Banbha Hill Station

Banbha Hill (બણભા ડુંગર) – Best Hill Station near Surat (Timing, Fees, Location)

Banbha Hill
Banbha Hill

Banbha Hill, Gujarat

This stunning mountain, known as Banbha Hill, is situated 66 Km from Surat. The scenery here is quite stunning. It takes roughly 250 steps to get to the summit of the difficult hill. Bambha Dev, a member of our Adivasi group, has a stunning temple on top of the hill.

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Address : Ognisa, Gujarat

Banbha Hill
Banbha Hill, Gujarat

Timing and Entry Fees At Banbha Hill :

Everyday Open 24 hours and There is no entry fees for visit Banbha hill.

Best Time To Visit :

In monsoon, the rainy season here gives you a very good ambiance with lush green grass and colorful plants and flowers.

About Banbha Hill

Banbha Hill Station

Banbha is really a good place for a one-day outing. Great initiative from Gujarat Tourism. Gujarat Tourism has developed a great garden area at the bottom of the hill and it a fully loaded with a play area for children, and a huge sitting area for parents and old age people.

There is a small temple also, which also has a good feeling. As most of the area of the villages, here also lots of chicken running here and there, its also fun for the view. •

*Canteen or the restaurant is not available here, so please keep this in mind. And please bring water and food whenever you visit.

On the hill there are another small temple of Lord Shiva and the hill has around 250 stairs to reach on the top of the hill. • Temperature is around 35° C – 43° C from Feb to June so Please visit in winter for great fun. •

For food you can visit the nearest place Kadod and Bardoli. Its have good Vegetarian and non-veg options to eat. Enjoy and keep exploring.

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