Top 10 Most Expensive Private Island In The World

You can have a costly watch, or a stylish Super car, a yacht, a vast mansion, or even a private jet – but nothing shows incredible wealth and richness than having your personal piece of land enclosed by the sea.

Wouldn’t we all love to live in ultimate luxury and privacy on our own private Island? However, you require an excessive amount of cash to own a private island or even rent one for a week.

Top 10 Most Expensive Private Island In The World

So, are you ready to see the most expensive islands for sale? Well, keep scrolling to see the most amazing Top 10 Most Expensive Private Island In The World. These islands offer the ultimate getaway for people who can purchase them.

Lisbon Island, Portugal -Most Expensive Private Island In The World $310 Million

The most costly private island on our catalogue is Lisbon Island in Portugal. The price of the island has changed over the years. Once it has been worth up to $350 Million, it is going to $310 Million these days.

Lisbon Island boasts a vast property of 3000 acres. This massive island is an excellent spot for development due to its closeness to Portugal and the sheer size.

There have been talks of developing a golf course and deluxe residential units as the island is an excellent place for commercial developments.

It could be the ideal spot for sporty adventures such as snorkelling and water sports or something more refined such as a luxury golf course or lavish spa amenities, or both.

There is no doubt a consortium of buyers will transform this most expensive private island into a paradise of unimaginable beauty and leisure.

Lisbon Island, Portugal : Most Expensive Private Island In The World
Lisbon Island, Portugal

Vatuvara Private Islands, Fiji – $155 Million

The Vatuvara Islands may cost a whopping $155 Million, but you get a lot more bang for your buck. For this price, the buyer will get four islands in the northern Lau group of Fiji.

The buyer also gets ownership of the Vatuvara foundation. The Vatuvara Foundation is a certified local charitable trust that has a mission of preserving the marine resources of Fiji for a future generation.

The Vatuvara Private Island includes Vatuvara Island, Kanacea Island, Karibu Island, and Adavaci Island. Follow as

Vatuvara island is the second largest at 1200 acres. It has many pure natural wonders such as overgrown tropical forest, white sandy beaches and coral reefs full of diverse marine life.

Some have called it the most beautiful island in Fiji. Kanacea island is the largest in the group and houses seven volcanic summits, white beaches, a deep lagoon, and lush vegetation.

Karibu island is home to the Vatuvara private island resort. This 800-acre island contains luxurious villas and three serene islands near the beach.

Adavaci island is the smallest at 102 acres but still holds several white beaches and lavish gardens.

Most Expensive Private Island In The World

Ronde Island, Grenada – $100 Million

Ronde island is one of the most expensive private islands globally, with an incredible price of $100 Million. This 2,000-acre beautiful island has been on the selling list since 2007, but a buyer is still needed.

The water enclosing the island is exceptionally apparent and offers excellent visibility down to 100 feet. These specialities create the coast an ideal spot for an arrangement of recreational beach ventures.

It has a wide quartz crystal-decorated cave system to swim through. This geographical feature is indeed to win some rich people’s hearts for an island.

These amenities that match a billionaire lifestyle make Ronde Island the third most precious island on the planet.

Most Expensive Private Island In The World

Pumpkin Key, Florida – $95 Million

Pumpkin Key is a private luxury living island established in the Florida Keys. The lush and vibrant 26 acres island is self-adequate with electricity, water, and fiber optics.

At the place, one primary home was already built-in 1985 with three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and a dock master apartment.

Other amenities include two caretakers cottages, tennis courts that also assist as a helipad, and excellent golf cart paths to enjoy a Millionaire Lifestyle.

The pumpkin key’s beautiful waters are the perfect location for scuba diving, snorkeling, and all kinds of fishing, including sportfishing and lobster fishing.

Pumpkin Key is open for $95 million, and if its next buyer wants to open up their resort and doesn’t mind doing some development, there is lots of room on the island to build up to accommodate guests.

Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas – $75 Million

Halls Pond Cay is in the popular Exumas chain of islands. It is only 60 miles off from Nassau’s Bahamas capital, a significant tourist attraction in the Caribbean.

Halls Pond Cay features rolling hills, lavish green vegetation and 12 natural powder-white beaches, making an extraordinary landscape that could belong to one fortunate person for $75 Million.

It is currently underdeveloped, but there are rumours of creating a helipad in a seaplane ramp to make access easier.

The surrounding space is also home to plenty of wildlife and serves as a Sea Park preserved area and part of the Exuma Land. It is currently on sale for $75 million.

Blue Island, Bahamas – $75 Million

Blue Island lies in 700 acres, and is the largest island for sale in the Bahamas. It is an ideal private island for a family looking for a luxurious place for vacation.

Blue Island has some spectacular views of the gorgeous white sand beaches, which you can see from up to 100 feet in elevation.

It already has an existing main house, staff house, 4 miles of road, 3 miles of coastline, and a brand new 5,700-foot asphalt jet landing strip for easy access to the island.

This excellent island only needs someone who will buy it for $75 million, and it will provide the most relaxing getaway possible. Furthermore, the charge to maintain the island could touch up to $200,000 per year.

Motu Tane, Bora Bora – $39 Million

Motu Tane is one of the most amazing islands in the South Pacific, only ten minutes away from Bora Bora main island.

Motu Tane is approximately 10 acres large and contains sandy beaches, tropical foliage, coconut grooves, and some mountainous terrain.

It is correctly outfitted with traditional roof Polynesian huts and 22 other buildings, including nine beach bungalows and two suites that can accommodate up to 20 guests.

You can also explore a library with Polynesian art and artefacts, a photography studio, a beautiful dining room with a wet bar, a garden and two staff quarters.

This luxury living island decked out with the latest and excellent amenities is selling for 39 million dollars.

Charles Island, Bahamas – $39 Million

Charles Island is a 55-acre luxury tropical development established within the harbor of the Spanish Wells community.

Charles is recognized as a mini Dubai as its potency for the combined use of luxury real estate with open zoning.

It is currently serviced by three electrical lines, government water, and telephone service. Any developer could benefit from its facilities given by the Eleuthera locals and Spanish Wells community.

Whoever pays out in buying this one of the best islands for $39 million will have benefits to these every comfort and visitor draws from their neighbors. They will have infinite possibilities to develop in the blank landscape.

Bird Cay, Bahamas – $28 Million

Situated at the berry islands chain. The Bird Cay island was once owned by eccentric British powerboat racer Marion Barbara ‘Joe’ Carstairs.

This 250-acre island features 4.7 miles of waterfront, several impressive beaches, tropical palm trees, and citrus and coconut groves.

A luxury real estate is covered with a two-story building, guest house, swimming pool, and five waterfront cottages.

The island is still on the market as of 2021 and would be perfect for anyone who desires prime land for a private getaway or a golf course.

The Cerralvo Island, Mexico – $20 Million

Cerralvo Island in Mexico is 60 miles east of the city of La Paz. It is 16 miles long, with an approximate area of 35,000 acres.

This one of the most beautiful islands contains arid desert vegetation and habitat with a mountainous ridgeline with altitudes of up to 2100 feet.

The island has consistently excellent weather that feels as if it’s always springtime, making it a pleasant spot for big game fishing or just The island costs 20 million dollars but could easily create a profit much more than that if turned into a resort. It is ideal for water sports, sailing, diving, fishing, and enjoying a day on the beach.

Cerralvo island has enough room to accommodate several cabanas for guests.enjoying nature.

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