Top 7 Best Beaches In Hawaii

Hawaii brags some of the world’s most stunning beaches, each with its unique charm. Waikiki Beach on Oahu is famous for its golden sands, iconic Diamond Head backdrop, and vibrant atmosphere. The North Shore, also on Oahu, attracts surf enthusiasts with its colossal winter waves. Maui’s Ka’anapali Beach offers a picturesque setting for sunsets, while the Big Island’s Punalu’u Black Sand Beach captivates with its unique volcanic sands and basking sea turtles. Whether it’s the lush landscapes of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay or the remote attraction of Lanikai Beach on Oahu, Hawaii’s beaches promise an unforgettable combination of natural beauty and tropical calmness.

Beaches In Hawaii

What Are the 7 Best Beaches in Hawaii? :-

  • Hanalei Bay Beach – Kauai
  • Kaanapali Beach – Maui
  • Hanauma Bay – Oahu
  • Waikiki Beach – Oahu
  • Big Beach – Maui
  • Hapuna Beach – Big Island
  • Poipu Beach – Kauai

Everyone knows beaches in Hawaii are some of the best vacation spots, but which one should you explore first? Deciding which Hawaiian island has the best beaches is no easy task.

From green-sand shorelines (yes, really!) to snorkeling paradises, these hidden gems and local favorites offer the expected luxury of a Hawaiian getaway combined with the relaxation desired in a vacation.

Whatever you’re looking for in Hawaiian beaches, read on for our list of the top 10, must-see Hawaiian shores.

Hanalei Bay Beach – Kauai :-

An uber-popular surfing and sunbathing destination, Hanalei Bay Beach is quite possibly the best-known beach on all of Kauai.

Though the area has earned widespread acclaim for its powdery sand and ample waves, it’s also framed by towering mountains far in the distance, making it a particularly charming destination for a photoshoot.

Hanalei Bay Beach - Kauai : Beaches In Hawaii
Natural paradise hanalei bay, kauai island – hawaii

Kaanapali Beach – Maui :-

West Maui is renowned for its abundant natural beauty, and Kaanapali Beach is no exception. Kayakers and snorkelers flock to its sparkling shores on sunny days, while wildlife lovers can spot sea turtles bobbing along the surf from afar.

As an added bonus, the beach is packed full of dazzling resorts, offering incredible drinking and dining opportunities after a day of relaxing on the sand.

Hanauma Bay – Oahu :-

At Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in east Oahu, visitors can swim up close to Hawaii’s state fish: the humuhumunukunukuapua’a, the reef triggerfish.

The former volcanic crater is not only home to the humuhumu, but 450 additional fish species, as well as octopuses, crabs and eels, darting in and out of big coral reefs.

Hanauma Bay – Oahu

Waikiki Beach – Oahu :-

Countless songs, poems and films have been dedicated to the beauty of Waikiki Beach, a world-renowned destination located just outside downtown Honolulu.

Visitors flock here to enjoy the warm water and sun, followed by a trip to one of the neighborhood’s luxury resorts for a mai tai bathed in the golden glow of sunset.

For outdoor adventure aficionados, Waikiki Beach has been an iconic surfing spot for decades, with the legendary Duke Kahanamoku bringing the activity to worldwide prominence during the early 1900s.

Big Beach – Maui :-

Makena Beach State Park on the southwestern coast of Maui is home to Makena Beach, or Big Beach as locals call it, with golden sands stretching for nearly two thirds of a mile.

One of the island’s longest beaches, Makena Beach is vast enough that it never feels crowded, and there’s hardly a bit of development in sight.

Big Beach - Maui : Beaches In Hawaii
Big Beach – Maui

Hapuna Beach – Big Island :-

Located on Big Island’s Kohala Coast, Hapuna Beach is one of the largest white sand beaches on the island.

The half-mile crescent of powdery, soft sand and crystal blue waters ranks among the island’s top spots for swimming, snorkeling and bodysurfing, and come sundown, the beach fills with onlookers hoping to see the “green flash” of a Hawaiian sunset.

Poipu Beach – Kauai :-

A series of three crescents on the south coast of Kauai makeup Poipu Beach. It offers a little bit for everyone with a variety of water activities to enjoy when not watching palm trees sway from the comfort of your beach towel.

Surf closer to the rocky outcroppings and find calmer waters mid-crescent. Shallow water and lifeguards make swimming a dream.

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