Top 10 Places To Visit In Nashik (Timing, Fees, Location )

Nashik city tour offers a rich tapestry of experiences, blending ancient spirituality with contemporary charm. Explore revered temples like Trimbakeshwar, stroll along the Godavari River ghats, visit vineyards for wine tasting, and immerse yourself in the city’s diverse cultural and historical gems. From religious sanctuaries to scenic landscapes, Nashik provides a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. Here are some places you might want to consider visiting in Nashik.

Places To Visit In Nashik

1. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple : Best Places To Visit In Nashik

Saibaba Temple Shirdi is located about 270 km from Mumbai in Maharashtra. Shirdi is known as the home of revered spiritual leader Sai Baba, and a major pilgrimage site. Shirdi Samadhi Mandir Temple has a beautiful marble statue of Sai Baba, alongside his tomb. Close by are Dwarkamai, a mosque where Sai Baba once lived, and the tree-lined Lendi Garden.

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Shirdi Sai Baba : Best Places To Visit In Nashik

2. Panchvati, Nashik

Panchvati, a holy place for Ramayana devotees, draws a sizable number of travelers. A tranquil town close to Nasik, the location offers brief glimpses of significant Ramayana events. The location has significant religious importance even now because of the Panchvati mythology. Every pilgrim’s list includes places like the Sita Gufa and the Kalaram Temple. On the banks of the Godavari River, the Kumbh Mela attracts a large number of pilgrims from all over the world.

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Panchvati : nashik attractions places
Panchvati, Nashik

About Panchvati :

Best Time To VisitOctober and February
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationNashik, Nashik District, Maharashtra, India, 422003
TimingOpen Everyday

3. Sula Vineyards, Nashik

The Sula Vineyards is a well-known winery that is situated in Nashik, 180 kilometers to the northeast of Mumbai, and is recognized for its grape wine varietals, including Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Zinfandel. The business began on a 30-acre estate in Nashik and has since grown to encompass almost 1800 acres in Nashik and Karnataka. This enormous estate has grown tremendously popular over the years and is open to the general public every day of the year for a round of wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard

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 Sula Vineyards : nashik places to see
Sula Vineyards, Nashik

About Sula Vineyards :

Best Time To VisitJanuary to March
Location LocationGovardhan Village, Off, Gangapur-Savargaon Rd, Nashik, Maharashtra

Sula Vineyards Timing :

  • Sula vineyard is open every day from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm.
  • The restaurants are open from 12:30 pm to 11:30 pm on weekdays and 12 pm to 12 am on weekends.
  • Sula vineyard also have Tour & Tasting sessions on a first come first serve basis, carried every hour from 11:30 am and 10:30 am on weekdays and weekends respectively up to 7 pm.
  • Registrations for the same start at 11 am on weekdays and 10 am on weekends.

Sula Vineyards Entry fees :

  • The entry charges are Rs.600 on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and Rs.1,000 on weekends (Sat-Sun) /festive days per person

4. Dudhsagar Falls, Nashik

Dhudsagar Falls, regarded as one of the nicest falls in the area, provide a panoramic vista with breathtaking scenery. The cascade is indeed a sight to behold when it is in full swing during the monsoon season.

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Dudhsagar Falls : nashik places to visit
Dudhsagar Falls, Nashik

About Dudhsagar Falls :

Best Time To VisitMonsoon
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationAmbedkar Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra
TimingEveryday Open From 6:00 am–9:00 pm

5. Saptashringi Devi Temple, Nashik

A Hindu pilgrimage site called Saptashrungi is about 60 kilometers away from Nasik. The half-Shaktipeeth among the three and a half Shaktipeeths in Maharashtra is the temple dedicated to the goddess Saptashrungi Nivasin. It is thought that one of the limbs from Sati’s (Lord Shiva’s wife) right arm fell here. Saptashrungi is encircled by seven mountain summits with 108 kundas, or lakes of water, and by forests brimming with medicinal plants.

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Saptashrungi : nashik tourist point
Saptashrungi, Nashik

About Saptashringi Devi Temple :

Best Time To VisitMarch to June
Entry Fees Entry FeesSaptashrungi Ropeway Cost :
Adults: Rs 100
Children: Rs 50
Location LocationSaptashrungi Garh Rd, Saptashurngi, Maharashtra 422215.

Timing At Saptashrungi Mandir

  • Darshan Timing : 5:30 am to 9:00 pm
  • Prasad Timings In The Temple: Afternoon –  11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Evening – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Saptashrungi Rope way

  • Saptashringi Ropeway Funicular trolley allows passengers to reach the top in three minutes (1400 m ASL).
  • It saves about 500 stairs from climbing.
  • The trolley travels at an angle of 35 degrees.
  • Each trip will have two air-conditioned trolleys with a capacity of 60 passengers.
  • Services remain open 24/7 from 6:00 AM to 09:30 PM.
  • Charges are Rs 50/ for Children and Rs 100/ for Adults.

