Navaratri in Gujarat

Best Navratri in Gujarat 2023 (Artist, Location, Fees)

Navratri in Gujarat is a nine-night extravaganza of cultural fervor and religious devotion, celebrated with unparalleled enthusiasm. Navratri will start from the 15th of October and go on for nine days as usual till the 24th of October, 2023. During this vibrant festival, people across the state don colorful traditional attire, come together in communities, and engage in spirited Garba and Raas dances, gracefully moving to the rhythms of folk music. Lamps, Colorful rangolis and Durga idols are used to decorate homes and public areas.Fasting is common during Navratri, with people relishing special, fasting-friendly dishes.

Best Navratri in Gujarat 2023

Temples and pandals are beautifully decorated to honor the goddess, and devotees offer prayers with utmost devotion. This grand celebration not only showcases Gujarat’s rich heritage but also attracts tourists from around the world, making Navratri in Gujarat a mesmerizing blend of culture, faith, and unity.

Best Navratri in Gujarat

Here we mention some best Navaratri celebrations in Gujarat where you can enjoy 9 nights and play Garba.

United Way Of Baroda Garba mahotsav

Experience the magic of Navratri at the United Way of Baroda Garba mahotsav. Get ready for nine nights of energetic Garba, cultural diversity, and community spirit. Celebrate Navratri with us, uniting in dance and joy with one of the best Garba events!

Date: 15th to 23rd October

Location: M M Patel Farm, Near Transpek Silox, Altadara, Baroda

Additional Details:

  • Traditional attire is compulsory for both boys and girls
  • The singer group is Rutumbara for the event
  • Participate in cultural activities and competitions
  • Get delightful food and snacks at the stalls

The University of Baroda Garbamahotsav

Get ready to groove at The University of Baroda Garbamahotsav. Join for nine nights of spirited Garba, cultural immersion, and joyous festivities. Celebrate Navratri in the heart of academia, creating memorable moments with friends using Navratri coupons!

Date: From 15th to 23rd October

Location: Sidcup Tower, Race Course Road, Vadodara

Additional Details:

  • Historic locations with live performances by artists like Atul Purohit in the past
  • Get seats when you register for the event
  • This Garba event is music-centric
  • Garba competition and other programs are part of the itinerary

Shishu Sanskrutik Garba Mahotsav 2023

Shishu Sanskrutik Garba Mahotsav 2023: A celebration of youthful cultural vibrance. Get ready for nine nights of traditional Garba, where children showcase their talent. Experience the joy of Navratri with the future stars at one of the best garba events!

Date: From 15th to 24th October

Location: Shishu Sankruti, near Jhansi Ki Rani Circle

Additional Details:

  • Dates for getting the passes are 26th September to 5th October
  • Collect your offline passes from 16th September
  • Amount is Rs.590 + taxes

Bhadra Fort Navratri Festival

Immerse yourself in the cultural splendor of Bhadra Fort Navratri Festival. Get started for nine nights of vibrant festivities, traditional dance, and spiritual harmony. Celebrate with Navratri coupons and feel the essence of Navratri in the heart of history at Bhadra Fort!

Date: From 15th to 23rd October

Location: Bhadra Fort, Ahmedabad

Additional Details:

  • Popular and Gujarati music
  • Food stalls with authentic dishes, snacks, and other contemporary snacks

Rajpath Club Garba Night, Bodakdev

Elevate your Garba experience at Rajpath Club Garba Night. Book now for a dazzling night of dance and cultural immersion. Celebrate Navratri in style with friends and family, creating cherished memories under the starry sky.

Date: 28th September to 4th October

Location: Rajpath Club, Gandhinagar Highway, Bodakdev

Additional Details:

  • Garba starts from 8 pm
  • Club members pay Rs.150 while guests pay Rs.500 
  • The lineup includes Parth Ojha, Priyanka Basu, Jaykar Bhojak, Arvind Vaidya and more

CEPT University, NID

CEPT University Garba Fest: Embrace the rhythm of tradition and the spirit of celebration. Join this enchanting night of Garba, where culture and dance unite. Create unforgettable memories at CEPT University’s vibrant Navratri extravaganza!

