Dwarka Travel Guide | Places to Visit in Dwarka, Gujarat

Dwarka is an ancient city located in the state of Gujarat, India. It holds huge religious significance for Hindus as it is believed to be the legendary kingdom of Lord Krishna. The Dwarkadheesh Temple is also known as the Jagat Mandir and it is made from limestone and sand. Dwarka is home to the famous Dwarkadhish Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, which attracts thousands of devotees every year.

Best Places to Visit in Dwarka

The city is also known for its beautiful beaches, including the popular Dwarka Beach and Beyt Dwarka. The archaeological excavations in Dwarka have revealed submerged structures that indicate its historical and mythological importance. With its rich cultural heritage and religious fervor, Dwarka remains a significant pilgrimage site and a tourist place.

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Address : Shree Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka.

Dwarka : Places to Visit in Dwarka
Dwarka : Places to Visit in Dwarka

Dwarka Temple Timing :

Dwarkadhish Temple darshan timings start from 06:30 am to 01:00 pm and from 05:00 pm till 9:30 pm. These timings for darshan at Dwarkadhish Temple Gujarat are the same for all days of the week.

Morning Timing :

06:30 amMangla Arti
06:30 am to 08:00 amMangla Darshan
08:00 am to 09:00 amAbhishek Pooja [Snan Vidhi]: Darshan Closed
09:00 am to 09:30 amShringar Darshan
09:30 am to 09:45 amSnanbhog : Darshan Closed
09:45 am to 10:15 amShringar Darshan
10:15 am to 10:30 amShringarbhog: Darshan Closed
10:30 am to 10:45 amShringar Arti
11:05 am to 11:20 amGwal Bhog: Darshan Closed
11:20 am to 12:00 pmDarshan
12:00 pm to 12:20 pmRajbhog: Darshan Closed
12:20 pm to 01:00 pmDarshan
01:00 pmAnosar, Darshan Closed

Evening Timing :

5:00 pm UthappanFirst Darshan
05:30 pm to 05:45 pmUthappan Bhog: Darshan Closed
05:45 pm to 07:15 pmDarshan
07:15 pm to 07:30 pmSandhya Bhog: Darshan Closed
07:30 pm to 07:45 pmSandhya Arti
08:00 pm to 08:10 pmShayanbhog: Darshan Closed
08:10 pm to 08:30 pmDarshan
08:30 pm to 08:35 pmShayan Arti
08:35 pm to 09:00 pmDarshan
09:00 pm to 09:20 pmBantabhog and Shayan : Darshan Closed
09:20 pm to 09:30 pmDarshan
09:30 pmDarshan Mandir Closed

Best time to visit are November to February and during the huge Janmashtami celebrations that take place in Dwarka .

History Of Dwarka :

  • According to Hindu mythology, Dwarka was the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom and was known as “Dwaravati” or “Dwarka Kingdom.” It is mentioned in various ancient Hindu scriptures like the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and the Harivamsa. Lord Krishna, along with his Yadava clan, ruled over Dwarka and established a prosperous and righteous kingdom.
  • Archaeological excavations conducted in the area have provided evidence of the existence of a city that dates back to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. The submerged structures found near the present-day Dwarka indicate that the city was an important port and maritime center during that time.
  • In the epic Mahabharata, Dwarka plays a significant role as it was the base of operations for Lord Krishna during the Kurukshetra War. After Lord Krishna’s demise, the city is believed to have been submerged under the Arabian Sea.

Places to visit in Dwarka

  1. Dwarkadhish Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is the main attraction of Dwarka. It is believed to be one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites and holds great religious significance.
  2. Rukmini Devi Temple: Situated approximately 2 kilometers away from the Dwarkadhish Temple, this temple is dedicated to Rukmini, the consort of Lord Krishna. It is a popular place of worship for devotees.
  3. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple: Located around 12 kilometers from Dwarka, this temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed to be the first of the Jyotirlingas and attracts a large number of devotees.
  4. Gomti Ghat: It is a sacred bathing ghat where devotees take a dip in the holy Gomti River. The ghat has small temples and steps leading to the river, offering a serene and spiritual ambiance.
  5. Sudama Setu: This bridge is associated with the friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama, his childhood friend. It connects the main city of Dwarka with the Panchnada Tirtha area and offers a beautiful view of the sea.
  6. Bet Dwarka: Located around 30 kilometers from Dwarka, Bet Dwarka is an island known for its historical and religious significance. It is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna resided with his family and friends.
  7. Gopi Talav: Situated near the Dwarkadhish Temple, Gopi Talav is a small pond associated with the legends of Lord Krishna and the Gopis (cowherd girls). It is a peaceful spot for relaxation and reflection.

Photo’s of Dwarkadhish Temple

Hotels in dwarka near Temple :

According to tripadvisor.in here is few best hotels to stay in dwarka, Gujarat.

Trip Plan For Dwarka

If you’re planning a trip to Dwarka, here’s a recommended itinerary to help you make the most of your visit:

Day 1:

  • Start your day by visiting the iconic Dwarkadhish Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna. Experience the divine atmosphere and take part in the morning aarti (ritual worship).
  • Explore the nearby Rukmini Devi Temple, which holds great mythological significance and is dedicated to Lord Krishna’s consort, Rukmini.
  • Visit the Gomti Ghat and take a holy dip in the sacred Gomti River. It is believed that Lord Krishna’s original capital, Dwarka, lies submerged beneath these waters.
  • Enjoy a serene sunset at Dwarka Beach and witness the beautiful colors spread across the sky.

Day 2:

  • Take a boat ride to Beyt Dwarka, an island located nearby. Explore the ancient Dhwaja Temple and the famous Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve sacred Jyotirlingas (shrines) dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Visit the Dwarka Lighthouse, which offers panoramic views of the city and the Arabian Sea.
  • Explore the lively local markets of Dwarka, where you can shop for traditional handicrafts, textiles, and religious souvenirs.
  • In the evening, attend the evening aarti at Dwarkadhish Temple and immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance.

Day 3:

  • Embark on a day trip to nearby attractions such as the beautiful Bet Dwarka Beach and the ancient temple of Somnath, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas and a significant pilgrimage site.
  • Visit the Sudama Setu (Sudama Bridge), named after Lord Krishna’s childhood friend Sudama. It connects the mainland with the pilgrimage site of Sudama Puri.
  • Take a relaxing stroll along the Gomti River and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Remember to check the temple timings and plan your visit accordingly. Also, carry comfortable footwear, sunscreen, and drinking water, as you may have to walk and explore various sites.

Restaurants in Dwarka

According to tripadvisor.in here is few best Restaurants in Dwarka, Gujarat.

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FAQ About Dwarka Mandir :

Is Dwarka real or myth?

1980s some marine biologists discovered massive structures beneath the sea which caught the attention of the world.

Where did Krishna died in Dwarka?

Bhalka, near Somnath temple.

How did Balram died?

In the Bhagavata Purana, it is described that after Balarama took part in the battle causing the destruction of the remainder of the Yadu dynasty and witnessing the disappearance of Krishna, he sat down in a meditative state and departed from this world.

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