6. Trimbakeshwar Mandir , Nashik

One of India’s twelve Jyotirlingas is the Trimbakeshwar Temple. This Shaiva temple may be found near Trimbak, which is 28 KM from Nashik City, at the base of the Brahmagiri Hills. The temple, built in the 18th century by the Maratha king Peshwa Nana Saheb, is mentioned in the potent Mrityunjaya Mantra, which bestows immortality and longevity.

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Trimbakeshwar : nasik places to visit
Trimbakeshwar, Nashik

About Trimbakeshwar Mahdev Mandir :

Best Time To VisitMarch to June
Entry Fees Entry FeesVIP Darshan Rs. 200
Location LocationKevdiban Rd, behind dental college, Godavari MIDC, tapovan, Nashik
TimingEveryday Open 24 hours

7. Pandav Leni Caves, Nashik

The Pandavleni Caves, also known as Pandu Caves or Nasik Caves, are historic rock-cut caves that are situated on the tableland of the Trivashmi Hills, about 8 kilometers south of the center of Nashik in Maharashtra, India. Between the third century BC and the second century AD, several caverns were built. A collection of 24 caves known as the Pandavleni caves stands for Hinayana Buddhism. The mysterious caves also have musical fountains, museums, and a variety of dining options. There are also numerous monasteries, shrines, water tanks, pillars, and carvings inside.

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 Pandav Leni Caves : places in nashik to visit
Pandav Leni Caves, Nashik

About Pandav Leni Caves :

Best Time To VisitJuly until February
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationPandav Lene Rd, Buddha Vihar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra 422010
TimingEveryday Open 24 hours

8. Sita Gufa, Nashik

The Sita Gufa, which is close to Panchvati, is thought to be the location from whence Sita was abducted by Ravana. The caves are accessible through a little staircase. The caves contain statues of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman in addition to a Shivling that Sita is supposed to have worshipped.

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Sita Gufa : places to see at nashik
Sita Gufa, Nashik

About Sita Gufa :

Best Time To VisitJuly to February
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationSita gufa, Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra 422003.
TimingEveryday Open From 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

9. Kapaleshwara Mahadev Temple, Nashik

It is a historical place with no Nandi in the front as an exception.
Since, Lord Shiva killed a cow by mistake, to take penance, Nandi has advised him to bath in Ramkunda & do meditation to get rid of his sin. Lord Shiva did the same & treated Nandi as his Guru. Hence, there is no Nandi in front of the temple.It has a history of the 18th century.
People get blessings if they pray on Mondays or Mahashivaratri.Millions of Hindus have faith associated with this temple.It is just 2 minutes from Ramkund. One must visit this temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva in his/her lifetime.

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 Kapileshwara Temple : places to see in nashik
Kapaleshwara Mahadev Temple, Nashik

About Kapaleshwara Mahadev Temple :

Best Time To VisitJuly until February
Entry Fees Entry FeesNo Entry Fees
Location LocationRamkund, Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra 422003
TimingEveryday Open From 04:00 AM – 09:30 PM

Tour Plan For Nashik :

Day 1: Arrival and Local Exploration

  • Morning: Arrive in Nashik and check into your accommodation.
  • Afternoon: Head to the Sula Vineyards, one of India’s most famous wineries. Take a tour of the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy wine tasting sessions.
  • Evening: Visit Pandavleni Caves, ancient Buddhist rock-cut caves with intricate carvings. The sunset view from here is breathtaking.
  • Dinner: Try some local Maharashtrian cuisine at a nearby restaurant.

Day 2: Religious and Cultural Exploration

  • Morning: Begin your day with a visit to the Trimbakeshwar Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple’s architecture and spiritual significance are impressive.
  • Late Morning: Explore the Anjaneri Fort, believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. The trek to the fort offers beautiful views of the surroundings.
  • Afternoon: Have lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Evening: Visit the Kalaram Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple’s black stone architecture is striking.
  • Dinner: Enjoy a relaxing evening by trying out a local restaurant.

Day 3: Nature and Relaxation

  • Morning: Head to Saptashrungi Devi Temple, situated on a hilltop. The drive itself offers picturesque views. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga.
  • Afternoon: Return to Nashik and have lunch.
  • Late Afternoon: Spend some leisure time by the Gangapur Dam, a serene spot to relax and enjoy the views.
  • Evening: Explore the Ramkund and Godavari Ghat, where pilgrims take a holy dip. The evening aarti (ritual) at the ghats is a peaceful experience.
  • Dinner: Relish local flavors at a restaurant of your choice.

Day 4: Cultural and Shopping Experience

  • Morning: Visit the Coin Museum, showcasing a fascinating collection of coins, currency, and artifacts.
  • Late Morning: Explore the Nashik Caves, a group of 24 Buddhist caves with intricate sculptures and carvings.
  • Afternoon: Enjoy lunch and some rest.
  • Evening: Explore the local markets like Saraf Bazaar and Main Road, known for handicrafts, jewelry, and textiles. You can also shop for some renowned Nashik wine.
  • Dinner: Have a delightful dinner at a local eatery.

Day 5: Departure

  • Morning: Depending on your departure time, you can visit any remaining places or enjoy a leisurely morning.
  • Check-out: Check out of your accommodation and head to the airport or station for your onward journey

Have a wonderful trip to Nashik!

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