Beaches In Aruba Near Cruise Port

Aruba, a stunning Caribbean island, is known for its clean beaches and welcoming turquoise waters, making it a famous destination for cruise ship travelers. Near the cruise port in Oranjestad, the capital city, you’ll find several beautiful Beaches In Aruba to explore:

Beaches In Aruba Near Cruise Port

Flamingo Beach, Aruba

As is the case for many travels, multiple individuals plan Aruba holidays based on trending photos from social media. In the last few years, some locations of Aruba have become more classical on media, like an alluring Flamingo beach occupied with lovely pink flamingos which romp openly amid relaxing visitors.

The beach is situated on Renaissance Island, an artificial island found only 2.5 km from the Aruba Cruise terminal.

Flamingo Beach : Beaches In Aruba
Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Aside from its well-known birds, it possesses all the factors of an ideal Aruba beach: sand as smooth and whitish as salt and water so precise you will feel it came directly from a bottle. The island is the area of Aruba’s Renaissance Hotel, but everyone is welcomed on the site to enjoy their Instagram moment on Flamingo Beach.

Just tour the property’s reception to buy a day pass, and you and your buddies will shortly be on your route to among the unique beaches on the earth and among the most scenic places in Aruba, whether you post your photos on social media or not.

This tropical oasis offers romantic honeymoon venues, excellent wedding destinations, and also a lovely day tour for cruisers seeking a more remote beach venture for the day.

Eagle Beach, Aruba

Eagle Beach in Aruba is believed to be among the most incredible beaches to tour. It was rated as the 3rd most excellent beach globally by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards in 2019.

With its beautiful white sand, water sports opportunities, shady areas, turquoise waters, and lots of restaurants nearby, Eagle Beach indeed has something to provide for all.

Another advantage is that most Arubus routes contain a visit here, so it should not be difficult to reach here from the cruise ship terminal by public transportation.

Possessing the widest stretch of beach on the island beneath its famous Divi-Divi tree, the beach provides lots of space for you and all you are touring with to sunbathe, explore, join a game of beach volleyball, or even bang cocktail drinks together.

Desire to enjoy an exciting day on the water? This beach is among the most excellent beaches in Aruba to participate in water adventures, whether you like parasailing or jet skiing.

If you are traveling to Aruba between May to November and desire to witness a truly remarkable natural wonder, visit Eagle Beach during sunrise to observe turtle hatchlings’ journey to the sea.

This beach’s white, soft sands are only 4.5 km from the Aruba Cruise Terminal. Talking of photo opportunities, the site offers a fantastic location to witness the sunset. It faces west, which indicates you can absorb each sun ray before it sets down.

Palm Beach, Aruba

Palm Beach is possibly the most well-known shore in the country and among the finest. The reasons for its highest ranking are as many as the laughing natives and smiling kids along this kid-friendly seaside.

Several of the finest hotels are here in Aruba, which hints that Palm Beach is suitable aside from being attractive, with many slim palms gliding over the sand as fine as freshly-fallen snow.

Another draw of the location is the various restaurants available here, whether you desire to enjoy Aruban dishes like Keshi Yena, Cool Island Soup, Funchi, Bolita di Keshi, or something more ordinary.

The beach offers thrilling water sports like sailing voyages and snorkeling tours to the remote waters and is also only a short walk away from Bubali Bird Sanctuary. You can witness over 80 types of migratory birds here.

The beach is around 7 km from Aruba Cruise Terminal. Beach tourists will discover many things to do when they desire a break from the sun and sand. The place gets active at night and is filled with individuals strolling, drinking, eating, or hanging around.

Palm Beach : Beaches In Aruba Near Cruise Port
Palm Beach, Aruba

Druif Beach, Aruba

When preparing for the Aruba holidays, most sea-loving visitors are searching for a shore with soft, pristine sand and serene water near the port and tends to be peaceful. It may look impossible to find such an ideal location on an island as small and famous as Aruba, but Druif Beach ticks each of these boxes.

In fact, it’s one of the nearest of the finest Aruba Beaches to Aruba Cruise Terminal, found only 15 km away.

Like some of the other coasts on this list, this beach is a relaxing place for leatherback turtles, whose life cycles can be a mesmerizing spectacle, mainly if you are in Aruba between the summer or in the summer-early autumn.

Home to the beautiful Tamarijn Aruba All-Inclusive Resort, the coast also possesses restaurants beside the multiple hotel rooms situated only a short walk from the powder sandy beach sands.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the water as you enter, as the incredibly soft sand of the coast can collapse under an individual’s weight when it’s wet. The soft coral reefs also tend to break and get concealed in the sand, so natives suggest wearing water shoes.

The swimming activities here are ranked perfect for mild surf conditions. This location is easily reachable through rental cars, taxis, or public bus transport.

Baby Beach, Aruba

Well-known Baby Beach in the southeastern region of Aruba, nearby San Nicolas, is an absolute Caribbean seaside heaven. This beautiful half-moon sandy stretch in a peaceful lagoon is perfect for families with small children.

The shallow waters create it an excellent beachside for swimmers who like to splash out for a long distance. The beach also provides an ideal snorkeling setting; please remain within the dotted snorkel zone for your security.

The beach provides a rejuvenating ambience to enjoy a hotdog or hamburger whilst socializing with the natives. Big Mama’s Grill delivers excellent bbq and seafood platters if you possess an enormous appetite.

Windscreens, beach beds, and snorkel equipment are available at a rental cost. Favorable huts are set all over the beach to save you from the burning sun.

Simply rent a snorkel, a mask, and fins and immerse your body in the water to witness various beautiful fishes — and, if you are fortunate, you might also catch a classy sea turtle here.

Baby Beach is only about 25 km or 45 minutes drive from the Aruba Cruise Terminal.

Baby Beach : Beaches In Aruba Near Cruise Port
Baby Beach, Aruba

Conclusion About Beaches in Aruba

In conclusion, the beaches in Aruba, near the cruise port in Oranjestad, offer a diverse range of experiences for travelers. From the lively atmosphere of Palm Beach to the serene beauty of Eagle Beach, and the water sports at Hadicurari Beach, Aruba’s coastal treasures provide something for everyone.

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