Best Places To Visit In Argentina : Things To Do

Colorful, bold and brilliant, Argentina seduces with its vibrant cities, dynamic culture, and an extensive choice of natural marvels.

Argentina has long been among the most beautiful countries in South America, captivating everyone with her special blend of art, culture, cuisine, easy living, and nature. 

In cosmopolitan cities and towns, you will undergo multicultural impacts from all over the world owing to a vast history of immigration. You can come face-to-face in the countryside with crawling glaciers, painted deserts, and incredible peaks carved by ice, wind, and time.

Plan your tour to this charmingly diverse visitor destination with our tourist guide of Argentina.

Argentina : Best Time & Places to Visit

Things to do in Argentina :

  • Wonder at the Perito Moreno Glacier

Standing before one of the earth’s most well-known glaciers is certainly a humbling experience. It’s among the World heritage sites by UNESCO, located in the small town of El Calafate, which has multiple accommodations and other amenities for tourists. 

Perito Moreno Glacier : Things to do in Argentina
Things to do in Argentina

One more significant part of this national park is monte Fitz Roy which is 3359m tall, and it’s a spectacularly stunning mountain enclosed near the border of Chile, tough to ascend as compared to Mt. Everest also.

  • Experience the joy of a milonga

Tango has recently acquired an entirely new audience, with a rising number of youth filling the floors of traditional dance halls and social clubs for frequent local tango events called milongas

Many areas carry classes earlier, and even if you don’t dance, you must still visit one. Watching couples falling almost trance-like around the dancefloor is a stunning view.

  • Witness southern right whales close-up

The deep, calm waters of Península Valdés houses an incredible array of aquatic mammals. Puerto Pirámides is the site for watching whales: from June to December, the nearby waters temporarily house the most prominent of the peninsula’s tourists, the southern right whale. 

Some experiences beat the joy of watching these enormous animals leaping out of the water, approaching your boat, or jutting their tails over the surface as they dive to feed.

  • Explore the Ruta del Vino

The vineyards of Cafayate, a few of the highest worldwide, were initially formed by the Jesuits in the 17th century. The regional specialty, however, is a grape believed to have been carried over from Spain’s Rioja area in the late 19th century: the torrontés. 

With a bit of acidity, the soft, floral white wine it delivers is the ideal complement for the local cuisine but also goes nicely with seafood and fish.

  • Get a taste of the gaucho way of life

The country’s expansive plains are the sacred home of Argentina’s gauchos. Tourists can drum into life on horseback while staying in a classic estancia

Tourists can participate in exciting activities, like polo class with hearty meals or horse riding, or for an overnight stay in the frequently luxurious rooms.

Best Places To Visit In Argentina :

Places To Visit In Argentina
Places To Visit In Argentina
  1. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the most extensive and beautiful city in the country and is also known as the Paris of Argentina. Its most famous destination is Patagonia. 

There are multiple things to witness in this city, such as museums and art galleries housed in the old colonial structures located throughout the city. Don’t forget to explore La Boca; it’s a vibrant neighborhood, and the Caminito Street museum is found here. 

  1. Cordoba sierras

If tall peaks with large streams rushing downhill and stunning flowers is what any visitor believes to be an ideal vacation spot, then Cordoba Sierras is the one. 

It’s a lovely and quiet area close to the Cordoba region and is a must-visit as this contains fantastic scenery. It’s undoubtedly an excellent choice of places to explore in Argentina.

  1. Talampaya National Park

It’s a location for visitors who love dinosaurs and history. This national park is situated in the La Rioja Region and is among the famous historical sites in Argentina. 

It’s an empty spot created out of different rock formations and fossils. It’s incredibly stunning and is a must-visit just to sense the joy of the site.

Talampaya National Park : Best Places To Visit In Argentina
Talampaya National Park
  1. Mar del Plata Beaches

It’s among the most famous Argentina beaches. It’s an excellent location to have a peaceful vacation. However, the beaches can get jammed during the summer but otherwise have an extremely cozy atmosphere. It’s one of the must-visits.

  1. Tilcara

It would be foolish to skip out on the Tilcara oasis if any visitor is touring Argentina. It’s an exceptional place for people who like history as it’s one of the most ancient settlements in the country. 

The colorful rock formations that spread throughout the area make this place more dramatic. 

When to Go to Argentina :

Argentina is massive. The most suitable time of year to see ultimately relies on what areas you plan on touring around.

The country’s spring is between September and November. It’s a great time to travel altogether. 

Summer is between December and February. It’s a fantastic time to spend time in the Andean mountains. It’s also the most suitable time to journey to Tierra del Fuego, although there may still be snow. 

Autumn (March to April) is another excellent period to visit, particularly in the Mendoza and San Juan provinces. Patagonia is also exceptional with its vibrant autumn colors during this period of the year.

Winter is between June and August when temperatures fall to 8 to 13°C (46 to 55°F). It’s a perfect time if you are a skier wishing to beat up ski resorts. It’s not a good time to visit Patagonia, and multiple locations are shut from Easter to October.

Best Places to Stay in Argentina :

  • Design Suites Calafate

The Design Suites hotel in Calafate contains an excellent location overseeing the waters of Lago Argentino, enabling you to indulge in the magnificence of Patagonia. 

You will like the exceptional modern architecture and the amenities varying from an entire health club and fitness facility to an onsite art gallery.

  • Palacio Duhau, Buenos Aires

The Palacio Duhau is a luxurious property found in a Neoclassical building in the center of Buenos Aires. Although it’s near everything from the Casa Rosada Presidential Palace to the city’s best restaurants, the Palacio Duhau has all you might require. 

Onsite, you can revel in the luxury marble bathrooms, relax with cocktails in the cosmopolitan bar, dance the night away in the hotel’s ballroom or enjoy the exclusive cuisine in one of the three restaurants.

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