Date: From 15th to 23rd October

Location: CEPT University, opposite Tagore Hall

Additional Details:

  • This Garba celebration starts every day with aarti to mark the Navratri festivity
  • The duration for the event is estimated to be 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Entry is not allowed after 10:30 pm

Gift City Garba Festival 2023, Gandhinagar

Get ready for the Gift City Garba Festival 2023, where the city comes alive with music and dance. Book now for nights filled with vibrant Garba beats, cultural fervor, and unforgettable memories. Celebrate Navratri in style at Gift City!

Artist (Singer) : Brijraj Gadhvi, Mirande Shah, Aditya Gadhvi, Hiral Brahmbhatt, Ishani Dave

Date: From 19th to 23rd October

Location: GIFT city in Gandhinagar

Additional Details:

  • Kids under 10 years of age get free admission
  • Available access to general and VIP area on booking

Kesariya Garba Navrat 2023-Gandhinagar

Artist (Singer) : Vakharia Payal

An initiative by Sahay Foundation Celebrating Kesariya Garba. Gandhinagar`s ever-biggest Garba festival developed in an area of 1,00,000 Square foot with 12000 playing and 15000 seating capacity with healthy food stalls.

An initiative by Sahay Foundation Celebrating Kesariya Garba. Gandhinagar`s ever-biggest Garba festival developed in an area of 1,00,000 Square foot with 12000 playing and 15000 seating capacity with healthy food stalls.

Date: 15 oct to 24 Oct

Time: 10 Pm to 02 pm

Additional Details:

  • An outdoor event 
  • Stalls available with various goods for exhibition
  • Only paid visitor entry allowed

The Big Navratri Exhibition

Step into the grandeur of The Big Navratri Exhibition in Rajkot. Explore a world of traditional elegance and festive splendor. Discover the finest in fashion, art, and culture. Gear up for a memorable Navratri celebration like no other!

Date: From 29th September To 1 October

Time: 10 am to 10 pm

Location: Race Course Ground, Rajkot

Additional Details:

  • An outdoor event 
  • Stalls available with various goods for exhibition
  • Only paid visitor entry allowed

Khodaldam, Rajkot

Experience the grandeur of Khodaldam Dandiya Navratri event. Join the nine nights of pulsating music, energetic dandiya, and cultural festivities. Celebrate at one of the best Dandiya events in style at Khodaldam and create lasting memories with family and friends!

Date: From Sunday 15th October to Monday 24th October

Time: 9 pm to 12 am

Location: Mavdi Rajkot

Additional Details:

  • This is a Dandiya Event
  • The duration of this event is  3 hours
  • Enjoy a lineup of top musicians and entertainers for this Navratri event

Ena Navratri Mahostav, Surat

Ena Navratri Mahostav is a grand celebration of culture and devotion awaits you. Book now for nine nights of enchanting music, exhilarating garba, and joyous festivities. Let your spirits soar in this unforgettable Navratri extravaganza with one of the best Garba events!

Date: 15th to 23rd October

Location: Ena village in Surat

Additional Details:

  • Entry fees above Rs.150 for outsiders
  • A Garba event for locals and outsiders
  • Traditional Gujarati music and DJ music both played
  • Organized by Ena Yuvak Mandal and Ena Kelavani Mandal

Shankus Dandiya 2023, Surat

Unleash the dancer within with the Shankus Dandiya event in Surat! Join one of the best dandiya events for nine nights of pulsating music, mesmerizing dandiya, and boundless fun. Embrace the spirit of Navratri and create unforgettable memories at Shankus Dandiya Festival

Date: From 15th October to 23rd October

Location: Shanku’s Water Park in Mehsana, Surat

Additional Details:

  • Dandiya night with popular Bollywood disco and traditional Gujarati folk songs
  • “Kaka Bapa Na Poria” and “Sanedo” at the event
  • The duration of the event is 3 hours

Most Popular Cities For Dandiya Night During Navratri

Discover the top cities to groove in vibrant places to visit for Dandiya night during navratri. Join the electrifying celebrations in Surat and Ahmedabad for an unforgettable experience this Navratri. Get ready with your dandiyas today!

Best Navratri in Gujarat 2023

Best Navratri in Surat

Experience Surat’s enchanting Dandiya Nights during Navratri. Join the rhythmic revelry, vibrant attire, and festive fervor in Gujarat’s diamond city. Dance, celebrate, and make unforgettable memories in Surat at one of the best Dandiya events!

1.Kesariya Navratri 2023

Experience the magic of Kesariya Navratri 2023, where every night is a celebration of devotion and dance. Get ready for nine unforgettable evenings filled with music, dandiya, and cultural richness. Prepare yourself to fully embrace the Navratri spirit!

