by Sadanshah Peer, a Hindu fakir who converted to Islam to join Mahmud Begda’s court after the latter founded his Sultanate in Gujarat and conquered Pavagadh.

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About Sadanshah Pir Dargah :

Best Time To VisitOctober to June
Entry Fees Entry FeesRs 30/- per person
Location Locationjakhala Gujarat

5. Manchi Fort, Pavagadh

At the foot of Pavagadh Hill, which is separated into three sections, is this majestic building known as Manchi Fort or Pavagadh Fort. When you reach Pavagadh, you will be greeted with the magnificent splendour of the fort, which is situated at plateau level. The courageous Solanki Kingdom called this place home. The monument has been beautifully conserved and cared for, drawing a large number of tourists and history enthusiasts. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Pavagadh is Manchi Fort. The historical remains at this location remind us about the valiant and regal Solanki Kingdom.

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About Manchi Fort :

Best Time To Visit October to February
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationManchi Haveli, Pavagadh

6. Jain Temples, Pavagadh

The Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains the Pavagadh temples, which are renowned for their architecture. Three Jain temple complexes, including a total of seven Jain temples, a dharamshala, and an elderly residence, can be found at Pavagadh.

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Address :  Pavagadh Hil, Gujarat

About Jain Temples :

Best Time To VisitOctober to February
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationPavagadh Hil
Timing 06 am to 05 pm

Ropeway at Pavagadh- Udankhatola

The ropeway length is 763 meters and all cabins are enclosed. All cabins can accommodate 6 people each. With the ropeway ride that starts from Maachi, visitors can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the hills and forests around. The ropeway has made the “Darshan” of Mahakalika more suitable to those who are not able to climb such a height.

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Timings of Udankhatola or Ropeway at Pavagadh

  • April to June: 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • October to November: 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • July to September: 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • December to March: 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • Time taken by Ropeway: 6 minutes

Fees of Udankhatola or Ropeway at Pavagadh

  • Normal Tickets : Rs 150/- Per Person
  • Normal Child Ticket (Below 110 Cm ): Rs 80/-

Hotel near Pavagadh temple:

Whether you’re looking for a hotel, an inn, a guest house, or a Dormitory near Pavagadh temple there are quite a few options available for short-term accommodations. Which is Usma Sachi Vishranti Bhuvan, Shiv Shakti Niwas, and Champaner Nivas at a reasonable cost with good hospitality.

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Tour Plan For Pavagadh :

Certainly! I can assist you in planning a vacation to Pavagadh. Gujarat, India’s state capital and a well-known tourist attraction, is home to Pavagadh. It is well-known for its religious and historical significance. Here is a proposed itinerary for visiting Pavagadh:

Day 1:

  • Arrive in Vadodara: Start your trip by reaching Vadodara, the nearest major city to Pavagadh. You can fly into Vadodara Airport or arrive by train.
  • Visit Sayaji Garden: Once you reach Vadodara, visit Sayaji Garden, a beautiful park known for its lush greenery, flower beds, and a small zoo.
  • Laxmi Vilas Palace: Explore the majestic Laxmi Vilas Palace, the residence of the royal Gaekwad family. Admire the stunning architecture and explore the museum inside the palace.
  • Travel to Pavagadh: From Vadodara, travel to Pavagadh, which is approximately 50 km away. You can hire a taxi or take a local bus.

Day 2:

  • Visit Kalika Mata Temple: Start your day early and hike up the hill to reach the Kalika Mata Temple, located at the summit of Pavagadh. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Explore Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park: After visiting the temple, explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park. It is an ancient city with well-preserved forts, palaces, mosques, and stepwells. Don’t miss the Jami Masjid, a beautiful mosque with intricate carvings.
  • Rope-way Ride: Take a rope-way ride to descend the hill and enjoy the scenic beauty of Pavagadh from above.

Day 3:

  • Explore local markets: Spend some time exploring the local markets in Pavagadh, where you can buy traditional handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs.
  • Mahakali Temple: Visit the Mahakali Temple, another important religious site in Pavagadh. It is believed to be one of the 51 Shaktipeethas (sacred places of worship dedicated to the goddess Shakti).
  • Explore nearby attractions: If time permits, you can visit nearby attractions like Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary or Hathni Waterfall.

Have fun Travelling to Pavagadh!

FAQ About places to visit in Pavagadh Hill

How many steps does Pavagadh have?

1800 total steps from manchi to top of the Pavagadh hill.

Which is the best time for Pavagadh?

October to February are the best months to visit Pavagadh.

How much time required to visit Pavagadh?

A day is enough to visit pavagadh.

What are the best places to visit in Pavagadh Hill?

Champaner, Kalikamata Temple, Jain Temple, Manchi Fort, Navlakha Kothar are the best places to visit in pavagadh

How far statue of unity from pavagadh?

About 2 hr 12 min (102.1 km)

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