Best Places To Visit In Philippines

Philippines : Things to do in & Best Places to visit

This entire Philippines trip guide wraps everything you require to know when touring this attractive land. With more than 7,100 islands to pick from, the Philippines holds a little bit of something for everyone. Here are everything about Best Places to visit

Home to multiple exquisite white sand beaches, dense rice terraces, crystal clear waters, top-class diving, and surfing, the Philippines is gradually becoming a must-visit destination.

Places To Visit In Philippines
Places To Visit In Philippines

Found in South East Asia, the Philippines is not so popular for backpackers to tour, too, because of its deficiency of land links to nearby countries. Apart from this, anyone who travels falls in love with its breathtaking landscapes and friendly locals.

Best time to visit the Philippines :

The perfect time to see the Philippines is from December to February, when you’ll encounter relaxing weather and temperature balancing between 24°C to 31°C. 

It’s that time of the year when one can hope for the most suitable versions of the Philippines and the accessibility to every hidden island’s corner. The country undergoes two seasons all over the year which are as follows:

Dry Season: This season includes neither rain nor humidity along with pleasant temperature, which stays from December till May. It’s an ideal time for visitors to pack their vacation bags.

Rainy Season: This period receives hefty rain and high humidity levels in the air, from June to November. It’s always good to avoid this period to plan your holiday to the country.

The top things to do in the Philippines :

  1. Cliff jumping at Ariel’s Point

Ariel’s Point is a stunning limestone outcrop converted into a superb jumping cliff. Visitors head here to relish a free fall into the ocean underneath from 5 distinct heights varying from 3m to 15 m. 

Please note that these elevations differ with the rise and fall of the water level.

  1. Windsurfing or Kitesurfing in Boracay 

Kitesurfing is an activity where you get dragged by a parachute in the air while standing on a surfing board. In contrast, windsurfing blends a surfing board with a sail-like structure allowing you to glide on the ocean. Boracay is perfect to relish this activity.

  1. Shopping at Roxas Avenue Night Market 

Roxas Avenue Night Market becomes active at six in the evening when the whole street gets illuminated with different food stalls. You must travel here to sample all types of exotic and street food from the country.

  1. Swim in lake Kayangan
Places To Visit In Philippines

Protected by mountains surrounded by lush vegetation, lake Kayangan often trends on the internet for its unmatchable charm. You must visit here and relish a swim.

  1. Snorkeling at Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados is the most excellent site for snorkeling in the Philippines as it includes bright coral reefs and a mixed and exotic variety of aquatic species.

Places To Visit In Philippines :

Now that you have begun to consider heading to the Philippines, you are on the correct path! Naturally, one can wonder with more than 7,000 islands to pick from.

Listed below are some of the most famous traveler areas. 

  • Palawan Island

Palawan is the embodiment of heaven on earth. Sprinkled with multiple idyllic islands with diamond waters and swaying palm trees, every image you take in this attractive area comes out insta-worthy.

Picture yourself cruising through multiple turquoise-colored lagoons as limestone karst mountains envelop you. Sounds too fine to be real? We assure a trip to Palawan is a must for everyone planning to vacation in the country.

Although Palawan comprises many lagoons and islands, Coron, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido are the three major areas to visit. 

  • Boracay Island

Boracay Island is still heaven for many, famous for its powder white sand beaches and lively nightlife. Spend your days sipping affordable beers and rum cokes on the palm-bordering coast while resting in the soothing, whitest sand you have ever witnessed.

Boracay Island

You can even participate in many water activities available here, from windsurfing to kite boarding in Bulabog Beach to scuba diving. The possibilities are limitless. The nightlife is not to be missed; you will usually discover beach parties everywhere. 

Get a trip to Bom Bom Bar for some live jazz music, Exit Bar, and keep your sights set out for a few of the full-moon parties at Area 51 in Bulabog Beach.

  • Cebu

Cebu is a busy cosmopolitan that contains multiple mountains and beaches nearby.

If you are a diving fan, fill your bags and go to Malapascua to earn an opportunity to witness the enchanted thresher sharks. Scuba diving in Pescador and MoalBoal Island is also an unforgettable experience!

  • Banaue Rice Terraces

These 2000-year-old terraces cut into the mountains by the area’s local people are indeed a picture to behold. Wonder at the dense greenery and the cool climate, which is a significant getaway from the relatively harsh heat that the rest of the Philippines tends to possess.

You’ll hit Batad if you go a little further than the Banaue rice terraces. This small hidden village is only accessible by foot. The rice terraces by Batad are gorgeous and dense but are physically demanding to arrive.

  • Bicol Region

Bicol houses the earth’s ideally shaped volcano. Catch the spectacular vistas as you catch the sunrise forming the excellent scene. Please note that the Mayon Volcano is active, so take heed when planning to trek it.

Bicol Region

The 2,460-meter volcano last erupted in 2013 and has burst over 40 times since records started. After seeing the volcano, islands like the Caramoan and Calaguas Islands are fairly nearby. 

Accommodation in Philippines :

The accommodation costs differ depending on how touristy, where you are or built up the area is. Many hip hostels have started in Manila and are suitable sites when you first get there.

Hostels are not quite usual when you head to other areas (although presently, there are a few in both Palawan and Boracay). For budget visitors, you can get a plain bungalow by the seaside for about $10 for a fan room and a clean AC room for $17 to $20.

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