Kesariya Navratri 2023 : Artist (Singer) – Jaysinh Gadhavi, Akshat Parikh, Jahnavi Shirmankar, Stuti vora.

Date: From Sunday 15th October to Tuesday 24th October

Location: Sarsana Convention Center

Additional Details:

  • This Garba event is hosted in an AC dome
  • First come, first served is the rule for entry

2.Rangratri Pre-Navratri Celebration

Experience the ultimate pre-Navratri celebration at Rangratri! Get ready for exhilarating nights during Navratri, filled with music, dance, and vibrant colors. Get ready to celebrate this season and make lifelong memories!

Navratri Mahotsava 2023 : Artist (Singer)– Parthiv Gohil (Pre Navratri)

Date: Tuesday 10th October 2023

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Indoor Stadium

Additional Details:

  • The duration of this event is 4 hours and 30 minutes
  • A lineup of other musicians from Gohil’s team

3.Glam Garba 2023

Elevate your Navratri experience with Glam Garba 2023 nights! Get ready for a dazzling fusion of tradition and glamour, as we celebrate the festival with captivating music, vibrant attire, and unbeatable energy. Unleash your dancing self!

Artist (Singer)– Veena Parasher

Date: From Sunday 15th October to Tuesday 24th October

Location: VR Mall in Surat

Additional Details:

  • The duration of this event is 4 hours
  • The 9th year of hosting this Garba event

4. Zanzar Navratri 2023

Artist (Singer) – Jignesh Patil, Priya Patidar, Kunal Barot

Pass Fees : 400 Rs Gold & 600 Rs For Vip

Location : CB Patel Health Club

Surat’s best open air navratri place with bollywood singers. A huge sound setup ,with high quality sound effects and Special effects sound and specious garba playing area.

5. Suvarn Navratri 2023

In our opinion, Suvarna Navaratri 2023 is the best Navaratri arrangement in Surat. If you are from Surat then it is a must visit Navratri in Surat. It is the destination for garba lovers to enjoy the garba nights on a gigantic AC dome adorned with traditional decoration, with live band music system, and delicious food.

Artist (Singer) Sajid, Ahmed, Purva Mantri, Umesh Barot

Book Your Ticket Here :

Pass Fees : 999 Rs Gold & 1499 Rs For Blue

Location : Suvarn Navratri, Opp. VR-Mall Surat.

Best Navratri in Gujarat 2023

Best Navratri in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad comes alive with its world-famous places to visit for dandiya night during Navratri. Join the city’s spirited celebrations, dance to the rhythmic beats, and embrace the colorful traditions in the heart of Gujarat. Experience Navratri like never before in Ahmedabad!

1.Navami Rassleela

Experience the mesmerizing allure of the Navami Rassleela! Renowned musicians are ready to dazzle the audience on stage with their captivating performances. Explore the world of rhythm and melody as they create captivating musical tales.

Artist (Singer)– Aditya Gadhavi, Payal Shah, Himali Vyas, Dimple Biscuitwala, Mirande Shah

Date: From the 15th to 23rd of October

Location: Lavish Green Party Plot

Additional Details:

  • Special area for Garba
  • Get a Season Pass for couples on the First Day Of Navratri

2.Falguni Pathak Ultimate Navratri

Celebrate Navratri like never before with Flaguni Pathak, the Queen of Dandiya! Enjoy the charm of this Navratri night with this live vocal fest. With wonderful music, you can make this Navratri unforgettable.

Artist (Singer)– Falguni Pathak

Date: 13th October

Location: In Ahmedabad

Time: 6:30 pm

Additional Details:

  • Terrific performance by Falguni Pathak
  • The languages are Gujarati and Hindi
  • The program will go on for the duration of 3 hours

3.Mirchi Rock And Dhol

This festival season, experience a return to your cultural origins with this Mirchis’ event, which fuses rock and dhol. The finest of both worlds is available at this fantastic festival!

Artist (Singer): Meet & greets with RJ 

Date: From 15th to 23rd October

Location: Akash Aman Party Plot

Additional Details:

  • Get the BOGO offer for a limited period
  • Authentic instrumental live music
  • Park at the location
  • Accessible food court and picture booth
Best Navratri in Gujarat 2023

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  1. Best Navaratri is in surat are vr mall, thakurji ni vadi, indoor stadium. Also united way navaratri is best navaratri in Gujarat.